Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beach Report, July 5, 2014

Another gorgeous post-tropical storm passage day at the beach.  75 and clear skies, a moderate north wind, no humidity.  Is it really summer?

Our own beach was sparsely occupied when we arrived at 11 AM.
 But Calvert Beach was getting good use.
Despite all the fireworks shot off last night, this was the only piece of July 4 debris we saw today. The people who do the fireworks generally clean up well, and this year was no exception.
So far, this is a lousy year for butterflies (cold winter?) but this one plant was clearly drawing in the Cabbage Whites today.
We tried to pick a couple of servings of Jewel Berries for tonight's dessert, but someone had beaten us to them, and we only got about 1 cup of semi-ripe ones.
A big fossil rock.
John and Irene stopped us to ask questions about the area, and we spent a long time telling them about sights to see in the area.
I don't know what she was looking for in the Kudzu, but I hope she found it.
By the time we finished, our beach was a little more occupied.

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