Friday, July 11, 2014

Beach Report, 7/11/14

And yet another remarkably nice day for mid July. A few puffy clouds, temperatures in the upper 70's, a light NW breeze. It's hard to imagine better, and it's easy to imagine worse.

A good day to come out an sketch, if you have the skill, or even need practice.

Or pick Wineberries. We beat the crowd to the berries today, and have enough for a a couple of nights worth of deserts.

The exposed cliffs.

We walked a long way up today, hoping to find a butterfly bonanza up where the beach opens up again. Alas, only this tiny Pearl Crescent, not a first for the year, but a first photo.

And a whole bunch of Great Blue Herons.

Charlie's last trip on his own boat?  He sold his boat, and I think this was his "show the new owner around" cruise.  As they say, the two best days for a boat owner are the day he buys it and the day he sells it.
Some big clouds building up.  Will we get a thunder boomer this afternoon? There's nothing showing on the radar now except a little one over Easton
One of "those" little skipper butterflies, from up in the dunes.

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