Saturday, October 17, 2015

Washington Post Accuses Trump of Past Non-Partisanship

As billionaire developer Donald Trump became the toast of New York in the 1980s, he often attributed his rise to salesmanship and verve. “Deals are my art form,” he wrote.

But there is `another aspect to his success that he doesn’t often discuss. Throughout his early career, Trump routinely gave large campaign contributions to politicians who held sway over his projects, and he worked with mob-controlled companies and unions to build them.
I would like to point out that all through that period, New York City was ruled by democrats from 1963 to 1993, who either tolerated, or failed to curb the depredations of the mob and the unions they were linked with.
Americans have rarely contemplated a candidate quite like Trump, 69, who has become the unlikely leader among Republican Party contenders for the White House. He is a brash, Queens-born scion who navigated through one of the most corrupt construction industries in the country to become a brand-name business mogul.

Much has been written about his early career, but many details have been obscured by the passage of time and overshadowed by Trump’s success and celebrity.

A Washington Post review of court records, testimony by Trump and other accounts that have been out of the public eye for decades offers insights into his rise. He was never accused of illegality, and observers of the time say that working with the mob-related figures and politicos came with the territory. Trump declined repeated requests to comment.

One state examination in the late 1980s of the New York City construction industry concluded that “official corruption is part of an environment in which developers and contractors cultivate and seek favors from public officials at all levels.”
So, they got nothing on him, but they'll smear him for having succeeded in a place and time where corrupt Democratic and the mobs and unions they abetted and milked made it mandatory to do business with them.

Trump ain't my guy, as I think I've made clear, but this is a transparent attempt by the liberals at the Washington Post to smear him with their own feces.

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