Thursday, October 15, 2015

The New Beach at the Beach

In an effort to get the kinks and soreness out of my back, well earned from yesterday's long day on the water, Georgia dragged me down the beach at low tide this morning.

The low tide showed the other side of the nor'easter that took away so much sand from the main beach, a new beach built up on the inside of the harbor channel.  Just something to dredge away in the spring, I suppose.
A pretty nice day, 60s and sunny, with a 10-15 NE breeze. Perfect for Pete over in the islands. . .
A Variegated Fritillary stops in the wrack line. Still a few butterflies around, but the end is in sight.
We were able to get around the narrow spot today. There were little Skilletfish in that pool under cliff.
Worm or snail marks in the sand.
I found this old rum bottle in a place where an old trash heap has been washing down the cliff. If I'm reading the bottle maker's mark correctly, it was made in 1965, a mere youth at 50 years old. We're in the process of cleaning it out now.

We found 15 shark's teeth as well.
A perfect day for a sail

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