Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cocaine May Really Rot Your Brain

at least, it does in mice: Cocaine 'can cause brain to eat itself' say experts
High doses of cocaine can cause the brain to eat itself, research suggests.

A mouse study found that the drug can trigger out-of-control ''autophagy'' - a process by which cells literally digest themselves.

When it is properly regulated, autophagy provides a valuable clean-up service - getting rid of unwanted debris that is dissolved away by enzymes within cell ''pockets''.
But not all is lost, a drug already in use to treat Parkinson's can help prevent the process:
The scientists showed that an experimental drug called CGP3466B was able to protect mouse nerve cells from cocaine death due to autophagy.

Since the drug has already been tested in clinical trials to treat Parkinson's and motor neurone disease, it is known to be safe in humans.
So will dealer sell CGP34466B with their crack?

Cocaine may be bad for brains, but it's been good for music:

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