Friday, January 15, 2016

Obama Takes 18 Car Caravan to the Console Climate Mom

President Obama has paid a personal visit to one of the few Americans who is genuinely worried about the climate.
US President Barack Obama has paid a personal visit to a mother who has echoed the greatest fears for many parents across the world in a heartfelt letter.
Mr Obama arrived in a quiet community in Omaha, Nebraska, in an 18-car motorcade on Wednesday to visit Lisa Martin and her husband Jeff in their living room.
The unexpected visit stemmed from a letter to the President Mrs Martin penned 12 months ago as she sat awake at 4am feeding her newborn son Cooper.
She wrote to Mr Obama — not expecting a response — to convey her thoughts, worries and hopes for the future in which her son would grow up.
In her letter, Mrs Martin described her “overwhelming sense of dread” about climate change.
“Will my son be able to thrive on this planet?” she wrote.
“Will he be able to experience the small things, such as winter in Nebraska, where he has snow days and sledding?
“Where he comes home to me cooking homemade hot cocoa for him, like I did?
“Sadly, I think the answer is no.
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