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Flotsam and Jetsam - Still Talking Tucker

Yep, we're still talking about Tucker's firing at Fox, even though we have no more real information on what spurred it, or what's going to happen in the future. Why not, he's not going to miss any meals. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.27.23 (Early Morning Edition) EBL wonders How is Rupert Murdoch doing?, Twitchy: Tucker Carlson Has Some Things To Say, Da Tech Guy: I’ll Bet Real Money That This Video From Tucker Carlson …out draws Fox, CNN & MSNBC, and at da Fed, Sam Mangold-Lennet say  Tucker Carlson’s Ability To Break Through Calcified Conservatism With Fresh Ideas Is Indispensable. Then, at the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.27.23 (Evening Edition), Twitchy, #TuckerTwitterFiles – Carlson Censored For Complaining About Big Tech Censorship?, Tucker Carlson has some things to say in first (incredibly viral) video since leaving Fox News, Louder With Crowder, Tucker Carlson broadcasts for first time since firing, sends strong hint on what his future plans are, The Geller Reports a Fox Ratings WIPEOUT! Tucker’s Time Slot Loses Another Million Viewers, While Tucker’s Twitter Video is Viewed 43 MILLION TIMES, also, Ex-Tucker Carlson Producer Suing Tucker Carlson Has Never Even Met Tucker Carlson.  At Da Caller (which Tucker founded), Tucker Carlson Seen Publicly ‘Howling In Laughter’ Despite Corporate Media Attempt To Destroy Him.  At Am Spec Dan Flynn says  Tucker Carlson Firing Shows Elites, Not Remotes, Control, "Firing the top-rated host on cable news represents a rebellion of the elites against the choice of viewers" and Itxu Diaz warns Tucker Carlson Can’t Be Shut Up,"He says whatever he wants, and perhaps that is his greatest asset."  TNP claims to know The Rationale Behind Globalist Murdoch’s Fox Firings: Dividing the Right. Ace, Fox News Is Smearing Tucker Carlson to Intimidate Him. On Da Summit, How Nice Of Them, "Fox News blackmailing Tucker." Althouse, ""In video obtained by The Times... Mr. Carlson is shown off camera discussing his 'postmenopausal fans' and..." "... whether they will approve of how he looks on the air. In another video, he is overheard describing a woman he finds 'yummy.'" Ace's Quick Hits,   "They provide no context for this dirt. In one clip, Tucker wonders how he looks, and if "pre-menopausal women" watching him will think he looks okay. We don't know the context of this, we don't know if they were just talking about something and the topic turned to menopause."  J Bob Smith at Am Think thinks Tucker Carlson is Right: It’s about Evil. Brian Lonergan at Am Great calls Tucker Carlson the Indispensable Border Champion. No wonder the left hates Tucker Carlson (D. Parker at Am Think). PJM's Stephen Kruiser hopes Tucker Carlson's Haters Are Going to Be Disappointed

Stacy McCain asks (rhetorically) Why Are the Media Playing Along With Biden’s Make-Believe Presidency? The Victory Girls accuse the Media of Openly Collaborating With Team Biden Hat Hair's KT thinks it Shocking! That and ABC reporter asks a real question of Joe Biden during press conference - another gets caught cheating. Steve Miller at Da Spec thinks Biden’s pre-written questions present a crisis of confidence, "So much for ‘speaking truth to power’" Noah Rothman at NRO (cited at Hat Hair, The new collusion scandal -- of the media. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.27.23 (Early Morning Edition) Weasel Zippers notes Wow! 70% Of Voters Say They Don’t Want Joe Biden To Run For Re Election In 2024 and Helen Raleigh at Da Fed thinks the Crisis Of Enslaved Migrant Kids Should Disqualify Biden From A Second Term. Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.27.23 (Evening Edition),Da Tech Guy, Joe Biden is using Environmental Justice Executive Orders to fundamentally transform the US into a Marxist hellhole, Victory Girls: The GOP Is No More, If It Can’t Beat Old Joe, Watts Up With That: Biden to Veto Tariff Rises on Forced Labor Chinese Solar Imports, Weasel Zippers: Biden Gives Nonsensical Answer On His Refusal To Negotiate With Republicans On Debt Limit, also, U.S. Economic Growth Slows To 1.1% In Q1 2023 Amid Sky-High Bidenflation

