Friday, April 14, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Another DIY

 Got a stomach bug yesterday, and it's all I have strength for.

Trump Troubles

Manhattan D.A. Enlisted These Biden Admin Buddies To Get Trump
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Receives Another Threatening Letter And White Powder - The Daily Wire
Dennis Prager Video: This is What Happens in Dictatorships - Frontpage Mag
Letitia James Deposes Donald Trump - Victory Girls Blog

Politics, as Usual

Rescuing Ireland won't save Biden - UnHerd
'Dementia Joe' Needs Hunter to Help Him Answer a Question from... a Child? – PJ Media
Biden 2024? Most Voters Want Democratic Primary Challengers - Rasmussen Reports®
Ace of Spades HQ Gavin Newsom Warns America About the Dangerous Success of Ron DeSantis' Florida
Say Hello To The EPA Motor Company, Say Goodbye To Freedom – Issues & Insights
Joe Biden's EV Edict Isn't Just Harmful, It's Fascistic
Fed Economists See Bank Turmoil Triggering Recession This Year
Biden Loses the Washington Post Over Afghanistan Withdrawal – PJ Media
DeSantis: I'm not a "potted-plant", "do-nothing" Republican – HotAir
Feinstein releases statement on returning back to work – HotAir
Pelosi: These calls for Feinstein's resignation seem sexist to me – HotAir
Rep. Ro Khanna Pushes Back Against His Own Party For Criticizing His Calls For Sen. Feinstein To Resign - The Daily Caller
Instapundit - HARDBALL: Republicans want to make it difficult for Senate to replace Feinstein on key panel. In
Is Mitch McConnell's Retirement Imminent? – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ Mitch McConnell to Announce His Retirement, GOP Sources In the Senate Confirm
Rumor: Senate GOP caucus preparing for a McConnell retirement (Updated) – HotAir
No, Mitch McConnell is not ready for retirement – HotAir
Millions Have Voted For Trump Since 2020 — With Their Feet – Issues & Insights
Democrats now represent 9 of the 10 wealthiest congressional districts in the US – HotAir

Jan 6 and FBI stuff

Ace of Spades HQ Breaking: The FBI Lied About Its "Spy on Catholics" Document Only Being the Work of One Low-Level Employee
Richmond FBI Office Used Undercover Agents to Spy on Traditional Catholics | Bacon's Rebellion
Biden's DOJ recommends no jail time for church vandal: report

Social Media and Government Censorship

National Public Radio Denies Being National Or Public - Babylon Bee
Babylon Bee, Tim Pool File Lawsuit Against California Attorney General Over New Social Media Law | The Daily Wire
'State-Affiliated' NPR Ditches Twitter For CCP-Affiliated TikTok
PBS Joins NPR In Backing Away From Twitter | The Daily Wire
Video: Elon Accuses BBC Of Failing To Report On “Side Effects Of Vaccinations” And Spreading “Misinformation Regarding Masking” – Summit News
This is how the media should be – HotAir

The Culture War

'Burn Bra Challenge' Takes Over TikTok in Protest of NIKE's Dylan Mulvaney Ads
Anheuser-Busch Loses More than $6 Billion in Market Value Following Transgender Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light Deal
This Bud’s for They/Them - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
No one believes the Budweiser Clydesdales have been threatened – HotAir
Does Bud Light even know who their customers are? – HotAir
Florida professor accused of faking data on racism against Blacks and Hispanics leaves his position – HotAir
Fraudulent Studies Withdrawn as Professor Is Caught Faking the Racism Narrative – PJ Media
American Library Association Mobilizes to Intimidate Parents Into Silence – PJ Media
Campus Reform | PROF. GIORDANO: Divert DEI Funding to Make a Real Impact

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