Thursday, April 6, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump Arrest Revisited

If you haven't been living under a rock, you know Donald Trump Pleads Not Guilty to 34 Counts of Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree (Breitbart). Also, Donald Trump: ‘Only Crime’ Was to ‘Fearlessly Defend Our Nation’. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.05.23 (Morning Edition), Dana Loesch: Trump Indictment Unsealed At WaEx,  Trump attorney says he believes Manhattan district attorney case will not see jury trial. Former federal prosecutor and Never-Trumper Andy McCarthy at NRO thinks Bragg’s ‘Indictment’ Even Fails as an Indictment ''What a disgrace." Ace, Andrew McCarthy: This "Indictment" Does Not Even Contain an Actual Indictment. "Even the National Review softcocks object to this latest brutalization of the law and our Democratic Norms by the party they softly support." At Althouse, "Most people dislike believing they and their factions are the ones in power. They want power, while claiming the victim mantle." Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwald. "With an open mind, I hope people will read this scathing indictment of Alvin Bragg's indictment against Trump by

@AndrewCMcCarthy, a conservative who has often been contemptuous of Trump. At Fox, John Bolton panics over Trump charges: 'Even weaker than I thought'. VodkaPundit at PJM, You Won't Believe the Most Outrageous Claim in the Trump Indictment  "Trump cheated on his taxes by paying too much in taxes? What was he supposed to be distracting us from — that Orange Man Bad because Orange Man Bad?" Tim Carney at WaEx notes Nobody thinks Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump is good. A decent judge would dismiss it out of hand, but it's Manhattan so there are no decent judges. At Da Wire, He ‘Hates Me’: What You Should Know About The New York Judge Assigned To Trump Case and Judge Warns Trump To Refrain From Posting On Social Media, Claiming Messages Could Inflame Civil Unrest – Trump Posts Anyway. Jonathan Turley on Yielding to Temptation: Why The Trump Case is a Test Not Just for the President but the Legal SystemCapt. Ed, "The test is this: do elected judges in New York have enough integrity to enforce the rule of law — the ACTUAL rule of law? Americans are supposed to be arraigned publicly with all charges known at the time of arraignment, and yet Bragg admittedly is withholding the basis of this arraignment from the defendant. Both Turley and Andrew McCarthy have rightly called out this step as grossly unconstitutional. Will judges intervene to put an end to it, or are they too politically invested in the outcome?"

At Da Caller, The Trump Indictment Is Just The Beginning. More Will Follow In The Name Of ‘Equity’. PJM's Stephen Kruiser sees Alvin Bragg's Insane Clown Circus Adds a Kangaroo to the Court. At Reason, With the Trump Arraignment, Americans Are Seeing the Power of the Local Prosecutor, "Alvin Bragg's case against Donald Trump has put the once-obscure position of district attorney into the national spotlight. Sebastian Gorka at Am Spec thinks it's America’s Path to a Police State "There is no way back for the Democrat Party." Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw notes desperation in how The AP desperately tries to salvage Alvin Bragg's reputation. At Reddit, NPR says it’s totally normal to arrest political opponents. Countries like China do it all the time. Tilting at Windmills, Why I can't believe "no one is above the law" arguments. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.05.23 (Morning Edition) Twitchy laughs at Bragg's claim "We Will Not Normalize Serious Criminal Conduct”. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall points out Obama Received $30 Million From CCP Linked Fugitive As Trump Faces Criminal Prosecution.

ET outs Veteran Democratic Operative Linked to Restart of Case Against Trump. At Breitbart, Poll: 3 in 4 Americans Believe ‘Politics Played a Role’ in Trump Indictment. And 1 in 4 don't think at all. Steve Miller at NewsWeek, Trump's Trial Is About Winning in 2024. It's on GOP Voters If They Fall for the Dems' Ploy. From RCP, Victor Davis Hanson: Prosecutors Want Trump To Get Enough Empathy To Win The Nomination And Then Gag or Jail Him. Town Hall's Matt Vespa asks Does Trump See the Trap the Left Is Setting? "Everyone is waiting for Trump to trip up and spew a ‘burn it all down’ type of remark. Don’t fall for it." At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland points out 7 Serious News Stories Media Choked Out With Trump Indictment Buzz

At Florida's Voice, Scott supports McCarthy-led investigation on Trump indictment. From NYPo, At least two Republican DAs want to prosecute Bidens: Rep. James Comer. Nick Arama at Red State, Comer: GOP Prosecutors Now Looking at Possible Biden Prosecutions. Ace looks at how the GOP Mulls Stripping Prosecutors of Their Immunity to Lawsuit.

