Monday, April 17, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Musk Astonished by Government Infiltration at Twitter

Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair interpretes Blinken: Don't worry. Our allies are fine with those leaks. "To be fair to Blinken, a lot of the “juicier” looking stories really are just business as usual in the intelligence community." Breitbart sees Biden’s Parole Pipeline Frees over a Million Migrants into U.S., Exceeding Populations of 6 States, crisis by design. Bob Spencer at Front Page hears Joe Biden Says He’s Writing a Book. "Does he have enough crayons?" Am Great's Chris Roach names all the ways Biden Is Even Worse than Obama. A high bar indeed. Kevin Downey at PJM says Climate Be Damned! Inspector General Investigating Buttigieg's Private Jet-Setting Life.

Breitbart reports Trump Edges into National Lead Against Biden Post-Indictment and Sen. Bill Hagerty Endorses Donald Trump for 2024. Is that supposed to mean something to me? Da Caller hears Trumpworld Abuzz About Potential VP Pick — And The Qualities Trump’s Looking For. Pretty sure it ain't Pence. "Trump will likely choose a female to be his running mate, sources close to the campaign said." At Bearing Arms, Cam notes Trump vows to end the war on guns, but not the only speaker to wow the crowd at NRA. I think Trump's commitment to the 2nd Amendment is a mile wide, and skin deep, but I'll take it over the Democrats. Mike LaChance at LI says Democrats Are Absolutely Terrified by the Possibility of a Third Party Run by ‘No Labels.’ “the possibility of a well-financed third-party presidential campaign that could help elect a MAGA extremist president in 2024 ,. . . A new opinion column at the Washington Post shows how deep the panic runs. This piece was written by Jonathan Cowan, president of Third Way, Rahna Epting, the executive director of MoveOn, and Patrick Gaspard, the CEO of the Center for American Progress Action Fund." And last but least in this lot, Jazz Shaw is in awe that Santos to announce reelection campaign Monday. A liar of almost Bidenesque magnitude and style.

At Am Think John Leonard wonders Can you convict a ham sandwich? In New York or DC? Probably. PJM's Matt Margolis claims Democrats are Ignoring Real Crime in Favor of Targeting Trump. If nothing else, they should see criminals as competition. At Da Fed Tristan Justice lists 19 Times Democrats And DOJ Deliberately Politicized Law Enforcement and says Sam Brinton Avoids Jail Time For Stealing Women’s Luggage While Meme Creator Faces 10 Years Behind Bars. At the Aspen Beat, Glenn Beaton reviews “The Fall of the FBI” and takes James Comey to task, and more. "I have only one criticism of the just-released book by long-time superstar FBI agent Thomas Baker entitled “The Fall of the FBI.” It really should be entitled “The Winter of the FBI.” That’s how bad things have gotten in the upper echelons of the Bureau. Da Caller, calls it ‘A Grave Scandal’ that The Administration Of The Second Catholic President Won’t Stop Targeting The Church, Experts Warn

At Fox, C-SPAN declines to cover two consecutive House Judiciary field hearings, fuels accusations of bias "C-SPAN said 'we just don't have the resources' to cover Monday's hearing in NYC, according to emails" Their excuse is the Democrats won't be attending, as if that didn't stop them from covering the J6 Committee. You can slant a lot by what you cover. 

At Red State, Nick Arama thinks Elon Drops Bombshell About Government Control During Tucker Carlson Interview. Sundance at CTH, Elon Musk States “Government Agencies Had Full Access to Everything That Was Going on in Twitter”, Including DM’s and tells a cautionary tale about Jack's Magic Coffee Shop.  Always remember, whatever they did with Twitter, they did with Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon Media as well. PJM's Cathy Salgado hears Twitter Files Journalist: Global Governments Coordinate to Censor Citizens, "According to Twitter Files journalist Michael Shellenberger, governments around the world coordinate with each other on censorship efforts. The attack on free speech really is a worldwide war — which is downright terrifying." At Twitchy, Glenn Greenwald shows how NYT and WaPo write ‘whatever the (Deep) State wants’ in DAMNING threadGlenn Greenwald@ggreenwald "Look what's going on here: First the NYT (jointly with CIA-front Bellingcat) and WPost hunted down, exposed and ensured the arrest of the 21-year-old leaker. Now they're having a party with the docs, publishing one "EXCLUSIVE" after the next as if they bravely "obtained" them:" On the Summit, Biden Administration considers increasing social media surveillance after Pentagon leaks. Of course, any excuse. At Am Think JB Shurk thinks They Fear You

