Thursday, August 13, 2020

Russiagate on a Rainy Morning

The appointment of Kamalatoe Harris as Joe Biden's political heir apparent has sucked most of the wind out of Russiagate's sails for a day or so, so pickens are mighty slim:

From Politico Ron Johnson says committee Republicans blocking Comey, Brennan subpoenas

"We had a number of my committee members that were highly concerned about how this looks politically," the Wisconsin GOP senator told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, who pressed Johnson to identify Republicans standing in the way of a wave of high-profile subpoenas.
Hewitt put it to him pretty hard. Sundance at CTH has the audio: Hugh Hewitt Slaps Senator Ron Johnson…

I would not be shocked if Comey has something on any number of senators and representatives from both sides of the isle. There's precedent.

The editors at the WaPoo really want to keep screwing Gen. Flynn, The Michael Flynn case should not just go away
But Circuit Judges Thomas B. Griffith and Cornelia T.L. Pillard pointed out that the rule’s history suggests its drafters wanted a check on prosecutors who show favoritism for politically powerful defendants. Indeed, at the time of its drafting, the leave-of-court provision reflected deep concern about the legitimacy of a court system that could be gamed by the rich and influential.

That is exactly the concern here. The D.C. Circuit should allow Judge Sullivan to conduct his hearing. And as he and other judges consider the case, they should keep in mind Mr. Gleeson’s cautionary note: “The Government may not enlist a court in dismissing a case solely because the defendant is a friend and political ally of the President — and where the ostensible reasons advanced for dismissal amount to a thin and unpersuasive disguise.”
It is primarily to prevent prosecutorial abuse, by frequently charging and dropping cases against defendants on trivial crimes. I hope Bill Barr drops a shit ton of evidence showing how Obama officials gamed the system. That's what should happen.

Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Despite Red Flags, Christopher Steele Apparently Believes Dossier Will Be Vindicated, That Trump Tape Might Exist. I call bullshit. He knows it's garbage, but it's garbage he's committed to.

John Solomon at JTN reports New State memos disclose relentless pressure by Hunter Biden-connected Ukrainian firm. Which will be widely reported by the Main Steamroller Medium, right?
The Ukrainian natural gas firm that appointed Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter to a lucrative board seat relentlessly pressured the State Department throughout the 2016 election in an effort to get corruption allegations against it dropped and its badly damaged reputation rehabilitated, newly released government memos show.

"They keep trying through every channel they can," a State Department official lamented in summer 2016, describing a nonstop lobbying campaign by Burisma Holdings and its American representatives.

The memos, released to Just the News under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit assisted by the Southeastern Foundation, add new significance to a long-running Senate investigation into the Bidens' activities and perceived conflicts of interest in Ukraine.

For instance, they show far more contact between Burisma and the U.S. embassy in Kiev than was acknowledged by witnesses during President Trump's impeachment proceedings earlier this year. One issue in that trial was the more than $3 million Hunter Biden's firm collected from Burisma while his father supervised Ukraine policy for President Obama.

The memos obtained by Just the News also were withheld from Senate investigators, who learned of their existence from the FOIA lawsuit.
Poor Hunter! I mean, literally, Da Blaze,  Hunter Biden settled $450K in tax debt within 6 days last month. Last year, he said he was too broke to pay child support. Did he settle in yuan?

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