Thursday, October 18, 2018

Making the Weather Seem Good - Yanet Garcia

A professional gamer with approximately 1.33 million followers on Twitter has lost the championships he dumped his girlfriend for.

However, Doug Martin has no regrets about splitting from woman described as the ‘sexiest weathergirl in the world’.

Going by the name of FaZe Censor, the 23-year-old from New York parted ways with Mexican Yanet Garcia, 27, right before his Call of Duty Championship practice got serious.
'Sexiest' is a high bar, even in a relatively  small field like weather girls. But she might just make it.
While many followers of the pair thought he was crazy to have let her go even before he flopped, the fitness enthusiast told social media followers that he doesn’t want her back.

‘And no I don’t want Yanet back please stop with the memes already,’ he wrote on the micro-blogging site August 17. Predicting his future success in the gaming world now that he’s focusing on work: ‘I’m a gamer and I’m winning champs in Black Ops 4.’
Makes you wonder if he saw this video on the hot/crazy axis:

But, bless her heart, Yanet isn't taking this lying down: World's hottest weather girl unleashes curvy peach in VERY sexy snap
Fans immediately feel in love with the Mexican bombshell, dubbing her “the world’s hottest weather girl”.

In a bid to please viewers, the 27-year-old regularly entertains them with a stream of sexy snaps. This week, she treated her 7.6 million Instagram followers to a very cheeky picture.

Striking a pose in her house, she positioned her pert behind towards the camera. The TV star kept her makeup natural and seductively swept her hair over her face.

In just 15 hours, a whopping 678,000 Instagram users have liked the peachy post.
What's Instagram?

Wombat-socho has Early Morning With Rule 5 Monday: Coffee FFS ready for your digital pleasure at The Other McCain.

Some Ozzy Man, so there's a little NSFW language:

More Ozzy Man:

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