Friday, October 26, 2018

Sexologist Thrusts for Masturabatory Equality

At a “Free Vibrator Day” event hosted at San Diego State University on Tuesday hundreds of the battery-powered sex toys were distributed to students who had lined up for the complimentary devices.

The event was held in the Pride Suite of SDSU’s Aztec Student Union, with a line of students — mostly females — flanking the side of the building and a student organizer calling out “destigmatize masturbation” to passersby.

Jill McDevitt, also known as “Dr. Jill,” is a San Diego-based sexuality educator with a PhD in human sexuality who coordinated the event with the help of an adult novelty retailer called CalExotics, which supplied the approximately 500 vibrators given away to students. McDevitt also partnered with a student feminist club at SDSU called the Womyn’s Outreach Association to put on the giveaway.
Bright college days, O carefree days that fly, to thee we sing with our vibrators thrusted high!
A flier advertising the event states its intent is to free women from the stigma of masturbation.

“There is a major orgasm gap between the genders,” McDevitt told The College Fix. “There’s a whole emphasis on penile vaginal intercourse being normal, and not only is that really heteronormative, but it also leaves out how most women experience orgasms, most women experience orgasms with clitoral stimulation, and this vibrator will do that.”
It's not like there isn't a stigma against masturbation for both sexes. It's just that men care less about it.

McDevitt said this is an annual event, but it made sense to host it at a university this year, noting she often works with college students.

“I also want to provide people’s first vibrator because a lot of people are going to be getting their first ever vibrator here today, and it becomes a life long relationship with their sexuality and me being a person who can be there for them through that journey, so it just makes sense to work with college students,” she said. . . . 
Is it not discriminatory to not offer free vibrators to male students? How about the other 55 genders?

Is this a an attempt by the vibrator company to get brand loyalty early, like breweries selling cheap beer to fraternities? In any event, I'd advise male SDSU students against dating any of these women. Not so much because they use vibrators, but because they're incipient feminists, and you know how that goes. One bad date, and they report you as a sex criminal, and you get kicked out of school. Stick with the nice town girls, who might be grateful when you improve their prospects.

This week the Wombat has returned, along with "Late NIght With Rule 5 Sunday: Nurse! Nurse!" (gic).


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    1. Or very insightful. Depends on how you understand reality.