Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Day Without Russiagate

Really. But I'll drop this one here as related. From the Victory Girls, Buyers Remorse? NBC And CNN Suddenly BackPedal On Michael Avenatti
Buyers Remorse might be setting in. Just hours ago, Michael Avenatti was the potential anointed one for the Democrat party. That is, according to the NY Times. And then the Senate Judiciary Committee, thanks Senator Chuck Grassley!, lowered the boom. Which led CNN to plaintively ask:
Can we slow our roll on Michael Avenatti?

Why is this so funny? Well, it’s the media for one thing. But the other part that makes this so delicious is that the writer of the above headline is Chris Cilliza, who most definitely is NOT a Trump fan. Hell, he’s never met a Republican he likes! But I digress.
Avenatti casts himself as the sort of guy Democrats need to nominate in 2020 against Trump — someone willing to say and do whatever it takes to beat Trump. “I think the party has yearned for a fighter — a fighter for good, if you will — for a significant period of time,” he said during a visit to Iowa recently. “And for many, I’m probably seen as that individual.”
The Point: Avenatti could be a political unicorn, like Trump. And even if he’s not, he has lots of time to make up for a tough few weeks. But let’s not crown Avenatti king — or even prince — of anything just yet.
Remember folks, Chris actually WROTE this.

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