Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Russiagate: Today is the Day . . .

So, today is the day that former Mueller team lawyer Kevin Clinesmith is reported to be signing the papers to plead guilty to falsifying evidence to obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page. I wonder what he gives up for that. Besides a career in law.

Althouse catches Mollie Hemingway at "A New York Times reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for his role perpetrating the Russia collusion hoax was tasked with framing the news that a former top FBI lawyer was to plead guilty...", which I posted in yesterday's round up. As usual, the fun is in the comment section, which varies from astute lawyers to assholes (not that they can't be both). At NR, Andy McCarthy is Connecting Dots in Clinesmith’s Russiagate Guilty Plea. At NewsMax, Hemmingway: FBI Concealed Exonerating Information 4 Times, while at Power Line, John Hineracker pens About Kevin Clinesmith:
Of all of the Obama administration loyalists who contributed to the Russia collusion hoax, Clinesmith is the one most obviously guilty of a felony: he altered an email he received from the CIA to say that Carter Page was NOT a CIA source, when in fact the email said Page WAS a CIA source, and submitted that fake document to the federal court in order to obtain a FISA warrant. That is worth five years in prison and, of course, the end of his legal career. Clinesmith’s guilty plea is significant, in part, because he may be willing to implicate others who are higher in the DOJ chain of command. More about that later.
. . .
The most pressing question at the moment is whether Clinesmith will implicate higher-ups in his crime. One would assume that no lawyer would commit an offense so blatant as to alter an email from the CIA and then use it to obtain, fraudulently, a warrant to spy on an American citizen, without assurance that he enjoys protection from the top. We can take that as a given.

But two questions remain. First, how high up the food chain can Clinesmith go? If we analogize the Obama Department of Justice to the Mafia, it is safe to assume that Clinesmith’s orders came from someone relatively far down the totem pole. Loretta Lynch, James Comey, et al. would not have compromised themselves by personally authorizing perjury, just as the top Mafia boss does not deal directly with the hit man. Whom can Clinesmith implicate, assuming he is willing to talk? We have no idea.

Second, will Clinesmith benefit more by talking or by remaining silent? Again, using the Mafia as an analogy, most Mafiosis who are caught don’t squeal on higher-ups. They know that if they stay silent and serve their prison term, they will be taken care of when they regain their freedom. Kevin Clinesmith may be in the same position. Prosecutors can urge the court to give him a lighter sentence in exchange for cooperation, but they can’t make his crime go away, and they can’t do anything for Clinesmith when he gets out of prison. At that point he will be a disbarred lawyer, a man without a career.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, can take care of him lavishly and I expect would be willing to do so in return for his silence. So silence may be the better bet. We know, too, that Clinesmith is a loyal if not fanatical Democrat, a self-described member of the “resistance” to our lawfully elected president. We may begin to find out what Clinesmith is able and willing to say when he appears in court in connection with his guilty plea.
Regarding Andy Weismann's tweets in support of Clinesmith, 'Adam Mill' at Am Great says Mueller Veteran Andrew Weissmann Self-Incriminates with Tweets "He had a right to remain silent. But fortunately for those interested in the rule of law, he’s decided instead to incriminate himself in full public view." Read how. Weissman knew Page was innocent of the charges, but let the FISA warrants continue, in the interests of keeping his precious investigation into Trump alive. He helped perpetrate a fraud on the FISA court.

Sundance at CTH brings Lou Dobbs and Devin Nunes Discuss Kevin Clinesmith and Judge Boasberg… Video at link.
Boasberg is a FISA judge; and as an outcome it was he who was manipulated by the false information from Clinesmith.
Unlike them, I'm glad to see Boasberg is on the case; he should be properly righteous about a fraud on FISA court.

At ET, Waiting for Durham May Be Over. Yeah, I think a few more things are going to fall before fall.
Like Koko in “The Mikado,” I have a little list of “society offenders.” Mr. Clinesmith is on that list, but, to be honest, rather far down. True, he doctored evidence and lied in order to bring the awesome police power of the state against an innocent U.S. citizen, but at the end of the day Mr. Clinesmith was a minnow in the pond of corruption that was the deep state “plot to rig an election and destroy a presidency” (to cite the subtitle of Andy McCarthy’s book on the subject, “Ball of Collusion”).
. . .
It’s why I and others have described what Svetlana Lokova calls “Spygate” the “biggest political scandal in U.S. history.” Someone won the presidency that the Deep State, prominently including members of the outgoing administration, did not like. Therefore, they plot to take him out.

The moral is: Democracy is all well and good, so long as the voters vote for a candidate we approve of. Somehow, Donald Trump was elected without the permission—indeed, over the strenuous objections—of the permanent bureaucracy. The whole Trump-Russia narrative was concocted to correct that mistake.
Some interesting comments in Scott Adams Podcast,  Episode 1094 Scott Adams: Witches and Video, Three Civil Wars Scheduled, Low Information Voters, Firenadoes, Homeschooling. You can skip the opening bullshit and get to Russiagate at about 2:40 min.

Julie Kelly at AmGreat also reviews Lee Smith's new book, ‘The Permanent Coup’ Plotters Take the Virtual Stage
In a bit of irony, on the same day—Tuesday—that former deputy attorney general Sally Q. Yates is slated to speak, Lee Smith’s new book, The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the President, will hit the shelves. Yates, who signed two of the four illicit FISA applications against Trump campaign aide Carter Page, is a decorated soldier in the ongoing coup against Donald Trump.

In a just world, Yates would be doing prison time for presenting fake evidence to a secret federal court in order to spy on a private U.S. citizen based on his political interests; in the Trump era, however, saboteurs like Yates are heralded as heroines of #TheResistance.
Sundance speculates on  Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested – And Why UK Officials Obliged…. Because he was planning on saying the Russians didn't hack the DNC.

And somethings never change, Maxine Waters: Use 25th Amendment to Remove Trump from Office (Breitbart). Hey, it worked on Homeland!

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