Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Cloudy July Day at the Beach

A cool, cloudy day by July standards here. 75 F, light north winds. The Bay is brown and dirty from being stirred up, and all the sediment that washed in over the rainy spell just past.
Massive cloud marked the east and south, but no rain of consequence is expected, at least today. Dramatic skies, but tough light for photographs.
 Come on, just throw the #%*^^$ stick!

 A "fellow" photographer.
This Great Blue Heron took exception to our approach, and moved further out on the groin to fish.
No Sea Nettles yet.  In most years, they arrive by July 4 or earlier.  But the cold winter, and low salinity from all the rain seem to have them down to a minimum.
What do you mean, "grab the other end?"

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