Thursday, April 27, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Tucker Speaks

Tucker Carlson, free from Fox, posted a short video, which said, reading between the lines, keep the faith, I'll be back. From Matt Margolis at PJM,  Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence, Releases Video Statement. Town Hall Staff write 'See You Soon': Tucker Carlson Breaks His Silence and at Red State, Bonchie pens Tucker Carlson Releases Telling Video Update Following His Divorce From Fox News. At Da Wire, Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence After Ouster From Fox, Offers 3-Word Response To Biden Officials Celebrating His Removal, “Ha! I’m sure.” Sundance at CTH, Tucker Carlson Broadcasts an 8:00pm Message, “True Things Prevail”, noting it happened at the same time his Fox broadcast would have been. 

Meanwhile, rumor abound. Rolling Stone claims Fox Has a Secret ‘Oppo File’ to Keep Tucker Carlson in Check, Sources Say. At the WSJ Tucker Carlson’s Vulgar, Offensive Messages About Colleagues Helped Seal His Fate at Fox News, "Prime-time host called senior executive the c-word in redacted missive; network grew wary of further embarrassment from possible disclosure." John Sexton, Another factor in the firing of Tucker Carlson, his text messages. "Generally speaking, harsh language from people in the news business probably doesn’t qualify as news. However, other news outlets were working to get hold of those redacted messages and might have done so eventually. Add that to the 90 or so videos of Carlson’s staff making offensive and allegedly anti-Semitic comments and you can see how this would very easily turn into a week-long storm of condemnation from every national news outlet." NYT, In a Lawsuit, Tucker Carlson Is Accused of Promoting a Hostile Work Environment "Carlson’s former head of booking, Abby Grossberg, said that male producers regularly used vulgarities to describe women and frequently made antisemitic jokes." Curiously, she and Tucker never worked in the same office.

Matt Margolis again, Tucker Carlson Has a Theory on Why He Was Fired, the Murdochs are preparing to sell Fox. At Summit, one of the whackier theories, Video: Days Before Being Fired, Tucker Carlson Exposed WEF Efforts To Force People To Eat Bugs.

At PM, 'That's a big one': Trump tells Newsmax's Greg Kelly he was surprised by Carlson's departure from Fox. Trump judges everything by whether it's good or bad for him. Jake Heilbrunn at Spec World (cited at Hat Hair) on Tucker Carlson and the revenge of the neocons. Kurt Schlichter at Town Hall hopes Struck Down, Tucker Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine. Mark Judge, (of the Kavanaugh hearings fame) has Career Advice From the Canceled for Tucker Carlson  "The left has given conservatives a lot to shout and be outraged about, so we do need champions on cable TV and Twitter. Yet we also need journalists who can work a beat for months and come up with stories, as I did, that challenge liberal narratives and maybe even historic perceptions. Tucker can make that happen." Across da pond at Da Mail, 'Appetizers plus entrée!' Looks like Tucker Carlson doesn't give two Fox about his ouster from network - gleefully telling his future plans while tooling off to a romantic date night with wife Susan.

Red State's Nick Arama thinks Fox's Post-Tucker Numbers Show Actions Have Consequences as Breitbart reports Angry Fox Nation Subscribers Follow Tucker Carlson out the Door. Ace, Fox News' Ratings Fall at 8pm. "Rupert Murdoch fired his most important anchor just because his ex-fianc´e wanted to cuck him with Tuck." A short-term problem. Will it become a long-term problem? Maybe.

PJM's Stephen Kruiser asks Was That a Biden 2024 Campaign Launch or a Drunk Hostage Video? Dave Marcus at He thinks It’s time to have ‘the talk’ about Grandpa Joe as he launches re-election bid.  From the Free Bacon, a FLASHBACK: We Were All Told Biden Would Only Serve One Term. Matt Margolis again, KJP Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Biden Serving Two Full Terms. “Does the president plan to serve all eight years?” . . . “I’m not — I’m just not going to get ahead of the president,” she replied. “That’s something for him to decide." Matt Palumbo at Bongino catches Biden Randomly Making Up a Story About Being Born in Same Hospital His Grandfather Died at Weeks Prior "At this point, it’s looking like George Santos was more honest about his upbringing than Joe Biden." At NYPo, Biden cheat sheet shows he had advance knowledge of journalist’s question. He needs all the help he can get, and he's getting a lot.

Michael Goodwin at NYPo notes Voters say no to Biden, but Joe is intent on finishing the (awful) job. At Town Hall, Cutie Pavlich says We Have to Stop Joe Biden. VodkaPundit at Insty, THE PROBLEM IS THAT “GENERIC REPUBLICAN” WON’T APPEAR ON THE BALLOT: Lamest Campaign Launch Ever: Biden Loses to Generic Republican 41%–47%.

At the Free Bacon, Biden Admin Taps Ford's Top Electric Vehicle Lobbyist as Energy Department Adviser, "Auto giant's head of government affairs has defended partnership with Chinese battery maker." But from Front Page, Biden to Double Cost of Electricity "How many Americans can afford to pay twice as much for their utilities?", and charge a car? I&I, You’ll Have No Power And You Will Like It as SEC Seeks to Impose Costly, Ideologically-Driven Climate Regulations on U.S. Corporations (Jerome Corsi, Am Think.)

