Friday, July 11, 2014

Wombats Write Books?

Apparently so.  Wombat-socho (aka Kevin Trainor), compiler of the regular "Live at 5" posts, the "Rule 5" posts, and the "FMJRA" posts at The Other McCain (as well as occasional book threads)  has published a e-book book at Amazon called "The Last Falangist"  Stacy McCain describes it thus:
Wombat points out in the introduction that he is not actually a member of the Franco’s Movimiento Nacional, just a very conservative Catholic from a military background. Nor is his book merely a compendium of reactionary nostalgia, despite the fact that much of it was written in the Good Old Days, when George W. Bush was president and almost nobody outside Chicago had ever heard of a guy named Barack Hussein Obama. It is a shock to realize that this time in history now seems almost as distant as the era of the Generalissimo’s rule in Spain.

How far back does The Last Falangist go, you ask? On Page 59, we find an entry from January 2005 that begins thus:
“I’ve been thinking about the long comment Allahpundit left on Michele’s old blog . . .”
Yes: In 2005, there was no and Allahpundit was just another dude hanging out in the blogosphere.

The Last Falangist: Essays on Culture and Politics in America ONLY $1.99!  CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!
I've even left the link pointing to their Amazon site, rather than mine so they can glean the last few pennies out of the sale.

Buy it now. I just did.


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    1. Actually my editrix, Joy McCann, did the heavy lifting. God bless her; she was worth every penny I paid her and then some.