John Stossel at Hat Hair, Trump Good and Evil

Trump definitely is a horrible person.

In his real estate business, he cheated the little people, cleverly using our slow and expensive justice system to avoid paying what he owed.

As president, he was unpresidential and childish. He’s vain, selfish and mean. He doesn’t read or listen to advice from smart people, and he lies again and again. I hate him.

Yet it would be better for America if he were president today, instead of Joe Biden.

At PM,  'Donald J Trump is innocent': MTG joins hundreds of supporters outside of Manhattan court ahead of arraignment "Greene told the crowd she came to New York City to "peacefully protest against the persecution of an innocent man."

Bob Spencer at PJM, Oh, By the Way, Nobody Likes Joe: New Poll Shows Biden Near Record Low Approval. At Am Great, Nice Deb reports on a Florida Grand Jury: Biden Regime is Facilitating Sex Trafficking of Foreign Children. WaEx reports House Republicans depose ex-CIA official in Hunter Biden laptop investigation "ex-Deputy CIA Director Michael Morell on Tuesday, according to a source familiar with the matter." Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw, Nobody wants to admit American manufacturing just hit a new low. Liz Stauffer at Power Line wonders if Maybe Trump CAN win the general election.

Stacy McCain observes Chicago Votes for More Crime. KT at Hat Hair on the woman Democrat lawmaker flees to GOP and gives GOP veto-proof majority in legislature in North Carolina. "What was the final straw for Cotham? She was criticized for using the American flag and praying hands emoji on social media and on her vehicles. Those are two things the progressive left does not abide by – American patriotism and prayer."

Jed Babbin at Am Spec, thinks Trump’s Indictment Is Not Our Only Big Problem "Biden and the Democrats are doing so much else to weaken America." At Breitbart, FBI Under Fire for Purchasing Americans’ Private Data. From Fox, FBI handcuffs, interrogates innocent Delta Air Lines pilot in botched Boston training exercise, "A Delta Air Lines pilot was sleeping in the targeted room where the botched training exercise took place." But they look so professional on TV! At Compact, Did the FBI Kill MLK?.

Beege Wellborn at Hat Hair, FAFO edition: TN legislature playing hardball w gun control protest members. Victory Girls, Tennessee Legislature May Expel Riot Leader Members. Ace, Tennessee Legislators Who Aided and Abetted Insurrectionists Stripped of Committee Assignments and May Be Expelled "Last week, leftwing insurrectionists stormed the Tennessee Capitol Building in what at least one observer calls "the most violent insurrection in human history. " Now Tennessee's legislators are looking to expel those who provided moral aid and comfort to these seditionists. Deb Heine at American Greatness."

Hat Hair's Dave Strom is amused when Twitter labels NPR "State Affiliated Media;" freakout follows. At Public substack, Jacob Siegel: "This isn't simply about censorship. They're trying to control reality." :It’s now clear that heads of state around the world, from the U.S. and Canada to Britain and New Zealand, are working together to censor their political opponents, lie to the public, and crack down on free speech — all in the name of fighting “disinformation,” “extremism,” and “hate.”"

From the Volokh Conspiracy, Australian Mayor Threatening Lawsuit Over ChatGPT Libel. "Brian Hood, who was elected mayor of Hepburn Shire, 120 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, last November, became concerned about his reputation when members of the public told him ChatGPT had falsely named him as a guilty party in a foreign bribery scandal involving a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia in the early 2000s." The people who trained the AI need to be held accountable.

I'm gonna have to pass on the culture war for now.

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