Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Alas, My Poor Alma Mater

Oregon State University to Hold Segregated Workshops on Race
This month, to relatively little outrage or public notice, Oregon State University is holding segregated “diversity” sessions for students, staff, and faculty. At “retreats,” students and faculty will learn about identity and micro-agressions (for example: expressing a belief in merit, wearing an offensive Halloween costume, or having someone feel like she does not belong).

The Daily Caller reports that a total of four workshops will be held: one for non-white students, another for white students (to educate them about their “white privilege”), one for multi-racial students, and one for white faculty and staff called “Examining White Identity.”

The testimonials at the university’s website indicate that the sessions are sure to foster more “cry-bullies,” as we saw on campuses across the country in 2015. And it seems that among Oregon State’s 30,000 students, none raised significant objections to funding being spent on segregated sessions.
How can this even be legal?

Back when I was at OSU (I finished my PhD in 1983), African American (we called them black) students were almost as rare as unicorns, although my perception may be warped by being in the sciences. There was one friend, a former football scholar who injured himself and lost his scholarship, and was forced to find a job as technician in the STEM fields to pay for school.

The news has not been good for OSU recently, with the only other story of national interest being the girl caught filming porn in the library.

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  1. Alas my Alma Mater as well. Even in '85 there were questionable "groups" practicing strange beliefs. I had school to get through, and ignored it mostly. It's a cesspool now. Sad.