Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rule 5 Saturday - Master Sleuthess Pamela Sue Martin

I was reminded of Pamela Sue Martin by this article on how CBS's next Nancy Drew will be anything but white: CBS' Nancy Drew Will Be Diverse
The character spawned a TV series — The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries — that ran for three seasons on ABC in the late 1970s starring Pamela Sue Martin (and later Janet Louise Johnson) as well as Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson.
Is it even legal to saw you won't hire a person of a specific ethnicity for a particular job?  Must be an "equality" thing. Well, good enough for a Rule 5 post.
Born in Hartford, Connecticut, and growing up in nearby Westport, Martin began modeling at 17, and appeared in the The Poseidon Adventure (opposite Gene Hackman) at the age of 19. More films followed, including Our Time and Buster and Billie. Later, her work as TV's Nancy Drew made her something of a teen idol. Initially, the ABC program alternated each week between The Nancy Drew Mysteries and The Hardy Boys Mysteries. . . Martin appeared in a cover pictorial in the July 1978 issue of Playboy magazine, with the headline "TV's Nancy Drew Undraped" (NSFW link).
Martin portrayed feisty and spoiled heiress Fallon Carrington Colby on the ABC nighttime soap opera Dynasty from its debut in 1981 through the end of the fourth season in 1984. Martin left of her own accord and the character was "missing and presumed dead". . . 

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