Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Musk Warns of AI

Sundance at CTH hosts Tucker Carlson Interview With Elon Musk – Full Interview as Broadcast in which he warns of creating an AI smarter than humans

And he's not worried about robot terminators, he's worried about robot journolists. At DaWire, Google CEO Calls For AI Regulation, Warns Society To Brace For Impact Of Technology. When Google calls for regulation, they're asking for protection from competition. 

Matt Vespa at Town Hall gives kudos to Matt Taibbi in Progressive Reporter Highlights the Gross Hypocrisy Surrounding the Pentagon Leaker. Matt himself at Racket, The Press is Now Also the Police
"As fallout from the Discord leak continues, the undisguised partnerships of media, intelligence, and law enforcement come into more painful relief. . .  It’s nuts. Reporters are supposed to be interested in everything and listen to information without judgment, like doctors, yet the whole industry is working itself into a moral frenzy because a bunch of overgrown Minecraft enthusiasts were privately passing around a few truths like a joint."   Liz Wolfe at Reason, Ax Government Funding for NPR, "NPR is no Xinhua, but Elon Musk is correct that it doesn't need government subsidies." Add to that taxing the shit out of it. Sharyl Attkisson@SharylAttkisson, " UPDATE on my computer intrusion lawsuit vs. the govt. A hearing on some procedural disputes was held today in NY Southern District. We won across the board. · CBS must produce the intruded-upon computer hard drive they've been withholding by April 27. · CBS must make a good faith review and identify any and all communications between CBS and govt. and/or Congress that took place discussing Sharyl Attkisson and the computer intrusions by May 5. (There's an interesting story behind those communications that we learned about for the first time in recent depositions.) Small victories in such an uphill battle are appreciated! Thanks to my attorney and 4th amendment advocates on both left and right who are supporting the case. https://gofund.me/9ec5bb15 No press advocates ever helped or expressed any interest. Odd. Maybe not, but they should be ashamed of themselves."

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald "We've spoken with 2 major law firms in Nashville who said they'd send retainer letters to represent us suing FBI and the Nashville PD to obtain the manifesto of the Nashville shooter, only to back out at the last second. The political pressures are intense. We should see it."

At Twitchy, Trump-indicting D.A. Bragg faceplants in federal court, in the suit filed to stop the subpoena of his former prosecutor, he forgot to file all the paperwork. "In other words, they were supposed to attach a couple of documents, including the subpoena itself, and didn’t." If this were you or me, it would be a fatal error, but I'm sure the court will just give him more time. Matt Palumbo at NYPo reports Media ‘fact checkers’ lie to defend Alvin Bragg, but then, it's their business model to lie for Democrats. Notorious never-Trumper Andy McCarthy at NRO (cited at Hat Hair+) thinks Jordan's making the right fight -- as long as he sticks to crime. I disagree. Go after his blatantly political prosecutions too. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great says  House GOP Needs To Take the Road Show Home "It’s fine to highlight the prosecutorial failures of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. But the House GOP has more authority to call out the failures closer at hand," meaning J6. At CNS News, Democrat Congressman whines ‘Like Jack-Booted Thugs’ Republicans Have ‘Descended on New York City, Using Crime as Their Pretext.’ 'Bonchie' at Red State reports Daniel Goldman Calls Violent Crime Hearing a 'Charade,' Gets Taken to the Cleaners by a Witness. From Da Caller, Rep. Jerry Nadler Gets Interrupted Mid-Speech As Room Bursts Into Laughter. Ace, After Three Nights of Rioting and Two Shootings, Chicago's Mayor-Elect Defends the Rioters and Looters (Updated) "Two teens shot as Chicago is torn by riots for three straight nights." Stacy McCain, Violent Chaos in Chicago and … Alabama?

At NewsMax, Judge Rejects Trump's Request to Delay Defamation Trial."It does not sit well for Mr. Trump to promote pretrial publicity and then to claim that coverage that he promoted was prejudicial to him." 

Newt Gingrich at WaEx, calls Biden a 'weak president' who doesn't understand 'real stakes'. Nick Arama at Red State thinks a Staff Announcement About Biden Calling an Early 'Lid' Shows He's Getting Worse. Hey, I like my afternoon nap too, but then, I'm not asking to run the country. PJM's Matt Margolis wants you to Guess Who's Behind the 51 Intel Officials Letter Dismissing Hunter Biden's Laptop? while JTN's John Solomon spills the beans in the headline Congressional probe uncovers tie between Biden campaign, security letter dismissing Hunter laptop, "Republicans now believe the letter that falsely portrayed laptop as disinformation was a consequential interference in the last presidential election." But then, the some of culprits go all the way back to the Clinton admin.

Althouse, "Like many journalists, I have a bad habit of underestimating Donald Trump. I didn’t think he had a chance of winning in 2016."
"Even after he was in the White House, I didn’t expect him to nearly start a nuclear war on Twitter, stare directly into the sun during an eclipse, or start a feud with windmills. And although I predicted that Ron DeSantis eating pudding with his fingers would end his 2024 presidential bid, I never imagined that Trump would highlight this idiotic allegation in a campaign ad." Writes Margaret Hartmann in "Trump’s Ron DeSantis ‘Pudding Fingers’ Ad Is Disgustingly Good" (NY Magazine).

