Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fishing Sunrise to Sunset

I got the call yesterday that Walleye Pete had a commercial trip and needed crew. Of course I said yes. Sunrise found us fishing at Cedar Point, off the mouth of the Patuxent River, with two other "frequent fishers", Mike and Bob.
A zoomed in view of the sunrise over the eastern shore.
After the bite petered out at Cedar Point, we crossed the bay, and fished some of the same water we've fished before. If you're Walleye Pete, you can look at stuff like this . . .
or like this, and figure out where the fish should be. Most of the time they are there.
Sunset found us back at Cedar Point, having run some 80+ miles, and with 140 fish ready for market. We were about to call it a day, when we noticed birds checking out a spot nearby. We idled over, and Pete saw fish on his side scan sonar (nice trick, that) and. . .
We found a school big fish. Bob hooked up this 30 inch fish early on. I was getting frustrated at not catching any while all around me were hooking up, when. . .
Well into darkness I hooked up on the biggest fish of the day, this 35.5 inch honker. He kept me busy a good 10 minutes, on 15 lb test line and a 30 lb leader. Another half inch and it would be too long to keep as a commercial hook and line fish.

It was an amazing day of fishing, crowned with a stupendous late bite.

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