At OutKick, Budweiser Runs Patriotic Ad After Dylan Mulvaney Disaster. The flags and Clydesdales are back in style. At Twitchy, Brit Hume has just ONE word for Anheuser-Busch CEO’s statement on Dylan Mulvaney and LOL. He's much kinder than I am. Althouse quotes Dylan Mulvaney, "I have tried to be the most uncontroversial person this past year, and somehow it has made me controversial still." Way to bullshit! Mark Dice, on YouTube says Donald Trump Jr. Has Crossed The Line! by supporting Bud Light. From Chicks on the Right, a Female Shotputter Perfectly Explains What’s Wrong with Nike’s Sponsorship of Dylan Mulvaney.  “For many years, I had two jobs to support my shot putting career. Recently I found a private sponsor through my athletics club Thames Valley Harriers, which enables me to keep competing. But most female athletes don’t have that advantage. Women get 1 per cent of all sports sponsorship money – and yet to see Nike willing to shell out however many thousands it is to Mulvaney – who, remember, has not fully ‘transitioned’ to female – is utterly demoralising.”

Twitchy, SNL identifies as not/funny – pushes trans activism on kids instead of doing comedy. I wouldn't know, I haven't watched in years. At TNP, ‘Build-a-Bear’ is Selling Drag Queen Teddy Bears, building up their "social credit" score. At Am Great, Lloyd Billingsley says Biden Youth is Goose Stepping to Trans Ideology. "Should conditions revert to the summer of 2020, with Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting, arson, and murder in cities across the nation, squads of Audrey Hales could form a transaatzgruppen targeting churches and schools. Based on experience to date, the virulently anti-Christian Biden Junta would look the other way." At Front Page, The Left’s Disposable Transgender Children "We used to treat mental illness with the goal of helping people." Now we induct them into the war against civilization. From PM, the Navy indoctrinates service members kids in gender identity without parental consent "It is Navy DHA (Deployment Health Assessment), at 12-years-old, parents cannot look at their children’s medical records online." Robby Starbuck@robbystarbuck, "This week in Bahrain the Navy told sailors that they talk to their children at age 12 about gender identity, sex, STD’s, pregnancy, etc. without notifying parents. When asked if "the Navy’s policy circumvents a parents right to know?" the @USNavy official answered "Yes". Insane. At Compact, Mary Harrington, says I Was Canceled for Saying Sex Is Real

My immediate offense was a tweet criticizing child gender-reassignment surgery, an irreversible act that can permanently sterilize the patient. My criticism was strongly worded, because some things deserve to be strenuously opposed. Children who undergo gender-reassignment surgery are legally unable to consent to sex. They aren’t allowed to purchase cigarettes or alcohol. And yet in gender reassignment, their sexual organs are removed, and they are prescribed powerful hormones. I described the people who engage in these operations as “butchers,” and I stand by my words.

Derek Hunter at Town Hall experiences schadenfreude as NYT  Liberals Get A Big Dose Of Their Own Medicine

At Da College Fix,  Yale columnist shares anger at ‘polite’ and calm pro-life peers. Liberal discourse at its finest. 

“Would you like to discuss this? Let’s talk about it respectfully,” they insisted. “We can debate about this.” Their smug civility was infuriating; their invitations for debate, inflammatory. I could barely seethe out my opinion about the misogyny of holding such a debate at all; simpering, the male students gestured to the only female student with them. Their wide, innocent eyes asked the unspoken question: how could they possibly be misogynist when one of their club members was a woman?

Tristan Justice again, reports an Exclusive: Disney’s 11th-Hour Move To Evade DeSantis Oversight Is Legally Void, Per Source. Sounds like, but it sort of depends on the judge.

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