Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beach Report - Oct. 17, 2015

 We managed to get our act together to meet an 11 AM low tide at the beach. It's breezy today, 15 - 20 mph from the North and rising, and mostly sunny and the temperature is a cool 55.
 Despite the cold, I found this Common Buckeye (and its friend) hang out, sunning in the leeward side of the dune at the start of the walk.
The eagles were out and about today. First this one.

As we walked up, it and another I hadn't seen took off.

Later, one of them came back from the bay with something to eat; I never got a chance to see what it was.

The little stream at the end of Calvert Beach meandering across the strand. It was a pretty good day for shark's teeth, we found some 25 total.

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