Thursday, January 28, 2016

Regrets at

She's had a few, but then again, too few to mention. . . On a third bite at the apple, Hillary  Regrets the 'Uproar and Commotion' Over Her Insecure Email System, not that she exposed state secrets to the enemy.
Clinton went on to say that "it was a mistake" because she had to "go through all of this." She added, "I don't want to go through it. I don't want to put a lot of my friends through it."
Poor Baby. Cheryl Mills' Blackberry, linked to the super secret unsecured email server, was "lost," potentially giving access to the server to anyone who could nab find it. I'm sure the Secretary of State's lawyers business would be of absolutely no interest to foreign governments. She reported it to Brian Pagliano, the one time outside computer geek, hired by the Clinton at the State Dept. to run her off the books server, and he dutifully reported it to, apparently no one, which may account for him having taken the 5th.
“Somewhere b/w my house and the plane to nyc yesterday my personal bb got misplaced; no on [sic] is answering it thought [sic] I have called,” Mills wrote from her personal email account to the address Pagliano used when he worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.
 Jim Gerhaty at NRO explains How the FBI Could Force DOJ to Prosecute Hillary Clinton. Comey would have to threaten to resign, but he has before.

Former Rep. John LeBoutillier optimistically explains We are witnessing the end of the House of Clinton.
1. There is the stench of political death around Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and the entire House of Clinton.

2. You could feel it when Republican front-runner Donald Trump hit back — hard — over the "penchant for sexism" charge by basically calling Hillary Clinton an enabler in the former president's sexual shenanigans.

3. When have we ever seen the Clintons back off? But they did.

4. Then came further reports about an expanded FBI probe of her handling of secure information; the nexus of State Department favors for donors to the Clinton Foundation; and the story that Hillary Clinton or her staff might have lied to FBI agents in this probe.
. . .
25. We are witnessing history: the fall of the Houses of Clinton and Bush.
Chelsea Clinton Deployed to NYC Fundraiser Hosted by Wall Street Banker - Guests can pay $2,700 for picture with Chelsea - Well, she is married to one, after all. But money trouble continue to plague the Clinton campaign anyway: Clinton Spokesman Dodges When MSNBC Asks if Campaign Is Strapped for Cash and MIA: Hollywood's Power Women for Hillary
A look at donations by THR's Power 100 list (Dana Walden and Elizabeth Banks have given, while Oprah has not) reveals scant support for Clinton. Says one industry dealmaker, "We all want a woman to be president — some of us just wish it were someone else."
Stacy McCain explains the junction of feminism and Hillary: Democrats, Feminists and Other Liars
Let’s begin with something that should be obvious, but which has seldom been stated explicitly: There is no objective reason for the recent upsurge of radical feminism in the United States. However bad sexism is today, it is not worse than it was five years ago or 10 years ago. In fact, there is abundant evidence that women in American today face much less discrimination than at any previous point in our history.

The only reason we have so many young American women identifying themselves as feminists in 2016 is because of partisan politics.

Four years ago, Democrats exploited an entirely fictional “Republican War on Women” narrative that enabled President Obama to win re-election with the largest “gender gap” ever recorded by Gallup. And with Hillary Clinton expected to be the Democrat nominee in 2016, the liberal propaganda machinery has been promoting the feminist brand in every way possible. Far beyond the narrow limits of what we usually think of as “politics,” and extending to the entertainment industry, university classrooms, the public school system and every other means of communicating ideas, feminist messages are being promoted by liberals with a frenzied energy that we can expect will crescendo to a shrieking climactic paroxysm of rage between now and November.
. . .
Democrats have decided that a revival of radical feminism is necessary to elect Hillary Clinton, and so we cannot escape it . . .

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