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Some More Random Russiagate

In the absence of new news Sundance at CTH takes us on another trip down memory lane with the case of The Mysteriously Redacted Paragraph – 700 Days Since Lindsey Graham Outlined Susan Rice CYA Memo, and DC Doesn’t Want Answers?… No, they really don't. He also revisits the case of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne and convicted Russian agent Maria Butina. Did U.S. Attorney John Durham Interview Patrick Byrne? – If So, How Does DOJ/FBI Reconcile Running Russian Operative Into Trump Campaign in 2015?…. They don't have to reconcile it, they just need to keep it off the front pages of NYT, WaPoo and off the alphabet networks.

Just as Judicial Watch Forces the  FBI to Fork Over New Clinton Emails, more historical digging From Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx Ex-spy Christopher Steele accused Comey of 'treasonous' intervention in 2016 election
Former British spy Christopher Steele described FBI Director James Comey’s October 2016 letter to Congress about Hillary Clinton's emails as "unconscionable. Treasonous, really,” according to a new book.
and from the Conservative Institute, Fusion GPS founder says memos from Steele dossier were sent directly to Obama: Report. Of course they were. From one of Green Glewalts sock puppets:

This EXCLUSIVE: ICIG Michael Atkinson Altered Whistleblower Forms to Allow for CIA Leaker – His Wife Just Happens to be Connected to Russian Collusion Hoaxer – Fusion GPS. Much like, old Egypt, Washington is a very small and incestuous place near the top of pyramid.
MOA, New Study: "Russian Trolls" Did Not "Sow Discord" - They Influenced No One. A click farm, like Buzzfeed.
The Mueller investigation indicted 13 Russian persons and three Russian legal entities over the alleged influence campaign. But, as we wrote at that time, there was more to it than the media reported:
The published indictment gives support to our long held believe that there was no "Russian influence" campaign during the U.S. election. What is described and denounced as such was instead a commercial marketing scheme which ran click-bait websites to generate advertisement revenue and created online crowds around virtual persona to promote whatever its commercial customers wanted to promote. The size of the operation was tiny when compared to the hundreds of millions in campaign expenditures. It had no influence on the election outcome.
The IRA hired people in Leningrad for little money and asked them to open accounts on U.S. social media. The virtual persona they created and ran were to attract as many persons to those accounts as possible. They did that by posting funny dog pictures or by taking strong political positions. They were 'influencers' who sold their customers' products to the people they attracted.

The sole purpose was the same as in any commercial media. Create content to attract 'eyeballs', then sell those eyeballs to advertisers.

As Point 95 of the Mueller indictment said:
Defendants and their co-conspirators also used the [financial] accounts to receive money from real U.S. persons in exchange for posting promotions and advertisements on the ORGANIZATION-controlled social media pages. Defendants and their co-conspirators typically charged certain U.S. merchants and U.S. social media sites between 25 and 50 U.S. dollars per post for promotional content on their popular false U.S. persona accounts, including Being Patriotic, Defend the 2nd, and Blacktivist.
The was no Russian government campaign to influence the 2016 election. There was only a Russian commercial media enterprise that used sock-puppet accounts with quirky content to attract viewers and sold advertisement space to U.S. companies.

The IRA also bought advertisement to attract more people to its accounts. But the amount it spent was tiny. The final price tag for the 2016 election was $6.5 billion for the presidential and congressional elections combined. The IRA spend a total of $100,000 to promote its own accounts. But only some $45,000 of that was spend before the election. It was 0.000007 cent for every election dollar that was spend during that time. It is statistically impossible that the mostly apolitical IRA spending had any effect on the election.
 At Doug Ross, Top 10 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 11.29.19: Mainlining Typtophan Edition

And on the Ukraine front,

— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) November 30, 2019
Suzy Simpson of "Just Security" claims Here’s the Proof that Trump’s “No Quid Pro Quo” Call Never Happened, while WaPoo is working on indicting Rudy for being a lawyer The complicated web of Ukraine-focused relationships that has Giuliani at its center, and the Peacock whines Trump says he didn't direct Giuliani's Ukraine efforts. Witnesses say otherwise.

Has Hunter Biden hit bottom yet? Strippers allegedly used sex toy on Hunter Biden at NYC’s Hustler Club. Well, what else ya gonna do with $50k a month of protection money from a Ukrainian gas company, and if ya can't trust a stripper to keep a secret, who can you trust?
“He was a pretty nice guy,” one source said.
“He was pretty friendly and a pretty good tipper.”
Merry Christmas from Sundance as Chairman Nadler Sends White House and Republicans More Deadlines for Fast-track December Impeachment Effort…
Candidate Trump was framed for stealing a horse; President Trump was subsequently accused of trying too hard to avoid hanging for it. Prosecutor Mueller eventually conceded that Trump didn’t steal the horse; however, by then the focus was on Trump’s efforts to avoid the hanging. Eventually Mueller testified; it surfaced there was never a horse to begin with… Impeachment was stalled. Prosecutor Jerry Nadler is attempting to resurrect a legal theory that President Trump can still be hung for attempting to avoid the hanging, even if there was no horse theft. Yup, that’s were we’re at.
From Twitchy, Time to PANIC! Byron York lays out why Schiff, Pelosi, and Democrats are REALLY rushing to impeach and it ain’t good (for them)

News Busters, CNN's Chris Cillizza Blames Thanksgiving, Christmas For Bad Impeachment Polls. Normal people leading normal lives don't care about Ukraine.

Twitchy, ‘Sale not made’: Byron York spells out how the impeachment circus is backfiring on ringleader Schiff & the Dems in a BIG way
Theory: Before hearings, public heard Democratic/media impeachment narrative. Trump abused power, engaged in quid pro quo/extortion/bribery, endangered national security. Support for impeachment grew. 1/3

Then hearings showed what impeachment was actually *about.* Significant part of public went: Huh? Support for impeachment began to trail off. 2/3

In other words, impeachment hearings had exactly opposite effect from Democratic hopes. They wanted compelling TV show to dramatize Trump wrongdoing. Instead, got insanely complicated bureaucratic tale, mostly about Ukraine. Sale not made. 3/3 End.
Althouse notices ABC noticing "Trump impeachment drive has similarities to Wisconsin recall."
ABC News is just noticing. A previous attempt at a coupe by lawfare.

Evan Thomas at WaPoo whines, When his party rebelled, Nixon went quietly. Trump probably won’t. And just what makes them think his party will rebel? Newsweek, 53% OF REPUBLICANS THINK TRUMP IS BETTER PRESIDENT THAN LINCOLN

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