CNN, Hunter Biden lawyers meet with Justice Department. NewsMax, Hunter Biden's Lawyers Meet With DOJ Officials. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN reports Hunter Biden attorney asks IG to probe how ex-Trump aide 'illegally' got client's bank records. At WaEx, Liz Stauffer asks Did the spies who covered for Hunter Biden's laptop interfere in the 2020 election?. Of course they did, that was the point. But was it illegal? Well, if you try hard enough, you can certainly find a federal law to cover it.

At Power Line, Liz Stauffer asks Is Kamala Harris the ‘dumbest person’ ever to be elected Vice President in history? VP's tend to be eminently forgettable, so maybe not. Cutie Pavlich notes Joe Manchin Desperately Keeps Trying to Run Away From His Key Biden Vote. The hyperinflation act. 

John Sexton at Hat Hair E. Jean Carroll testifies at civil trial that she was raped by Donald Trump in 1995 or 1996; she's not sure.

Never-DeSantis sundance is pissed that Florida Senate Pass Bill 28-12 Allowing DeSantis to Run Without Resigning, NBC Reports Announcement Coming Mid-May. At the Right Scoop, Florida clears the way for DeSantis to run for president! Capt. Ed at Hat Hair hears Trump: DeSantis owes it to me to drop out. If you want loyalty, buy a dog (and not a husky). KT at Hat Hair notes  Asa Hutchinson formally launches a dead-end presidential campaign, which may be the last we'll hear from him.

At Breitbart, Michigan Democrat Sentenced to House Arrest for 2020 Ballot Sabotage "Funk had won the Democratic nomination by just 79 votes out of about 5,300. A recount was not conducted, and she subsequently won the general election that fall. Investigators say she sabotaged the ballot box after the primary election, an act that would make those ballots ineligible for a recount." Nope, there is no voter fraud. 

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great says ‘It’s Fairy Dust’: The Proud Boys Case Goes to Jury "The fate of five men who supported Trump and protested Joe Biden’s election on January 6 lies in the hands of a biased D.C. jury." Joe Weber at JTN, Seven arrested in protest that disrupted Montana House hearing on youth transgender bill.  "Montana House GOP leadership described the incident as a "riot by far-left agitators." Throw them in the hole and lose the key. There's precedent. Ace, Montana State Legislature Votes to Ban Transgender Insurrectionist Representative from State House. "A transgender legislator aided and abetted the insurrectionists who seditiously interfered with government functions a week ago. The media doesn't think it's a problem when their leftist paramilitaries Attack the Heart of Democracy, but the Montana state legislators do." Bob Spencer at Front Page, Left-Fascists Vandalize Utah State Senator’s House "For daring to protect kids from trans madness."

At ET, Legal Group Sues Justice Department for Documents Related to Political Weaponization

Andrew Lowenthal at Racket has An Insider's Guide to "Anti-Disinformation"  At New Neo, ‘Disinformation” and the search for truth: more Twitter files "We have gotten very close to that obliteration of truth and its replacement by propaganda, and the internet – originally thought to help foster truth – has facilitated that propagandist process, especially through the dominance of social media."

Ace, Woke Corporations Are #Cancelling Mothers Day, Because Motherhood Is Too Controversial Now, "The same corporations that fill your in-box with hundreds of solicitations per year are now offering you the chance to opt-out of Mother's Day promotions, because Mother's Day may be triggering to some.  MRCTV, Charlie Kirk: Now That Companies Are Letting People Opt-Out of Mother’s Day Ads, Can We Opt-Out of Pride Month, Too? At PJM Bob Spencer  hears Fake Female Swimmer Lia Thomas Say Those Who Think He Shouldn’t Compete Against Women Just Hate Women and Megan Fox snarks Transgenderism Is Less Palatable to Americans Than Abortion, According to Beer Marketing Experts. At NYPo, Joe Rogan slams ‘attention whore’ Dylan Mulvaney, mocks ‘cliche’ new Bud Light ad. Ace thinks it's Horrifying hos Medical Journal Article Recounts Tale of 18-Year-Old Boy Killed on the Operating Table in Quixotic Bid to "Become a Woman" "He had been on puberty blockers since he was young. He died during a "vaginoplasty" -- a thoroughly stupid and pointless bit of experimental surgery where they take a man's penis, cut down the middle like a hot dog, rip out the insides, and then invert it and stuff it back into the pelvis to become a totally not convincing fake vagina." From Da Wire, Musk On Allowing Trans Treatments On Minors: ‘Parents Or Doctors Who Do This Should Go To Prison For Life’

Stacy McCain contributes two odd ones to the Culture war section, Crazy Furries Are Dangerous and News From Zimbabwe, U.S.A. (California), where they're tearing down the statue of someone no one remembers, for reasons that can only be described as obscure. 

Ace, The Nation's Top Veterinary Schools Are Now Teaching CRT, "How come all the white dogs are with the docs getting their testicles fondled, and all the black dogs are still in cages waiting to be served?!?!" From Da Caller, South Dakota University Ditches Policy Used By Official To Silence Pro-Gun Students. John Sexton,  A majority of colleges have dropped SAT requirements, Matt Yglesias has an interesting theory why. It makes it easier to hide their discrimination by race.

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