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Can the Redskins Send the Packers Packing?

Today, along about 4:40, the 9-7 Redskins take on the 10-6 Green Bay Packers at Fedex Field in their first post-season game since 2012, when the rookie RG III led them to their first playoff since 2007. Can Cousins keep the magic alive?

In the meantime, have you ever wondered how the Packers got their name? Me too. It turns out they were named after the Indian Packing company, an early investor.

Ah, another racist name, in disguise!
In 1919, Curly Lambeau decided to start a football team in the small Wisconsin town of Green Bay. Akron, Canton, Dayton, Hammond and Muncie all had teams, so it wasn't a stretch for Lambeau to start a franchise in his hometown. He just needed some funding to get off the ground.
Lambeau of Lambeau field fame, I presume.
At the time, Lambeau was earning $250 per month as a shipping clerk at a local meatpacking company. He convinced his employer to put up $500 for jerseys and equipment and also got permission to use the company's athletic field for practice. With all that support from the packing company, it was a natural that the team call itself the Packers.
They could have had a coyote as their mascot.
The affiliation with the Indian Packing Company soon ended and before the team's first official NFL season, the company was absorbed by the Acme Packing Company. For a time, the team wore "Acme Packers" on the jersey. In each official NFL season, the team has been known as the Green Bay Packers. Both companies would soon be out of business, but the name stuck.

Temperature 57, a little windy. Redskins kick off to the Packers, through the endzone and the packers will start at the 20. Packer's Rogers passes to Alan Jones for 11 yards and a first down at the 31. Third and 9, no good, Packers punt, and Redskins recover at their 33.

Truck and pizza commercials. Cousins pass to Jordan Reed pass to the 37. Morris for a couple more, third and 5. Pass almost intercepted, three and out for the Redskin's first possession. Punt to the 17, and a flag against the Packers. Beer pizza and tax preparation and car and more beer commercial.

From the 8 yard line. Not much, third and 9. False start Packers, back to the 4.5. Rogers sacked in the end zone. Redskins lead 2-0. Punt run out to the 45.

Did you know the Packers are one of the NFL teams without a professional cheerleading squad? Fortunately, they have plenty fanatic female fans.

Pass to Smith to the Packer's 39, first down. Redskins down near the 29, first down on pass to Jackson. Pass to Jackson for 3. Pass to Reed for the rest, first down.  Cousin's pass to Jackson, run in for a touchdown. Being challenged, will probably come back to the 6 inch mark. Truck, video game, insurance, TV commercials. Review upheld, the Redskins will have to put it in from the half yard line. Nothing, second and goal, nothing, third and goal. Delay of game Redskins, from the 8ish. Nothing. Jackson screwed up. Redskins settle for 3. 5-0 Redskins.

Green Bay from the 20. A yard and a half by Lacey. Incomplete pass to the sidelines, Incomplete pass to the other side. Green Bay punts, Redskins will get it at the 32.

Cousins sacked, fumbles and collects the fumble, 2nd down and 22 yards. 7 yards, 3d and 15. Incomplete to Reed, Redskins will punt. Great bounce, down to the Packers 13 or so.

Randall Cob runs for a couple. Third and 8, incomplete, 4th and 8 and punt.

Crowder to the Packers 49 on the return. Redskins holding (way away from the play), backs them up to the 36. Morris for 7. Incomplete pass. Pass to Reed, runs to the Packers 35. End of the first quarter. Redskins still up 5-0. Morris for a loss, 2nd and 14. 3d and 10. Pass to Jordan Reed in the endzone, touchdown. Kick is no good, off the right upright! 11-0 Redskins.

On the Redskins name controversy, the Oneida Nation is still pressing their case: CBS Asked by Native American Group Not to Use Redskins Name If Team Gets to Super Bowl
"We are requesting that CBS right now commit to refrain from using the name of the Washington professional football franchise in its broadcast, because that name is a dictionary-defined racial slur," reads the letter. It is signed by Oneida Indian Nation representative Ray Halbritter and Jacqueline Pata, executive director of the National Congress of American Indians.

The letter asks CBS to "make sure its airwaves are not used as a weapon of bigotry against the network’s diverse audience" and says the request is critical considering the Super Bowl's global audience. The letter is part of a Change the Mascot campaign and was sent to multiple CBS executives.
I'm not seriously worried about that threat.

Packers get a first down, and then a completion of 35 to James Jones, Adams for 9 more, then a first down at the Redskins 25. Starks for 5, Cobb to the 12 for a first down. Cobb catches one in the end zone, touchdown, kick is good, 11-7 Redskins.

