Thursday, July 24, 2014

NGOs Come Out as Commies

130 Environmental Groups Call For An End To Capitalism
Environmentalists have declared that global warming can’t be stopped without ending the “hegemonic capitalist system,” saying that cap-and-trade systems and conservation efforts are “false solutions.”

“The structural causes of climate change are linked to the current capitalist hegemonic system,” reads the final draft of the Margarita Declaration, presented at a conference including about 130 environmental groups.

“To combat climate change it is necessary to change the system,” the declaration adds.
Environmental activists met in the oil producing, socialist country of Venezuela as part of a United Nations-backed event to increase civil engagement in the lead up to a major climate conference.
Sounds to me like they've had too many Margaritas.

Say, what did socialists use before they had candles?

Mouse over to see answer.

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