Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Fox Settles Suit

Capt. Ed at Hat Hair reports BREAKING: Fox News, Dominion settle defamation case as trial starts; Update: $787.5 million? Hey, don't most settlements come with NDAs? At Da Caller, ‘This Is A Victory For Fox’: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Laments Fox News’ Dominion Settlement. Capt. Ed again, "Well, that’s certainly one take. If this is a victory for Fox, it may redefine “pyrrhic,” however. They have to shell out nearly half of what Dominion demanded at the start, and much more than half of what was still on the table after a ruling last week. Fox also had to admit that its claims regarding Dominion — and therefore its “stop the steal” theory — were false. Is that a victory?" Sundance at CHT, Fox News Settles Dominion Voting System Lawsuit for $787 Million, "The lawsuit itself is odd in that both the plaintiff and the defendant carried the same political motivation within it.  As an outcome of ideology, Fox News wanted to cement the 2020 election as clear Biden victory, the same position as Dominion.  The settlement provides that narrative to U.S. MSM corporate news. The same corporate news who pushed the fraudulent Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory, without accountability." Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Jake Tapper Seems to Have Forgotten a Key Event When Attacking Fox News over the settlement, CBSs settlement with Covington kid Nick Sandmann. 

At the PI, House GOP Now Investigating Nine Biden Family Members mostly for rolling in Chinese cash. Spence Brown at Town Hall, Biden's ATF Director Was Asked to Define 'Assault Weapon' and It Didn't Go Well. As Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn notes ATF head "I'm no firearms expert" - can't define assault weapon but wants yours. Nice Deb at Am Great, Mayorkas Refuses to Explain Why Child Exploitation Has Exploded Under His Watch; Denies DHS Lost Track of 85,000 Migrant Children. At Fox, Non-binary ex-Biden official Sam Brinton agrees to undergo mental health evaluation in baggage theft case, "Brinton will have a mental health evaluation, write a letter of apology to the victim, return any stolen property and complete community service." But not to worry, if Biden chooses not to run, Hillary is tanned, tested and ready, from SLAY, Hillary Clinton Puts Biden on Notice with 2024 Comments: ‘I Feel Like I Could Do the Job’.

At the Conservative Brief, New Clue Emerges About Donald Trump’s Potential 2024 Running Mate. Capt. Ed calls it Strike 3? Trump sides with Disney over DeSantis. NRO, Chris Christie on Florida-Disney Feud: ‘I Don’t Think Ron DeSantis Is a Conservative’.  Sundance updates us on Current Polling Status According to Morning Consult – Ron DeSantis Heads to DC Looking for Establishment Help. Still Trump by a mile. 

Capt. Ed, Durbin to GOP: How about a little help on Biden's judges? "When hell freezes over," says ... Update: McConnell: Fuhgeddaboudit. No more rope. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN, Senate Republicans blocking Democrats from temporarily replacing Feinstein on Judiciary Committee. "Senate Republicans say they won't vote for anything that will help Democrats get liberal, "unqualified" judges appointed." Ace, GOP Senators Refuse Dick Durbin's Plea to Help Them Confirm Biden's Worst, Most Controversial, Most Unqualified Woke DEI Judges.  Good.

Beege Wellborn says McCarthy lays out GOP debt ceiling offer - does Biden bite? KT at Hat Hair, Joe Manchin: Call your office "Don’t just listen to the words of a politician. Watch what they do. Their actions speak volumes. Take, for example, Senator Joe Manchin’s sole campaign staffer. It turns out that he has posted several social media posts that are violent against former President Trump. Allegedly, he has been fired." Good. From the Free Bacon, These Senate Dems Pledged to Return SBF’s Political Donations. Records Show They Still Haven’t. Hassan and Stabenow. 

Sundance, Mark Levin Reveals J6 Committee Subpoenaed His Private Emails. Tristan Justice at Da Fed catches Tim Kaine saying It’s OK For The FBI To Put Informants In Churches. Sundance notes AMLO Tells Mexican People USA is Spying on Them and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency is Manipulating Media. Why would they be exempt?

From the Daily Fetched, Trudeau Suffers Meltdown over CBC “Govt-Funded” Label on Twitter, Musk Issues Brutal ResponseElon Musk@elonmusk "Just trying to be accurate. Would they be ok if we said 70% govt funded?" Sundance wonders Is Elon Musk Doing Damage Control Using Tucker Carlson Interview? "Musk is riding a tiger, and the intelligence community ring masters control the beast." At the PI, Rusty Weiss reports Progressive Journalist Glenn Greenwald to Sue FBI Over Nashville School Shooter’s Manifesto.

