Sunday, January 24, 2016

Goodbye El Ninsnowmaggedocapolypse, and Good Riddance!

The snow has stopped and the wind was letting off for the 11 PM dog walk last night, and early this morning Skye and I got out to see what the neighborhood looked like.
The road, which had been plowed once yesterday, had another 3 inches or so, and the only tracks in it were the ones that Skye and I had left the night before; oh, and one deer that crossed over.
The snow total was less, substantially less than we feared, in part because the midday yesterday has some sleet, which was denser and formed a heavy layer in the  middle. I think, if you found the right spot that wasn't affected by drifts or shadows, we might have had a little less than one foot. It was heavy, sticky snow, and not fun to shovel
I started digging out the driveway sometime after breakfast, took a break for lunch. I had about 1/3 left when our next door neighbor and her teenage son took mercy on me and helped me finish. Thanks Teresa and Noah.

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