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Flotsam and Jetsam - Did the Fed Instigate J6?

At Breitbart, Barr says the Manhattan Case Against Trump ‘Abuse of Prosecutorial Power to Accomplish Political End, but, on the other hand, according to Da Wire, Trump AG Bill Barr: Prosecutors Likely Have ‘Very Good Evidence’ Trump Obstructed Justice. However, I suspect Barr, like most prosecutors and DOJ takes a very expansive and personal view of what obstruction of justice actually is. Matthew Whitaker to Newsmax: Bragg Case 'Flimsy,' Likely to Be Dismissed. John Green at Am Think thinks Alvin Bragg Has thOpened Pandora's Box. Ace is outraged that Internal Memos Suggest National Archives Is Lying and Concealing Its Role in Pushing the Prosecution of Trump, "Woke, weaponized federal agencies lying about using their government powers to destroy political opponents? That doesn't sound like the woke, weaponized federal agencies I know." Christian Parenti at Compact says Trump’s Real Crime Is Opposing Empire. Matt Boose at Am Great, Trump, Martyr of the Republic? "Donald Trump is now the friend of every man who holds any love in his heart for his forefathers’ country, of which we may be witnessing the last days." From Da Caller, DEROY MURDOCK: Don’t Let The Atomic Weapons Fool You. America Is A Third World Country. Also at Am Great, Paul Gottfried says It’s Not Just About Trump, "All the muscle flexing is meant to show how the Democrats and their government and media allies go after someone who stands in their way" and Paul Ingrassia thinks Trump Should Fight Fire With Fire "While the regime’s courts may not give Trump a fair trial, the real trial and the real jury is to be found in the court of public opinion." Matt Vespa at Town Hall suggest the Bragg trial will end in a Mistrial? Will the Judge Presiding Over the Trump Case Face an Ethics Violation? Turns out, NY judges aren't supposed to be donating to politicians, let alone politicians opposed to other politicians being tried in their court.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.10.23, Clarice at Am Think thinks there may be a A Hiccup in the Prosecution of the J6 Defendants. It's lawyerly stuff, but the gist is that most of the charges of obstructing a government proceeding may be appealed due to a "lack of corrupt intent." At PJ Media, Matt Margolis thinks he has an Explosive Revelation: Feds Potentially Instigated in Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Violence. That would not shock me, but I want to see it in black and white, and have sanctions. From the Daily Fetched, FBI Says Using Terms Like “Red Pilled” and “Chad” Are Signs of “Violent Extremism and Racism.” Ace, FOIA'd FBI Documents: People Who Say "Based" or "Red-Pilled" Or Who Try To Improve Their Looks to Get Dates Are In a Cult of "Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism" "The FBI is making new extremists every day. What happened to "fighting terrorists just makes more terrorists"? I guess they never believed that. They just said that because they are political allies of terrorists." NRO is shocked, shocked to hear FBI Used Undercover Agent to Cultivate Sources among Catholic Clergy and Leadership, House Republicans Reveal. Mary Chastain at LI hears Rep. Jordan Subpoenas FBI Director Wray to Hand Over Documents Associated With Operation Targeting Catholics. “Americans attend church to worship and congregate for their spiritual and personal betterment. They must be free to exercise their fundamental First Amendment rights without worrying that the FBI may have planted so-called ‘tripwire’ sources or other informants in their houses of worship.”

Jordan Boyd at Da Fed thinks it's hilarious that Democrats Who Called For Innocent Republicans To Be Fired Post-J6 Complain Their Party Faces Consequences For Inciting Tennessee Insurrection. At Da Wire, Expelled Tennessee Democrat Says His Constituents Are Now ‘Disenfranchised’, that's what happens when you vote for idiots. Jonathan Turley from NYPo, Democrats’ assault on democracy focuses on whose ‘voices are being channeled’ not on the law, "I do not agree with the expulsion of the two members as opposed to other sanctions. Expulsion should only come in rare and extreme circumstances. While repeated disruption of the proceedings might qualify, I would have recommended censures and suspension from Committee positions." But, as 'Bonchie' at Red State notes, Expelled TN Democrat to Be Reinstated, GOP Speaker Appears to Fold. Stacey Matthews at LI is disappointed that Harris, Biden Coddle ‘Tennessee Three’ As Real Victims of TN Christian School Shooting Fade From View. Ace, Kamala Harris Flies to Tennessee Not to Meet With Families of Victims of Trans Terrorists, But to Support the Tennessee State House Insurrectionists. The shooting victims were just Christian kids, the expelled Tennesseans were Democrats. 

Matt Margolis at PJM wants you to WATCH: Biden Reveals 2024 Plans — Sort of? “Well, I plan on at least three or four more easter egg rolls.” From CNS News, In 2014, VP Biden Went to Ukraine to Discuss Increased Natural Gas Production; Soon After, Hunter Joined Gas-Producer Burisma. Ace, Hunter Biden's Former Secretary Kathy Chung Spills Beans on Classified Documents: Joe Spread Them Around DC Like Hunter Spreads His Seed, Including in An Unsecure Location... In Chinatown.  "Chinatown. How convenient for all parties involved!" At Da Caller, Biden Blames ‘Extreme MAGA Republicans’ After Cooldown Of March Jobs Numbers. The buck never even slowed down. I&I warns Don’t Let Biden Gaslight You About The Jobs Situation. Breitbart reports  Biden Recruits ‘Army of Influencers’ for 2024 Race. Oh goody, more Dylan Mulvaneys. Sundance at CTH sees It’s Finally Over – Biden Forced by Congress to Terminate National COVID Emergency. Fifteen days to slow the spread of freedom. 

