Friday, October 5, 2018

Short Notice Fishing Trip

I was sitting at the breakfast table, sucking down coffee, and awaiting breakfast when I got a call from Walleye Pete. It seems he had a crew cancel on short notice due to perceived high winds. He felt OK about it, though, and wanted to check out the fishing looking towards tomorrow.
I gulped down my food, threw my gear in the car and met him down in Solomons. We had a big weather change overnight; yesterday we had a high of 87 F, and last night, a cold front blew through, and today it's been a gray 67 F all day so far.
Only a few miles from the slip we found our spot, and fishing was hot! The stripers were taking crank baits and big top water poppers.
Fish for dinner!


  1. Hey Fritz, just out of curiosity, what camera or camera phone are you using for these shots?


  2. That was from Pete's phone (filtered through Facebook, which degrades the image a little), which is an iPhone, I believe, although I don't know which one.

  3. Excuse me, the top two shots were from my phone, a cheap Alcotel Tracphone.

  4. Hey fritz, great post. Crankbaits like x raps and rattle traps? I just got some daiwa salt pro minnows to try this week. I just have to a good job tying the knots because they are way expensive. Last minute trips are the best...

  5. X raps are Pete's go to crankbait and he used it all morning. I had a Yozuri floating crankbait and it caught too, but not as well as the X rap, probably because it doesn't dive quite as deep.

    Rattle traps aren't used too much for stripers around here, but they do work.

    I caught most of my fish on a Storm Rattlin' Chug Bug. Getting fish on a top water popper may be almost as good as sex...