Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rambling Through the Drawers at

As the old blues song says "A woman is like a dresser. someone always rambling through her drawers." A more or less random assortment today, to keep the digital fridge clean:

According to MoDo at NYT, Hillary should have run on her vagina in 2008 and on her penis in 2016. Why? Because Barack Obama made pussies look bad. I prefer the Althouse link because, well MoDo and the NYT; also the commentary is more intelligent.

Running from the bomb shelter has not been a good strategy for Hillary: Dems' hiding debates backfires on Hillary Clinton.

And Hillary is keeping "The Big Dog" on a short chain for fear of more embarrassments: Hillary Clinton campaign deploys husband Bill very carefully. What could go wrong?

But she still has the usual suspects in her corner: Andrea Mitchell Is Worried About The Benghazi Movie Because It Could Be Bad For Hillary

And from the Weasel Zippers, Hillary tries to out grandparent Bernie Sanders:

Sanders is the grandparent to 7 (3 adopted). I suspect that he feels they are pretty special too.

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