Monday, April 10, 2023

I'm Back from Fishing

We left Solomons Island late, at 9 AM . . .
Headed around the Gas Docks, and stopped for a few minutes at CCNPP, where we didn't catch anything on two drifts.
Then headed across the Bay to the Little Choptank River where we found something even Pete had never seen before. . . 

Large schools of good sized Striped Bass in beautifully clear shallow water, easily visible to the naked eye. Cast across a school, and you were virtually sure of getting a bite. Run the boat too close, and they got spooky and split up. We had a blast sneaking up on them. We worked them until the bite died with a slack tide.

Then Pete took us south to the Honga River to catch the rising tide on the back side of Hoopers Island and more fish, but nothing like we had further north.
Then, back up the front side of Hoopers, past to old graveyard eroding into the Bay, and back to Solomons by about 5:30 PM. 

No Speckled Trout, the target species, were caught.

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