Wisconsin group pushes for Redskins' name to change
"If any other race were identified as a mascot, there would definitely be an outcry," said Mark Powless, Southeastern Oneida Tribal Services Director.

Powless said the Redskins mascot sends the wrong message about Native American culture.

"We've been cast as a people that live historically, that have feathers on our heads and war paint on our faces around drums in circles. That's the perception that a lot of people have of native people and those mascots, they tie right into those stereotypes."
Kickoff through the endzone, Redskins from the 20. 1.5 yards. Reed for 1 or 2. Cousins to Garcon for 12, first down at the 36. Long pass to Jackson broken up. Thompson breaks loose a long run to the Packers 39, first down. Cousins sacked in back, fumbled, recovered by the Packers at their 46.

Packers grind out a first down to the 32. End zone pass to Cobb, way high. Offsides by the Redskins gives them 5. Third and 3, incomplete pass, 43 yard field goal good. Redskins 11, Packers 10.

Redskins from the 20. Three and out. Packers recover the punt at their 40.Two minute warning. First down at the 42. Jones to the 30. Redskin's Chris Baker down, walks off.  Pass to Adams to the 10. First and goal. Incomplete to Cobb. Touchdown pass to Adams in the left corner. Kick is good. Packers take the lead, 17-11. From the 29 with 24 seconds, Redskins pack it in for the half.

Ross returns kickoff out to the Redskin's 27. Pass to Garcon at the Redskin's 48. Morris runs down the Packers 33. Loss of 4. Pass to Thompson at the 30. Third and 7. Crowder get all but a few inches on a pass, they go for it. Pass to Jordan Reed at the 6. Pass to Garcon in the end zone incomplete. Crowder to the 3, third and goal. Cousins runs in his own touchdown! Kick is good, Redskins 18-17.

This game break brought to you by Knob Creek.

Packers take the football at the 20. Adams takes a pass, gets first down, at the 31 and stays down. 9 yard pass, third and 1. Pass to John Kuhn for 6 and a first down. Cobb for 9. Third and 1 Redskins stop Kuhn, go for it. Time out, Packers. At the 50 yard line. Packer's eddy Lacey gets it and more.  Lacey to the three! Touchdown Packers, kick is good, 23-18 Packers.

Redskins from the 24. Third and 8. Long pass, and a stumble by Grant, incomplete. Punt rolls down to the 24.

Cobb gets 4 on the ground, Cobb gets another 3, pass to Jones for a first down at the 38. Starks trips behind the line, 2nd and 13. 16 yard pass to Cobb for a first down across the 50. End of the third quarter. The Redskin's Breeland limps off. Starks runs down to the Redskin's 39. Starks gets another 7, then a first down. Redskin's encroachment. Starks around the corner down to the 3. First and goal, Packers. Lacey up the middle for a touchdown, Two point conversion is good, Packers 32 - Redskins 18.

Redskins from the 20. Morris gets a couple. Cousin to Thompson at the 29. Morris out to the 41 or so. Pass to Reed to the Packer's 37ish. Cousins sacked for 9 back to the 50ish. Two Packers break up their own interception. Third and 19. Reed misses a one handed catch, and the Redskins will have to punt. Redskins take control of the punt at the 9. Loss of 2, long pass out of bounds, flag, looked uncatchable to me. Pass interference out to the the 28? Lacey crosses the 30. Third and 6. Pass, two yards short, punt. Fair catch near the 9.

Garcon gets a few. 5:30 left. Thompson first down to the 23. Third and 10. Long pass to Garcon, knocked out of his hand by Gunter. Cousins sacked on 4th and 10, Packers take over at the 17. Ugh.

Packers going slow, third and 9. Fourth and a few, field goal attempt is good, 35-18 Packers.

Redskins get out to the 50 while I visit the restroom. Cousins to Garcon, Cousins tackled late, Redskins to the 11. 2nd and 10 Third and 4. 4th and 3. Cousins sacked back by the 20. 2:46 left.

Lacey gets 3, time runs down to 2:00. Many commercials. Lacey carries a tribe of Redskins across the first down mark. It looks like Breeland may have stripped the ball and recovered it, being reviewed. Review changes call to a fumble, Washington ball at the 32, 1:51. left.

Ross gets a little. Third and 8, Cousins sacked, 4th and 17. Not enough.

Green Bay takes over and will kill the clock, with 13 seconds.

Green Bay wins 35-18 and will go on the play the Arizona Cardinals next. Redskins retire until fall to lick their wounds and consider next year.

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