Frank Friday at Am Think worries Did Trump peak too soon? Da Caller on Elise Stefanik, ‘She’s Got More Balls’: Trump Could Be Eyeing This Woman For VP. 'Becca Downs at Town Hall, A Radical Group Tried to Disrupt 'Record' Fundraiser Headlined by Ron DeSantis. Good advertising for him. "Why you'd want to pay the ticket to get in just to do that, I don't know, but different strokes for different folks," DeSantis said as he then continued on." Ryan King at WaEx, Former Trump adviser says Nikki Haley fundraising controversy 'not a good way to start'. Controversy? Couldn't have been much of one, this is the first I've heard. I predict she will not be president. Matt Margolis notes MSNBC Guest Goes on Racist Tirade Against Sen. Tim Scott. They have a brand to protect, afterall. 

Ben Whedon at JTN reports McConnell returns to Senate after protracted absence from fall ""Needless to say, I’m very happy to be back." Also Fetterman, PM, John Fetterman back at work after 60 days in hospital for depression. As sundance notes, For The Professional Republicans Who Say “Candidate Quality” Matters, John Fetterman Returned to the Senate Today, aVideo. Di-Fi is still absent after a bout of shingles, and Schumer will move to replace Feinstein on Judiciary panel this week (Da Hill), but as PJM's Stephen Kruiser notes Republicans on Judiciary Committee Playing Hardball Over Replacing Feinstein since he needs Republican votes to do so.This shuts down Democrat nominations to courts and other things. Atop Da Hill, old broads stick together as Gillibrand won’t support calls for Feinstein to step down: ‘It’s her right.’

At WaEx, Biden hits McCarthy on debt ceiling discussion: 'Show me his budget,' but atop Da Hill, Scalise says House GOP will roll out debt ceiling plan Tuesday.

Jordan Boyd at Da Fed thinks Republicans Making Excuses For Bud Light Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of A Culture War Victory and he's looking at you Don Jr. At ET, a PR Expert Explains Why Bud Light Is Losing Millions With Mulvaney Ad Campaign. A weak, bland beer, as our local distributor used to call it. "The Venn diagram of people interested in drinking Bud Light and those eager to support the issue at the sharp edge of the wokist culture war is pretty much just two circles vaguely near one another.” At Ace's Morning Rant, Buck Throckmorton reminds us “Schlitz Happens” - Bud Light & Brand Suicide. Lincoln Brown at PJM asks if you Want To Avoid Woke Products? There’s an App for That.

Tom Raabe at Am Spec speculates on Killing Women’s Sports, "Title IX revisions jeopardize the phenomenal success of women’s college athletics." From Da College Fix, SFSU athletic director: ‘Common mistake’ to think men have physical advantages over women, except for the uneven parallel bars.

Many didn’t get the sarcasm and took Carpe Donktum’s claims with the utmost seriousness. One down-the-line Leftist activist with “#WearAMask, #Vaccinate, #MyBodyMyChoice” in her Twitter bio tweeted: “Holy crap! This teacher is baptizing kids in her classroom sink, ‘as long as they don’t tell their parents’!” Another fumed at Carpe: “Shut up you lying turd. Separation of church and state exists because of people like you who brainwash and abuse children. You shouldn’t have your job and you should lose your children if you have any.” Others tagged the ACLU, trying to get Carpe fired from his alleged job, and far-Left Star Trek actor George Takei, trying to make Carpe the focus of a more general cancellation.

Dave Strom at Hat Hair catches The New York Times reversing cause and effect in propaganda effort. It's a little hard to summarize in a one-liner, so take a look. KTTH, Rantz: Middle school hosted ‘disturbing’ licking game with staff and students. An amusing party game maybe, but in middle school?

PJM's Kevin Downey tells the tale of  'Bad Thoughts': Trans Teacher Canned for Wanting to Shoot Students. At Twitchy, Even with THIS evidence, police still claim mass killer trans shooter Audrey Hale’s motive is ‘unclear.’ Byron York@ByronYork "Nashville mass killer Audrey Hale left behind 'cellphones and laptops, as well as a suicide note, three folders and 19 journals.' Instead of hinting that the motive 'remains unclear,' why don't police just release the evidence? From
@NBCNews https://nbcnews.com/news/us-news/m" It's only "unclear" because they don't approve of the obvious answer.

Da Caller proudly posts What A Children’s Hospital Quietly Scrubbed From The Internet Amid Public Backlash Over Gender Transitions. At Fox, Ohio pro-life pregnancy center attacked by radical 'Jane's Revenge' group: 'Abort God' "The graffiti on the pregnancy center also read 'liars,' 'fake clinic' and 'fund abortion'" The FBI promises to get around to looking at it someday. "Last month, the Justice Department charged two more people for carrying out a targeted attack on a pro-life pregnancy center in Winter Haven, Florida."

At the James G. Martin Center One Cheer for Free Speech on Campus "A professor wants to protect speech, but also to keep students from being “harmed.” Nobody is harmed by speech. But the left likes to claim to be for their own purposes. 

Capt. Ed at Hat Hair sees DeSantis, Florida legislature lower the boom on Disney: "Rule of law" The mouse that whined. 

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