At Am Great, Rod Thomson is concerned about The Painful Reality of Trump the Candidate. "Trump’s pathway to winning the general election in 2024 looks almost impossible." Me too, but can someone else do better? Ed Kilgore at the Intelligencer wonders What Happens If DeSantis Takes a Pass on 2024? Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, "Kilgore’s two options would functionally be the same. It would touch off a free-for-all that would allow Trump to win the nomination again. Glenn Youngkin could be the biggest beneficiary of a DeSantis pass, but Youngkin wouldn’t push other contenders out in the way that DeSantis’ massive war chest and national coverage would. The chances of DeSantis pulling out are somewhere between slim and none, probably for that very reason." Not on team DeSantis, sundance says Team DeSantis is Focused on Creating Astroturf Attendance for 2024 Campaign Rallies.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.10.23, at Da Fed, ND Republicans Must Override Gov. Burgum’s Veto Of Ranked-Choice Voting Ban, Election Integrity Group Says, and Congress Wouldn’t Be So Dysfunctional If Democrats Read Their Own Bills Before Passing Them. Also at Da Fed, Shawn Fleetwood sees After Mail-In Midterm Mess, Gov. Lombardo Backs Bill To Restore Integrity To Nevada’s Election System. At Ace's Morning Rant, Is Democrat Fundraiser ActBlue Laundering Illegal Political Contributions Through Unknowing Small Donors?   PJM's Kevin Downey is onto The Democrats Don't Want You to Read This Article About Their (Alleged) Ginormous Money Laundering Scam

Public records show some Democrat supporters appear to have been donating multiple small amounts of money — sometimes dozens of times per day — that add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Naturally, the Department of Justice seems to be too busy to look into what is likely a colossal money-laundering scheme. While the DOJ spends its time chasing “terrorist” parents who attend school board meetings and mother-daughter “insurrection” teams, individual straw donors are — apparently unwittingly — being used to make thousands of donations every year worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more.

Here’s how it works:A person makes a donation to a left-leaning politician or organization.
  • Bogus donors then continue to make donations — sometimes thousands of them — using the original donor’s identity.
  • Many of the exploited donors are elderly and/or unemployed and have no idea their names and addresses are being used in the bogus donation scam.
The top “donor” in Arizona supposedly made 18,672 contributions in only three years, which breaks down to just over 17 donations per day. Another person allegedly donated more money than the value of her home. Still another Tuscon woman claims she did not make the 18,000 donations made in her name, to the tune of $170,000, despite what the Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show.

A New Orleans man, whose occupation was listed as “not employed,” allegedly made 847 separate donations, for a total of $18,276.54.

Mary Chastain at LI is upset at how Biden Admin Hired Leftist Journalism Academy to Train Tax-Payer Funded Reporters How to be ‘Balanced and Bias-Free’ "The Poynter Institute, funded by George Soros, blacklisted conservative media outlets and labeled them as “unreliable.”" From the Free Bacon, Biden Admin Taps Liberal Journalism Institute To Teach Reporters How To Be ‘Balanced and Bias-Free’. At Da Caller, Hundreds Of Former Feds Have Flocked To Jobs In Big Tech, for the same reason Dillinger robbed banks, that's where the money is. 

At NYPo, Riley Gaines slams SF State for praising ‘peaceful’ protest where swimmer claims she was assaulted by trans-rights activists and threatens to sue SFSU. Good. From Outkick, Riley Gaines Breaks Silence On Horrifying Attack

Riley Gaines
At LI, Katya Rapoport Sedgwick says Political Violence at Riley Gaines Event Is Par For The Course In San Francisco, "SFSU runs interference for political violence while telling the mob that their anger is wholly justified."

Bob Spencer at PJM, Buyer’s Remorse? Bud Light Goes Quiet, Hasn’t Posted on Social Media Since Making Dylan Mulvaney Its Spokestrans. Bob Hoge at Red state wants you to WATCH a Bud Light Distributor Says He's Never Seen 'Such Little Sales on This Product'   Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall explains Oh, So That's Why Bud Light Decided to Destroy Its Brand. PJM's VodkaPundit stoops to discussing beer, Why Bud Light's Woke Rebranding Will Probably Succeed. Although she doesn't strike me as a beer aficionado, Althouse opines, I've been staying out of this tempest in a teapot brouhaha in a beer can. Too much jackassery. But the phrase "the 'fratty' and 'out-of-touch' humor of the beer company" caught my attention and I want to say a few things. . .  Don't like it? Don't drink! Or drink yourself into oblivion. But don't be an asshole. Why are you picking on Dylan Mulvaney? Do you think it makes you look like a man?

At Twitchy, Daily Beast’s take on Louisville shooter puts WaPo’s ‘austere religious scholar’ obit to the test. Yet another lefty mass murderer whose politics will be conveniently overlooked in coverage by the MSM.

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