At Am Con, Biden Is Walking for President, just barely. At NYPo, Biden can’t recall recent Ireland visit, seems to forget Hunter’s love child during Q&A with kids and If the GOP can’t figure out how to beat old Joe, they’re useless. From Da Mail, Nikki Haley says Biden will likely DIE within five years: 2024 hopeful attacks presidents age after he announced his run for President. Hat Hair's Capt. Ed comments "At least Haley took aim at Biden rather than a Republican. It’s a mistake to get this direct on the age question, though. It’s much better to discuss energy, vigor, and sharpness and let voters connect those dots, especially for those seeking the top of a ticket. Once again, one gets the impression Haley’s running for VP/chief attack dog."  Duane Patterson at Hat Hair VIP wonders Will 2024 end up being (insert GOP nominee here) versus Kamala Harris? and Hot Hair cites Shapiro: Joe Biden Threatens To 'Finish the Job'"But what, precisely, is the job? Biden’s first term record is abysmal . . ." Free Bacon, Dog Whistle: Biden Launch Video Features Notorious Child Killer "Prominent anti-Semite also appears in reelection announcement" A brilliant Axios imitation. I&I thinks ‘Finish The Job’ Sounds More Like A Threat Than A Promise. Joe Klein at Front Page, Biden Leans Even Further Left to Secure the Votes of ‘Progressive’ Young Adults, "But will it be enough?" At Breitbart, Bernie Sanders Endorses Joe Biden, Will Not Run Against Him. Nice Deb at Am Great sees that the Biden White House Launches Effort to Make Kamala Harris More Popular. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed reports Grassley Corroborates Whistleblower Claim: FBI Labeled Damning Evidence ‘Russian Disinfo’ To Protect Bidens. At NYPo, IRS head vows ‘no retaliation’ against whistleblowers when pressed on alleged Hunter Biden tax fraud probe coverup. Insty, LARRY KUDLOW: McCarthy’s Debt Ceiling Victory Turns the Tables on Biden. 

“President Biden has been prattling on for weeks and months, saying he won’t negotiate until the House Republicans come up with a budget. Well, they just did, and it’s going to force him to the negotiating table sooner than he and his minions think. Speaker McCarthy notched an enormous victory by passing a debt ceiling bill that would lift the federal borrowing allowance by $1.5 trillion over the next year in return for nearly $5 trillion of deficit reduction over the next 10 years. This changes the political fiscal game — completely.”

Related: Kevin McCarthy Basks in Rare Win After Republicans Unite to Pass Debt Ceiling Plan.

Also: White House Regroups After McCarthy’s Debt Ceiling Success.

UPDATE: You know it’s going well, because suddenly the GOP is “seizing.” GOP Seizes on Debt Ceiling Vote to Target Vulnerable Democrats in New Attack Ads.
At PJM Athena Thorne watches Dueling Campaign Ads: Trump Crushes 'Failing, Weak' Biden Admin in New Video and Chris Queen wonders Is DeSantis Winning the Public Relations Battle Against Disney? Fox, Nikki Haley's Disney invitation lambasted by conservatives as 2024 hopeful takes veiled shot at DeSantis. "Haley invited Disney to relocate about 400 miles up US-301 from its longtime location on 'America Reports'" At Spiked, Ron DeSantis is right to fight back against woke capitalism
Corporate meddling in politics is out of control. Pushback is needed.
  From Da Wire, DeSantis Nukes Reporter Over ‘Totally BS’ Claim: ‘Focus On The Facts And Stop Worrying About Narrative.’ Capt. Ed, Will Justice be done on Manchin in West Virginia? 

At Am Spec, Jeff Lord says Mediaite Still in Denial About 2020 Election, "Trump is right." The great VDH at Am Great, Dominion vs. ‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘Disinformation’, "Massaging a U.S. election by conspiring to concoct a disinformation campaign must be as actionable as Dominion’s postelection claim of $757 million in damages. That's exactly what happened in 2016." Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed wonders rhetorically, Why Aren’t Legacy Media Freaking Out Over Democrat Election Officials’ Plans To Attend A Summit Held By A Left-Wing, Dark Money Elections Group?.

PJM's Ben Bartee, notes  Trump's Civil Rape Case Begins: Does It Have Legs? Althouse catches an interesting exchange in cross examination, "The cross-examination has turned to an email [E. Jean] Carroll received... [that] refers to Trump, a 'scheme,' and states 'we must do our patriotic duty.'"
"Trump’s lawyer asks what this scheme was, and Carroll says several times that she doesn’t remember anything about it."

