Friday, January 22, 2016

Reports from While the Snow Falls

The El Ninsnowmeggedocopolypse is well underway, with any surfaces on which Wednesday's dusting has melted or sublimed away already recoated with fresh snow. But there's still power, so I might as well try to take care of the accumulation of news on

Yesterday we say that the IG needed to raise his security clearance to view the material in Hillary's private unsecured server, today we find that even Congress members need additional security clearance to view it.  A former CIA official says There Is "Zero Ambiguity," Hillary Clinton Broke the Law and the FBI Has No Other Choice But to Recommend a Criminal Grand Jury. I wouldn't think a CIA guy would be that naive. Another intel analyst claims  this is indeed a smoking gun. Exposure of SAP data should be enough to make anyone with a significant clearance “mess their pantsuit”: John Cornyn, Senate Majority Whip called for Ms. Clinton's indictment, although he expressed doubts that the Obama Administration would enforce the law. Now, where would he get that impression? Does Hillary's campaign’s response to latest email revelations reveal desperation? No, I think it reveals confidence in the omerta of the democratic party. No crime too great to cover up or, if revealed, to deny or delay justice for. Roger Simon wondered: What Happens if Hillary Isn't Indicted? I can help here: What Happens After Hillary Isn't Indicted?
. . . So now Dem thinkers can contemplate Hillary losing Iowa, losing New Hampshire, then facing a quashed indictment recommendation and major resignations at the FBI. Feeling the Bern?

In terms of timing, either the DoJ needs to tear off the band-aid like, yesterday, or risk creating a situation where Bernie Sanders has a straight path to the nomination and an establishment warhorse like Biden has no time left to get in the race. Or they can try to hold off on refusing an indictment until Hillary has won a few primaries somewhere, which may not be until March.

Well. The rules maven of the DNC will surely find a way to roll in Biden if Hillary's situation becomes sufficiently dire - surely the current rules allow for mid-course adjustments of a candidate has a disqualifying medical crisis, and those exceptions could probably extended to indictments or the threat thereof. One result will be a divided, dispirited party and a lot of disillusioned Sanders supporters.
At this point, very little would surprise me.

Bernie is gaining ground daily: CNN Poll: Sanders Beating Hillary by 8 Points in Iowa, in What Some are Calling "A Schlonging Lead" as Some Democrats fear Clinton's message is failingJust six people greet Hillary in Texas — and she ignores them!

Slimy Clinton Hack David Brock Already Playing Race Card Against Sanders, of course.  Even the DNC has begun to wake up to the possibility that something may go awry with Hillary's petal strewn walk to the White House, and With Hillary slipping in the polls, DNC suddenly thinks another debate is a good idea. Really? Make them pick between Bernie and O'what's his name?

For your viewing pleasure, The Clintons' War on Women: How Hillary Strong-Armed Women into Accepting Sexual Assault And you're starting to see things like Why This Democrat Won’t Vote for Hillary Clinton referencing Juanita Brodderick and Bill's other sex crimes, and Hillary's complicity therein. Sorry, Hillary: Women care more about their president than his (or her) agenda. They also want someone qualified on her own merits.
Pew found big differences between how Democrats and Republicans viewed the sexes as potential political leaders. But before liberals start lamenting sexist conservatives’ “war on women,” Republicans didn’t see women as less capable, rather Republicans “are more inclined to say there isn’t any difference between men and women,” while “Democrats are significantly more likely than Republicans to say that women do a better job than men.” In other words, Republicans were more likely to truly see women and men as equals, while Democrats see one sex — men — as inferior.
Victor Davis Hanson on The Many Contradictions of Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton recently said she would go after offshore tax “schemes” in the Caribbean. That is a worthy endeavor, given the loss of billions of dollars in U.S. tax revenue. Yet her husband, Bill Clinton, reportedly made $10 million as an advisor and an occasional partner in the Yucaipa Global Partnership, a fund registered in the Cayman Islands.
Clinton is calling for “huge campaign-finance reform,” apparently to end the excessive and often pernicious role of big money in politics. But no candidate, Republican or Democrat, raised more than the $112 million that Clinton collected in 2015 for her primary campaign.
Clinton has also vowed to raise taxes on hedge-fund managers. Is that a way of expressing displeasure with her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, who operates a $400 million hedge fund? 
For that matter, how did Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, who worked for a consulting firm and a hedge fund despite having no background in finance — reportedly become worth an estimated $15 million?
Just to get started.

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