Thursday, October 1, 2015

Everyone Talks About the Weather . . .

But nobody does anything about it. A few days ago, Joaquin was a windy wet spot in the Caribbean waiting to be named. Today it is a full blown Category 4 hurricane,  pummeling the Bahamas and other islands, and now taking aim at the United States Eastern Seaboard. Current models, and cone of probable path don't really concur at this point:

At this point, we have at least a strong probability of some severe weather on Monday. Tide are predicted to be high, up to 2.5 feet above normal:

Predictions for Joaquin are being complicated by the nor'easter that started yesterday (see that black cloud?), is winding up today with plenty of wind and rain, and is expected to peak tomorrow. By Sunday and Monday, we'll be plenty wet and wind blown, with Joaquin near the front door. Oh goody!

We have plenty of propane for the generator, so if we lose power, we can cook and keep the fish farm. I'm not expecting to have to move the boat; in the lift it should take a 3-4 ft tidal surge with no problem. But that could change.

Stay tuned.

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