From "Live Updates: E. Jean Carroll Is Being Cross-Examined Over Trump Rape Allegation/Defense lawyers questioned why the writer could not remember the precise day she claimed that Donald J. Trump had raped her in the 1990s. She responded, 'I wish we could give you a date'" (NYT).

Lloyd Billingsley at Am Great, Masked Murder Manifesto "The FBI has ruled out a full release of Audrey Hale’s documents." Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, Montana House Votes To Punish Transgender Member Who Said Colleagues Have ‘Blood On Your Hands’. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Montana Democrat Banned From House Floor After Transgender Insurrection.

Da Caller claims Gov. Greg Abbott Does Not Seem Concerned That He’s Funding A Texas University Lab That Worked To Censor Conservatives. WaEx, Actor Tim Robbins unloads on Democrats and media for abandoning free speech. Matt Taibbi at Racket, America, the Single-Opinion Cult. "Narrowing permitted ideas on both left and right, one unsuitable voice at a time." Don
Surber, Media says voting threatens democracy, citing a WaPoo article. 

Fox reports Vermont school district removes 'male,' 'female' from reproductive system lessons. "Females would be described as 'persons who produces eggs' in the puberty lessons for fifth graders." TechnoFog, Biden DOJ: Kids have a Constitutional Right to Puberty Blockers. Capt. Ed, "It’s insane, and by the way, it would then also contradict the Left’s big push to outlaw “conversion therapy” for LGB kids — a psychological approach rather than an irreversible pharmaceutical and/or surgical therapy. It’s too much to expect consistency from “all the feelz” lefties, but come on, man." Ace, Lousiana Legislative Committee Votes to Ban Teachers From Hiding a Child's Transition From His or Her Parents; Groomers and Youth Attracted Persons Explode in Pain and Rage ""I am a Big Gay Baby!," declared a rancid pervert and likely schizophrenic who wants to talk to your children about transitioning."The videos are priceless, and disgusting. At Hat Hair, Dave Strom contributes Minnesota bill normalizing pedophilia dropped after backlash. They got caught. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN reports Transgender surgery comes under scrutiny after study resurfaces about teen who died, "After describing the teen's death, the researchers still conclude the study by saying that "vaginal reconstruction has a positive influence on the quality of life in transgender women."" KT at Hat Hair, Transgender runner admits the truth: “I get it … I’m not a woman." At Da Wire, ‘It’s Not Fair’: Tennis Legend Blows Up At Lia Thomas, Martina Navratilova.

Bri Teresi
'Bonchie' at Red State, Dylan Mulvaney Cost Bud Light, Now He Wants Journalists Arrested. Matt Walsh @ MattWalshBlog, "Dylan Mulvaney calls for the arrest of people who call him a man. Do you still think I’ve been too mean to this guy?" Kevin Downey at PJM says Some People Never Learn: Indiana Bar Goes Down With the U.S.S. Bud Light, Begs for New Regulars. They can recruit from the 0.06% or so who identify as trans. Lowder with Crowder, Bikini babe shoots up cases of Bud Light and Tampax, Bri Teresi. At Breitbart, Maybelline Partnership with Dylan Mulvaney Leads to Calls for Boycott. Well, I won't use any Maybelline products, that's for sure. John Di Leo at Am Think thinks about How Ayn Rand Predicted Dylan Mulvaney

Ace, Ace Hollywood's Hollywood Minute - You're Never Going to Believe This, But Disney Has Rebooted an Old IP, and Then Race- and Gender-Swapped the Main Character!

PJM's Bob Spencer, Arizona State Rep Caught Hiding Bibles. Guess Which Party She Belongs To. At NewBuster, WashPost Columnist Urges People To Harass Republicans At The Grocery Store, Church. Da Fed's Stella Morabito warns Leftist Invaders Will Soon Be In Your Corner Of Red America — If They Haven’t Colonized It Already. "They’ve been dubbed “leftugees” because they can’t shake their politics even though they fled from the consequences of them."  Oh, they're here. They're mostly nice people who vote poorly. 

Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Randi Weingarten is an evil liar. At Twitchy, Scott Jennings BLASTED Randi Weingarten face-to-face on school closings.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Paige Spiranac and FMJRA 2.0: La Vie Secrete – Exercises Spirituelles up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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