Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Even More Emails Issues at

Just two days, and the crisper is full again.

Ooops, it happened again, ‘Thousands’ Of New Hillary Docs Found. You might even begin to think that they weren't looking that hard to start with. And even more coming as a Federal judges forces the State Department to release Huma Abedin email trove.
The agency has agreed to begin reviewing Abedin's personal-account emails by March at a rate of at least 400 pages a month and disclosing the releasable portion to Judicial Watch, with releases complete by April 2017. U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell adopted the proposed schedule as an order later Monday.
Since she was Hillary's primary input/output device, many things Hillary did that didn't make it to her own email may turn up here. This should be fun. As Ace notes: "Expect a lot of redactions and emails they just couldn't find, darnit!"

One of the finds in the recent email tranche from Hillary is that Hillary e-mail exchange debated kick-starting Palestinian protests to pressure Israel. Yeah, you'd think all this foreign stuff would be classified wouldn't you? Well, if she wanted it kept secret, maybe she she should have used a secure, government server. That way, when it gets stolen, you can blame the nerds. Also amusing, the author of this email, Thomas Pickering, led the State Dept. Accountability Review Board into Benghazi. Nope, no conflict of interest there. Bob Woodward, who knows a good scandal when he see's it,
Compares Hillary Scandal to Watergate.
He recalled that Hillary served on the staff of the House impeachment committee investigating President Nixon. “And what was the lesson, one of the lessons from that?” he asked. “Never write anything down. . . . Here, many years later, she’s saying, ‘Oh, let’s subvert the rules,’ and writing it out herself?”
He concluded: It shows that she kind of feels immune, that she lives in a bubble and no one’s ever going to find this out. Well, now we have.
Hillary is really feeling the Bern this week. In an attempt to compete with Bernie Sanders she called for a 4% surcharge on the incomes of the wealthy. Ace thinks it's "stray voltage" to to cover for the email scandal, but I think it's just appealing to the base. In New Hampshire, Bernie beats Hillary in every major voting bloc. In Iowa, Clinton rips into Sanders as her lead vanishes. But not to fear, Chelsea is here: Chelsea Clinton Takes on Bernie Sanders. That should do it, right? But has moved on; the Soros backed NGO formed to protect Bill Clinton from impeachment, endorsed the Sanders campaign. That's gotta smart some. But What If Bernie Sanders Is the Democrats' Best Bet? Sadly possible.

According to Hillary ‘White Terrorism’ And ‘Police Violence’ Are Just As Big A Threat As ISIS. Tell that to Paris and San Bernardino.

And finally, on the Bimbo Eruption front, Clinton declines to answer questions about women involved in sex scandals. That's because she doesn't have any good answers for her past behavior.

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