Riley Gaines (r)
Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair sees Biden vows to protect men competing in women's sports. From Breitbart, White House Threatens to Veto Bill to ‘Save Women’s Sports’ Supported by Riley Gaines. At least he hasn't claimed to be a woman yet to my knowledge, but can it be long now?  Ace,
Biden's Education Secretary -- Who Enforces Title IX's Demands That Women Get Special Treatment In Sports -- Absolutely Refuses to Define What a Woman Is. "Obviously you can't operate Title IX and give special advantages to women in sports unless you know what a woman is. And Biden has made it clear -- they think a woman is a man who claims he became a woman last week. But they don't want to admit this under oath." From Da Blaze, Piers Morgan shuts down Dem lawmaker for attacking Riley Gaines — then Gaines responds to accusations. Hat Hairs John Sexton dryly observes Lia Thomas and Riley Gaines disagree about 'competitive fairness'

Scott Johnson at Power Line sees A lift too far: Where’s the order? 
JayCee Cooper’s case against USA Powerlifting seems to me to represent the reductio ad absurdum of the woke trans madness, at least in its legal manifestation. Cooper is a biological male who claims that USA Powerlifting has discriminated against him by not allowing him to compete as a woman.

Are you kidding me? Physical strength lies at the core of weightlifting. Men are stronger than women. Treating men as women destroys the competition. It is absurd.

Ramsey County District Judge Patrick Diamond disagrees. He has held that USA Powerlifting mistreated Cooper under the terms of the Minnesota Human Rights Act. All that remains to be determined are damages and the scope of the injunctive relief to which Cooper may be entitled.
From Twitchy, Megyn Kelly takes NO crap from Lefty rag calling her ‘transphobic’ for being HONEST about Dylan Mulvaney  Megyn Kelly@megynkelly, "Call me whatever names you want. I am speaking the  truth. And neither I nor the millions of other women (and men) who believe in biology/reality/fairness will be dissuaded by your attempts to marginalize us with words like “transphobic.” Althouse whines "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis released a parody of the old Bud Light 'Real Men of Genius' commercials taking aim at transgender female athletes..." "Fox News reports, embedding the video of the politician's comedy ad, which made a very bad impression on me. I think Trump is leaning back and laughing as the Florida Governor sucks up to the cruelty-oriented subset of the right-wing segment of American voters." I disagree, male athletes who seek to win trophies in women's athletics deserved to be mocked. Ace, Donald Trump, Jr.: We Should End the Boycott Of Our Very Conservative Friends at Budweiser Donald Trump: Ron DeSantis Must Stop Hurting Our Very Good Friends at Disney "I was going to skip the Donald Trump, Jr. thing in the interests of blog peace. Until Donald Trump himself made it clear that he's willing to side with leftwing woke corporations if it can help him defeat the man who is obviously his superior in every way. Donald Trump, Jr. apparently got a call from Budweiser executives who mentioned to him that Anheuser-Busch donates to Republicans... and Trump." Vodka Pundit at Insty thinks THE ROT AT ANHEUSER-BUSCH RUNS A LOT DEEPER THAN JUST ONE WOKE BUD LIGHT MARKETING EXEC. Gil Sewall at The Spec, Bud Light: from Spuds MacKenzie to Dylan Mulvaney. "Everything dies, including once-invincible brands"

Stacy McCain highlights a Professor who Demonizes ‘Wealthy White Men’ for ‘Violence, Deceit, Irresponsibility’ Don't they all? At the Telegraph, University ‘blocks’ academic from her own gender wars research over ‘dangerous’ data "City, University of London, insists it is committed to free and open-minded discussion." At Campus Reform, Students demand Catholic college 'break from church doctrine' to establish dedicated LGBTQ+ center. "Boston College, a Jesuit Catholic school, has denied multiple requests by students to establish an LGBTQ+ center." Maybe they'd be happier at a nonreligious school? Liberty Unyielding reports on a College student suspended for quoting Bible’s anti-gay passages at a New Jersey public college. 

Da Caller happy that Red State Tells Schools To Nix Lessons On Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation. Althouse, "If the progressive left wants Sam’s school to keep his gender secret from me, that’s fine. But then..." ""... could they please tell it to keep all his other problems to themselves as well?" Giles Coren is looking for consistency, in "I have a right to ignorance about Sam’s school antics" (London Times)." At the Freep, An Illustrated Guide to Self-Censorship "How we give up the fundamental right to free speech—in 32 cartoons by the brilliant Tim Urban."

From Tim Young at Am Great, What’s the Deal With Women With Mustaches?
If you haven’t seen it: it’s a 30-second ad featuring what appears to be a high school girl who has a mustache. Rather than waxing or shaving it off (which would cost under $10), she watches video of Frida Kahlo (who didn’t always sport a mustache), Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America,” and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. She determines that her best move would be to buy a $100 Freddie Mercury jacket from Amazon and lean in to her mustache. At the end of the spot, she arrives in her classroom, dancing as if she is having a seizure in the bright yellow faux leather jacket, and smiles with her mustache.

Who exactly is the target demographic here? Women who have given up? Women with mental illness? I’m confused.

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