Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Oregon, My Oregon

 Hat Hair's Dave Strom, Accepting gender ideology required for adoption in Oregon

A Christian mother of 5 felt called by God to adopt a child. The State of Oregon denied her application to do so due to her failure to adopt the new state religion: gender ideology. 

This is not a case in which the prospective parent wanted to adopt a “trans-identified” child in order to prevent them from going through with this harmful act.

There is no confusion at all, on anybody’s part. A Christian woman applied to adopt a child–a child with no parent to take care of them–and the state wanted her to promise that she would transition the child should the child hypothetically choose to do so in the future.
Jessica Bates was driving to work in southeast Oregon when she heard a Christian radio broadcast that, she said, caused a “really strong nudge in my spirit.”

It was the story of a single dad who had adopted a child. Bates, a single mother of five, felt a calling from God to do the same. It was, she said, a four-word message: Those Are My Children.

“It was like, ‘Oh, I didn’t see this coming,” she said, “but I feel like I need to do something.”

But while Bates’s Christian faith is the reason she felt called to adopt in the first place, that same faith is the reason she is not being allowed to, according to a lawsuit filed Monday against leaders of Oregon’s Department of Human Services in federal court.
According to the lawsuit, the requirement the state imposes is very clear: you must support gender ideology in order to adopt, regardless of your own religious beliefs. This is, on its face, a religious test.

Gender ideology has become the state religion of Oregon. Thou shalt bow before no God but the female penis.

At the Free Bacon,  Dems Push to Make Oregon a Safe Haven for Child Sex Changes "Dem-backed bill would also allow girls of any age to get abortion without parental consent"

Oregon Democrats are pushing a sweeping bill that would make their state a safe haven for teens who want to get sex changes and abortions without parental consent and for doctors who illegally perform such procedures in other states.

The Reproductive Health and Access to Care Act would allow children as young as 15 to undergo sex change operations without parents’ knowledge, while also eliminating parental consent for abortions for girls of any age and reproductive sterilization for girls as young as 15. The bill would also classify facial reconstruction surgery and hair removal as "medically necessary" services, a move that would require insurers to cover the procedures.

Oregon is the latest blue state to propose making sex changes and abortions a default right for minors. In Oregon’s case, legislators have chosen to wrap a laundry list of transgender and abortion policies into one behemoth bill that will almost certainly pass, as it’s a priority for Democratic Gov. Tina Kotek and Oregon house speaker Dan Rayfield (D.).

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