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Really getting deep now.

FBI probe of Clinton email focused on ‘gross negligence’ provision
Three months after Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email address and server while secretary of state was referred to the FBI, an intelligence source familiar with the investigation tells Fox News that the team is now focused on whether there were violations of an Espionage Act subsection pertaining to "gross negligence" in the safekeeping of national defense information.

Under 18 USC 793 subsection F, the information does not have to be classified to count as a violation. The intelligence source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity citing the sensitivity of the ongoing probe, said the subsection requires the "lawful possession" of national defense information by a security clearance holder who "through gross negligence," such as the use of an unsecure computer network, permits the material to be removed or abstracted from its proper, secure location.

Subsection F also requires the clearance holder "to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer. "A failure to do so "shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both."

The source said investigators are also focused on possible obstruction of justice. "If someone knows there is an ongoing investigation and takes action to impede an investigation, for example destruction of documents or threatening of witnesses, that could be a separate charge but still remain under a single case," the source said. Currently, the ongoing investigation is led by the Washington Field Office of the FBI.
Investigation into Hillary's email server focuses on Espionage Act and could get her 10 years in jail as FBI agent says she could be prosecuted just for failing to tell Obama
  • Federal law makes it a crime for security clearance holders to fail to tell superiors when 'gross negligence' causes a security breach
  • FBI agent tells about Hillary Clinton: 'The secretary's superior is the President of the United States'
  • 'So unless he were aware of what she was doing when she was doing it, it seems there could be a legal problem [for her]'
  • Obama was asked Sunday on '60 Minutes' if he knew at the time that Clinton was running a home-brew email server; he replied, 'No'
And she has no one to blame but herself: Clinton: No One Signed Off on My Use of a Personal Server
Just after a townhall in Keene, New Hampshire, CNN’s Jake Tapper caught with Hillary Clinton where he asked her on who signed off on her use of a personal server during her time as secretary of state.

“It was allowed under the rules of the State Department,” Clinton said.

Politico reported that the State Department had a policy in place since 2005 that is against the use of personal email to conduct official business.

Tapper questioned if she was concerned about the secruity on the server while it was not housed in the State Department but in a bathroom in Colorado. Clinton said that she was not concerned.

When asked if the State Department gave her permission Clinton said no and that it was allowed. Clinton deflected and said that her predecessors had done the same thing and added that other high ranking members of the federal government used personal servers and personal emails.

Clinton blamed the attention and questions about her server were because the rules had been changed when she left the State Department.
Certainly, occasional use of personal emails is tolerated if the subjects are not of important classified information, and the user is careful to make sure that the official record is maintained.  Clinton had no intention of following those guidelines, and in fact, her decision to have a private server was made with defeating those goals in mind. Certainly, the possibility that a government official would maintain a separate, insecure server for their email was not even contemplated because it was ludicrous on the face of it.

Clinton cracks up over question about FBI probe into email server

A question about the FBI investigation into her private email server caused former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to laugh out loud during a Friday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper
. . .
Clinton reiterated that she never transmitted classified information over the private server that she held during her tenure at State.

The Democratic primary front-runner also characterized reports to the contrary, which say she did house classified information on her server, as a “very strong difference of opinion.”

Clinton said the conflicting reports are commonplace examples of cross-departmental bickering.

“So I think a lot of this is being a public display of the very common arguments that go on between different agencies and our government,” she said. “This happens every time there is a Freedom of Information Act request.”
Except that the determination of the secrecy of the data controlled by agency which collects it. For example, Keyhole Satellite data collected by the DOD or CIA cannot be downgraded and subjected to less standards by the State Department, as Hillary clearly did. Her opinion does not make law.

Did you ever notice how much Hillary's laugh is like the Wicked Witch of the West?

How politics may be interfering with the Clintonemail investigation In the Obama administration? I'm shocked, shocked.

Anderson Cooper: I Knew Bernie Sanders Would Shut Down the Email Question When I Called On Him
He says he now wishes he had gone to other people before Sanders, so that others could have discussed the issue before Sanders shut it down, as he knew Sanders would.


In a chat with former New York Times television reporter Bill Carter on the SiriusXM show "The Bill Carter Interview," Cooper put this moment in his basket of regrets over his handling of the debate. "I wish I had brought in one other candidate before I went to Sanders on the email thing because I knew Sanders would try to shut it down," said the debate host. Perhaps that would have been a better way to go, though there was no guarantee. After all, Chafee commented that the e-mails drive at a credibility crisis in American politics. When Cooper asked Clinton whether she wanted to respond, she said, "No," to the delight of her supporters.
The huge crowd reaction for Sanders' shut-down (both Hillary's and Sanders' supporters cheered it, and they were 99% of the crowd) guaranteed that no one else would make an issue of it. Politicians are naturally cowards and lickspittles, and the social pressure from a big crowd is a potent thing, even for people with guts.

Because Sanders had already given Democrats permission to stop pretending they cared about Hillary's serial law-breaking, Hillary did not feel the need to respond to the hapless idiot Chafee, and got another campaign moment when she just said "No" when asked if she wanted to respond. But she was only in the position of being able to say "No" -- of being able to give no response -- because Cooper had already called on the guy he knew would shut the discussion down.
Remember, Anderson Cooper is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Good choice for a debate "moderator", huh!

Speaking of the debate, poor Jim Webb (who I might actually vote for over Donald Trump), thinks that the host was in the tank for Hillary and Bernie: Webb: CNN ‘rigged’ Dem debate for Clinton, Sanders
“I’m going to be very frank, it was rigged in terms of who was going to get the time on the floor by the way that Anderson Cooper was selecting people to supposedly respond to something someone else said,” he said during an address at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.

“It’s very difficult to win a debate when you don’t have the opportunity to speak the same amount of time on issues as the others did,” the long-shot Democratic White House hopeful said.

“It’s a reality that the debate was being portrayed as a showdown between Mrs. Clinton and Bernie, but if you’re going to be invited to participate and people are going to judge whether you, quote, ‘won’ or not, at least you should be able to have the kind of time that’s necessary to discuss the issues that you care about, that you’ve worked on,” Webb added.
Sure it's rigged, but if you don't play, you can't win.

And yes, Hillary is coming for your guns: Hey, We Should Be Willing to Consider Australia's Mandatory Mass Gun Confiscation Program
They're constantly claiming they're not in favor of gun confiscation, just "sensible gun safety laws."

They were always lying, and now they're admitting it.
Clinton was asked at a New Hampshire town hall whether she thought an Australian-style policy could be implemented in the U.S.
"Recently, Australia managed to get away, or take away tens of thousands, millions of handguns. In one year, they were all gone. Can we do that? If we can’t, why can’t we?" A New Hampshire man asked Clinton.
"I think that’s worth considering. I do not know enough detail to tell you how we would do it, or how would it work, but certainly your example is worth looking at," Clinton said.
More: When will Hillary be turning over her own guns? . . .
That's just silliness. The Clintons are way too important to go unprotected. And the idea that they may need to protect themselves from government tyranny is ridiculous. They are government tyranny.

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