Sunday, January 3, 2016

Can the Redskins Count Coup on the Cowboys?

The 8-7 Redskins take on the 4-11 Cowboys at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas in the last regular game of the season in one minute. Since the Redskins fans tend to regard the Cowboys as the ultimate rival, one would hope they could win this one. The Redskins have already won their division, and will get at least one playoff game.

Cowboys take the kickoff in the endzone, and will start at the 20. Three and out. Punt goes out of bounds at the 28.

Cousins completes on his first pass to Jordan Reed at the 39ish, first down. Garcon goes for 4. Fourth and not enough, they elect to punt. Fair catch at the Cowboys 6 yard line.

Now, how is the Redskins naming fight going? Well, the SJW Crybullies won a round when
Goshen's mascot now officially RedHawks after district dropped Redskins moniker
Minutes before tip-off of the Hacienda Holiday Tournament, announcer Mike Kemper introduced the Goshen High School varsity girls basketball team.

“Now, it’s time for your lady Redsk...” he said, correcting himself mid-word and finishing with “RedHawks.”

The game was the debut of the new RedHawks mascot after the Goshen School Board voted in July to retire the longtime Redskins moniker that had sparked controversy regarding whether the name honored Native Americans or disparaged them.
When you've lost Goshen . . .

Cowboys go three and out, again, and Crowder collects the punt around the 50 yard line.

On the first play, Crowder takes a Cousins pass down to the Cowboys 3. Touchdown pass to Grant on the next play, kick is good, 7-0 Redskins.

Cowboys start at the 20, and eek out their first first down. Williams makes another first, after a good run sideways. Moore sacked by Kerrigan, second and 18. Redskins Jarrett down after a helmet to helmet clash. Redskin's Compton intercepts the next pass and takes the ball to the Cowboys 43.

On third and 6, a pass to Garcon results in another Redskin's touchdown, kick is good, 14-0 Redskins.

Cowboys from the 20. To the 34 on the first down.  Redskin's Hall recovers a fumbled exchange at the 18. Dallas challenges the spot. Challenge upheld, and the spot is moved back to the 29. Still Redskins ball.

Garcon makes 4, Morris makes 5, then Morris for the first down at the 18ish. First and goal from the 4 (I got distracted). Now 3d and goal. Touchdown pass to Crowder. kick is good, 21-0 Redskins, 19 seconds left in the quarter.

Cowboys from their 25. First down to the 38. Personal foul, Cowboy's Swain. 4th down and a bunch, punt.

Crowder makes a couple to the 22. Jarrett out, possible shoulder, concussion. Crowder for a 1st down at the Cowboy's 44. Pass to Reed down to the 15. Crowder misses one on third and 4. Hopkins field goal is good, 24-0 Redskins.

Cowboys from the 20. Pass to Terrence Williams for a first at the 34. Fake punt on 4th and 1! And it . . . works! Hanna for a first down at the Redskins 44. Pass to Terrence Williams at the 7 yard line. McFadden to the 5, Dashaun Phillips injured on the play. They're putting him on a backboard. Not good. Another damn head on head impact.

Jason McWhitten to the 1?, spot challenged. Challenge upheld. Touchdown, kick is good, 24-7 Redskins.

Colt McCoy takes over for Cousins at the 20 for the Redskins. Pass to Grant on 2nd down good for a first down at the 34. Two minute warming on the first half.  Deshaun Jackson going to the hospital, but does have movement. McCoy fumbles, Redskins recover for a big loss, 4th and shitloads. Automatic review, but confirmed. Punt.

Cowboys recover at their 24, flag on Cowboy's Jones, so they start at their 14. They get a first out at the 31 with a minute left. Witten to the Redskins 45. Butler down to the Redskins 22.  Cowboys down to the 6 yard line, first and goal time out called with 26 seconds. Moore to Beasley for a touchdown, kick good. 24-14, Redskins.

Redskins take the knee in the end zone, out to the 20 yard line. Half ends.

Today's beer break features Jack Straw IPA, from the local Mully's Brewery. 6.2% ABV. It'll do. I presume it's named for the Grateful Dead song Jack Straw, a real tearjerker. We can share the women, we can share the wine . . .

Ross to receive for the Redskins. Touch back, out to the 20. Third and 9. Three and out. Flag on the punt. Holding on Cowboys. From the 9, A thirty yard run out to the 39. McFadden makes 5 on the ground. Moore sacked at 37. Punt to Crowder, fair catch at the 10.

Thompson runs for a first down. Holding Redskins, 1st and 20 from their 24. On third and 17 Crowder catches a pass and runs up past the 50 for a first. Morris runs to the 33 for another first down. Morris rounds the corner for another first down at the 18. Morris get's nada. I guess they went to that well one too many times in a row. Redskins grinding the clock away. Third and 7, pass to the end zone, pass interference offense, declined. Field goal attempt good 27-14 Redskins.

Cowboys from the 20.  Moore sacked, 2nd and 15. Three and out.

Redskins collect the ball around their own 28. End of the third quarter. Third down and 9 yards to go. A long pass to an uncovered Rashad Ross for a touchdown. Kick is good, 34-14.

Kickoff goes through the end zone, Cowboys from the 20. First down on the ground to the 30. 36 yard pass to the Redskins 32. Pass to Williams to the 13 for another first down. Pass to Beasley, inside the three yard line, first and goal. Breeland stops an end zone pass. Redskins intercept at the 1 yard line. False start Redskins. Half the distance! Oh my! Morris trapped behind the line for a safety, 34-16 Redskins. You don't see those very often.

Cowboys from their 27. Cowboys cross the 40, and then the Redskins 23. Third and 10, McFadden runs near the end zone, fumbles into the end zone for a touch back, review.

From the 20, Morris across the 40 for the Redskins. 10 minutes left for the Redskins to waste. Fourth down and 3 yards, punt collected at the Cowboys 11 yard line.

McFadden first down out to their own 44. Down to the Redskins 29. Pass to Moore at the 7 yard line, first and goal. Second and 7, third and 7. pass to Beasley for a Cowboy touchdown, kick is good, 34-23 Redskins. 4:18 left in the game.

Onside kick collected by the Redskins at the Cowboy 47 yard line. Cowboys using time outs to stop the clock. Fourth and 2 or so. McCoy pass to Crowder for a first down at the 30, clock running, 3:15 left. Thomas straight ahead for a few. Two minute warning. From the 26, a first down at the 18. Redskins run out the clock, Redskins win 34-23. Redskin go up to 9 - 7, Cowboys down to 4 -12.

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Teenage Wasteland" ready at The Other McCain.

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