Friday, October 12, 2018

Happiness is a Sharp Chainsaw

Last night, the remnants of Hurricane Michael roared by to the south, bringing winds to 50 kts, and three inches of rain overnight to our area. This morning we left before dark for a breakfast event, and went to the gym before we got home around 10 AM. It was our first chance to look around the yard and see if we had any damage.

In the night, a huge dead oak in the back woods, which had been hanging in a living tree finally fell, and had crushed two 10 ft sections of the stock fence we use to keep Skye confined to the back yard. In doing so, it pounded a four foot metal fence post down into the ground to its head.

I had my chainsaw serviced and sharpened several weeks ago anticipating some need in tropical storm season. Boy, am I glad I did. The saw started on the second pull, and chopped the tree into movable pieces and get thrown back in the woods. And while we had the saw out, we took care of another leaner, a 20 or so foot Hemlock tree that had been partially taken down by snow a few years ago.

After a bit of lunch, we headed off to the local farm store for some replacement fencing with Skye in the van. After buying the fencing, we took Skye to the dog park for a while, to make up for the lack of afternoon walk.

We started hanging the new fencing and finished just before dark. The yard is still full of small branches, twig, and shredded leaves, but that will have to wait for the lawn to dry some.

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