Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Dang, I laid off one day, and the list is too long to deal with:

6,300 pages of Hillary's State Dept. emails released, and 215 of them had redactions for classified data. bringing the total up to around 400. At current count, Hillary was exposing classified data in about 5.5% her emails to possible interception by using substandard email.

In one of the new email revelations, Hillary was found to castigate staff for the State Depts. new policy of gender neutral passports applications, naming parents and Parent 1 and Parent 3 instead of Mother and Father. Also revealed was the fact that hench woman Huma Abedin had the means to access Hillary's accounts, and send emails from them, and actually did on at least one occasion. That answers my question about who was really running the State Department while Hillary was raising money for

Hillary missed the early morning Benghazi phone call because she didn't know how to turn on the ringer on her phone. I shouldn't make fun, The ringer on one of our phones is off and we haven't tried to fix it.

The State Department, has suddenly realized it wasn't taking the problem of Hillary's Clinton seriously because they didn't think she was actually handling much of it. Would that were true.

Even Valarie Jarrett, sub rosa ruler of the United States, warned Hillary not to use her private email system and to turn over records if she did. It's not clear if she understood it was on a server. Clinton aide-de-camp Cheryl Mills warned Hillary about the possibility of the "special" email system being hacked, saying that someone had attempted to hack her email and that they might not want the existence of the system to become widely known.

That's funny! So funny, in fact that Hillary joked about the possibility that the Chinese might intercept her email! But the emails revealed that there were at least five rather clumsy attempt by Russian hackers to infect Hillary's system with malware. The good news, is that ordinary garden variety criminal hackers didn't appear to succeed. The bad news is that we may never find out if the Russian or Chinese intelligence services succeeded.

A former CIA employee. Tyler Drumheller working at CBS also served as one of Hillary's "secret spy network," along with Sid the Shiv Blumenthal. Not only did she have a "private" computer system, she also had a private spy nest. honchos solicited money from a Russian oligarch, Viktor Vekselber, known for his ties to Vladimir Putin. Hey, somebody has to pay the bills! I wonder what the proposed quo pro was?

Did Hillary really get a face lift in anticipation of running for President? If so, she may need more; she still looks old and beat.

Clinton.coms results in Haiti mixed at best. They could do more if they had a lower overhead rate.

But it's such great idea, Hillary proposes to model a National Infrastructure Bank on the model. More slush money!

Ho hum, another day, another Hillary campaign worker accused of breaking campaign laws.

How Long Before Hillary Garbed in a Bathrobe Starts Wandering the Streets of Chappaqua? She probably has already started, and the media knows it and is covering it up.

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