Monday, October 12, 2015

A Great Turn of Phrase

Andrew Klavan, on his way to praising the Matt Damon movie "Martian" as a victory for conservatism (which will no doubt hurt Matt Damon's precious feelings).
One of the toughest parts of selling the conservative message is that so often we’re for what we’re also against. For instance, I oppose racism as being anti-American and anti-God. But I also oppose the abuse of racist accusations to curtail speech and to silence opposition to statist solutions. Like Ronald Reagan, I’m in favor of a government safety net for our citizens who are in financial trouble and need help becoming self-sufficient. But I oppose buying off citizens with entitlements in order to continually increase the power of the government.

And, of course, like every thinking person, I’d like to keep our air and water clean and want all of us to use the earth with conscious care. But I despise the fear-mongering, small-minded primitivism of modern environmentalism and its superstitious juju nonsense about evil oil, “climate change” and diminishing resources.
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