Sunday, April 16, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Returns, Goes on Vacation

Sometimes it's good to be the boss, as Red State's Nick Arama points out, Biden Returns From Vacation Overseas, Leaves on Another Vacation, and Insults His Interior Sec. At the PI, Biden to Open Up Medicaid, Obamacare to About 700,000 Illegal Immigrants, essentially forcing us all to pay for the invasion of our country. Meanwhile, as Addison Smith at JTN observes Robin Hood in reverse: Biden green agenda raising prices for consumers, profits for Dem donors, "Reverse transfer of wealth effects aggravated by new regulatory crackdown on gas cars." From WaEx, US banks lost money on mortgages for first time on record, but I hear the economy is going gangbusters!

At Da Caller, in LEAKED DOCS: NATO Ally Hungary Called Biden Admin A ‘Top 3 Adversary.’ From RCP, Former CIA Officer Larry Johnson: This Is A Controlled Leak To Prepare The Public For "Crash Landing" Of U.S. Foreign Policy. How much lower can we go? Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair hears the leaks revealed At least four more Chinese spy balloons? Perhaps 20?

Ed Driscoll at Insty, THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: ‘A Voice of Truth:’ Kamala Harris Praises Unrepentant Anti-Semite Al Sharpton. "Nice Axios parody by the Washington Free Beacon, by the way." Politico whines that Dianne Feinstein digs in "The senator’s confidants and allies scoff at her detractors and are firing back. . . .They argue her request this week to be replaced on the committee while recuperating from shingles should satisfy critics — at least for now." Chris Bedford at WaEx maintains There Is Zero Reason For Republicans To Cooperate With Dianne Feinstein’s Request.

At the Deseret News, Trump and DeSantis give dueling speeches at National Rifle Association convention as WaEx reports DeSantis super PAC puts Trump in crosshairs with 'gun-grabber' ad. At Da Mail, Mike Pence calls for 'quick executions' for mass shooters at NRA conference: VP is BOOED in home state at speech calling to 'institutionalize the obviously mentally ill' and slamming 'trans activist' in Nashville school slaying. Jazz Shaw, Pence wants Republicans to "run as Republicans" whatever that means anymore. KT at Hat Hair reports on the  AWFL Protesters storm the stage as DeSantis delivers speech in New Hampshire. He makes the right enemies, though that isn't that difficult. Twitchy says a TPUSA ambassador goes all-in to defend ‘gangbang’ of female Ron DeSantis supporter. Hat Hair's Capt. Ed hears from the NYT: Youngkin a no on 2024 too. I'm OK with that, maybe he can make Virginia redder in the meantime.

NewMax, Ex-Trump Lawyer Sues Jan. 6 Committee for $67 Million. I think he has a point, but I doubt it will go anywhere.

Passantino filed a $67 million Federal Tort Claims Act Complaint against the congressional panel, claiming the group "manufactured and promoted a false narrative" about him, "maliciously interfered in the attorney-client relationship," and disregarded his civil rights "to further a political agenda" against former President Donald Trump. "Liz Cheney and her collaborators on the January 6th Committee decided to peddle a false tale about Mr. Passantino and his relationship with his client without any regard for the truth or whether they were destroying the reputation of a good man; a reputation built over decades," Passantino's attorney, Jesse Binnall, said in a statement.

Sauron's Eye, Judge rejects Trump's request to delay New York rape trial. "A federal judge rejected a request Thursday to delay former President Donald Trump's trial this month on civil claims that he raped a woman in the mid-1990s, but he has granted a request by Trump's lawyers to gather more evidence about who is paying the accuser's lawyers. New revelations that a major contributor to Democrats helped finance the litigation against Trump by columnist E. Jean Carroll prompted attorney Alina Habba to ask for a one-month delay of the April 25 trial."

At the Peacock, Ex-Capitol Police officer sentenced after sending 'stupid and reckless' messages to Jan. 6 rioter "Michael Riley was convicted of a felony count for deleting messages he sent to a Jan. 6 rioter after he learned the rioter was speaking to the FBI. After the Capitol attack, he messaged Jan. 6 rioter Jacob Hiles, a boat captain he knew from Facebook, telling Hiles he was "a capitol police officer who agrees with your political stance" and saying Hiles should “Take down the part about being in the building they are correctly investigating and everyone who was in the building is going to be charged. Just looking out!”

CNN, Former Trump intel official testifies in Mar-a-Lago classified documents probe. Grenell says Trump declassified the Mar-a-Lago documents. “There is no approval process for the president of the United States to declassify intelligence. There is this phony idea that he must provide notification for declassification but that’s just silly. Who is he supposed to notify? I think it’s the height of swampism to think the president should seek bureaucrats’ approval.”

At the PI Rusty Weiss notices that the Biden Administration’s Response to Pentagon Leak is More Social Media Monitoring. From HE, MATT PALUMBO explains How the fact-checking industry fuels online censorship of conservatives. Tim Graham details how NPR Won't Hide Their Red-hot Hatred of Republicans and Fox News.

JTN's Ben Whedon reports Montana lawmakers vote to ban TikTok statewide. "The measure would bar TikTok from operating in the state and forbid app stores from offering it for download in Montana." I wonder how that's going to work.

From the Free Bacon, Washington State Democrats Vote to Hide Transgender Runaways From Parents. Jazz Shaw, YGBKM. Washington to secretly remove children from parents if they defy trans procedures. At Da Blaze, Elon Musk calls for life in prison for any parent or doctor who carries out sex-change surgery on children. Yeah, maybe. 

Riley Gaines
At Bounding into Sports, Women’s Sports Advocate Riley Gaines Describes Recent Assault And Mob At SFSU Speaking Event: “I Feared For My Life.” Campus Reform reports on a Protester arrested for harassment at Riley Gaines' U Buffalo event. More of this. Breitbart, has a Survey: Most Americans Oppose Allowing Men to Compete Against Women in Sports, Oppose Puberty Blockers for Children. Twitchy thinks Katie Porter was CRUSHED by Piers Morgan and Bill Maher after slamming Riley Gaines on women’s sports

Sarah Arnold at Town Hall hears Bud Light Execs Reportedly Panicking To Undo Dylan Mulvaney Billion Dollar Damage. PJM's Chris Queen thinks it's BRUTAL: Bud Light Feels the Backlash After It Sneaks Back on Social Media. At Da Wire, Joe Rogan Takes Surprising Stance On Bud Light Controversy “Like — what they’re doing is just spreading the brand to an extra group of people. Why — If something is good, do you give a f*** who’s got it?” If it was good . . . Also from Da Wire, Anheuser-Busch CEO Behind Failed Bud Light ‘Apology’ Is A Former CIA Spy Handler. Weird, maybe they are running the country.

Sam Brinton
Addison Smith at JTN reports Ex-Biden Energy Department official Brinton gets no jail time in luggage theft plea deal "Brinton has been accused of stealing airport luggage on more than one occasion." Probably appropriate for a first time conviction, but the guy? clearly has issues. Choosing a nuclear waste disposal chief because he was flagrantly nuts was clearly a misstep. At the Babylon Bee, 'Why Don't More People Use Public Transit?' Asks Naked Hobo On Subway

K.T. at Ace's has an all encompassing post on the culture war, How to be divinely secular (or at least support secular divinity). Read it all.

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