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Flotsam and Jetsam - A Gag Order for Trump?

A new week begins, and a new cycle of awfulness for the American judicial system. Breitbart reports Manhattan Judge to Put ‘Gag Order’ on Donald Trump "A source close to the legal team told the Daily Mail the judge will take an “unprecedented step” to silence the 2024 presidential candidate. The gag order could potentially undercut his ability to campaign on the issue of legal corruption during the primary." Jim Hoft at Gateway, “I Would Not Be Surprised” – Harmeet Dhillon: NY DA’s Office May Try to Silence Trump with Gag Order – To Prevent Him from Campaigning (VIDEO). I don't see how it's legal to silence a defendant, but remember, they did it to Roger Stone. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire reports Former Manhattan DA Says Trump Complaints May Escalate Case Against Him. "During an appearance on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Vance said the way Trump is chastising Alvin Bragg as well as the judge presiding over the case could make matters worse for the former president."

DC Enquirer, ‘New York City is a Joke’: Manhattan Prosecutors Charge Victim of Assault With Attempted Murder.  Ace, Alvin Bragg Isn't Just A Hyper-Partisan Political Hack Doing The Dirty Work Of The Democrat Junta...He's Stupid And A Lousy Lawyer Too! "Nine months after Democrat apparatchik and Soros fluffer Alvin Bragg got bitch-slapped over the ridiculous murder charges filed against bodega worker Jose Alba, he has doubled down with an even more ridiculous charge... Manhattan garage worker charged with attempted murder after shooting thief." Jazz Shat at Hat Hair, Bragg brings murder charges against man who shot thief who shot him first. But then, from Da Wire, Bragg’s Office Backs Off Initial Attempted Murder Charge Of NYC Garage Worker In Gun Battle With Alleged Thief

At Breitbart, Jim Jordan says ‘Everything’s on the Table’ Regarding Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. He better be squeaky clean. Dan Chaitin again, Trump Spy Chief John Ratcliffe Flips Script, Says Indictment Leak Is A Crime."“The only felony of which we can be certain to come out of this Alvin Bragg prosecution in New York is the felony committed either by DA Bragg himself or someone on the grand jury that he’s using for this perversion of our justice system,” Ratcliffe told “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo." At Town Hall Kevin McCullough asks Has It Already Backfired?

At NYPo, Ex-AG Bill Barr says Trump should not testify in hush money case because ‘he lacks all self-control. Probably true. Mediaite, Bill Barr Claims Trump Indictment Is Designed to Get Him 2024 Nomination. It is interesting that there are two quite opposite views of what the indictment is about, first to make him too toxic to run, because they're afraid he might win again, or second, to boost him because they believe he's a loser. Rajan Laad at Am Think thinks  Pelosi's Tweet Reveals the Real Intentions Behind Trump’s Indictment. At SLAY, Pelosi Caught Making False Claims about Trump Case, Gets Shut Down by Fact Checker. Breitbart, Former Attorney General Bill Barr: Trump Indictment Is ‘an Abomination,’ ‘Makes Us Look Like a Banana Republic’. Bob Spencer at PJM,  Integrity: Notable Trump Critics Speak Out, Say Trump Indictment Is a Disgrace and at Front Page he says Even If You Hate Trump, You Should Be Standing With Him Now "The Left’s persecution of Trump shows what it has in store for all of us." At I&I, Trump Isn’t A Special Case, He’s A Test Case . Tristan Justice at Da Fed fears Every Republican Presidential Hopeful Had Better Be Ready For The Trump Treatment.  At Not The Bee, Wow ... Even Jeb Bush has come out against Trump's indictment. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed thinks the Trump Indictment Launches Era Of Police-State Politics In America.  At Am Great Roger Kimball says it's Banana Time for the Rule of Law "When agents of the deep state hector you about “the rule of law,” laugh in their faces" and Rod Thompson, adds  ‘No One Is Above the Law’? Don’t You Believe It, "The reality is that an awful lot of people are above the law—they just all happen to be Democrats and leftists or members of Democratic voting blocks." At Am Spec, Shmuel Klatzkin accuses Democrats of Inventing a Law to Destroy a Political Opponent "Making political difference a felony undermines democracy for everyone" and Itxu Diaz says The Left Has Gone Too Far This Time "American politics under Biden looks more like one of Stormy’s masterpieces than ever before." Declan Leary At Am Con, sees The Mandela Effect "Even after Trump ascends from his political prosecution, will the country be better off?" JB Shurk at Am Think thinks Donald Trump is a Civil Rights Hero. He may not have totally drained the swamp, but now the water level is low enough to see the crocodiles. Kurt Schlichter at Town Hall, What Did You Do in the Color Revolution, Male-Identifying Parental Unit?

Jonathan Turley examines Comey’s “Good Day”: How Political Prosecutions Became “Ethical Leadership” in the Pursuit of Trump. "It was Comey who violated federal laws and removed FBI material (including reported classified material) after being fired and then leaked information to the media." Althouse, "The former FBI director, who has been teaching and speaking on government ethics, joined others in celebrating the upcoming arrest of Trump because nothing says 'ethical leadership' like a patently political prosecution." "Blogs — scoffs — Jonathan Turley."

From the Am Mind, Seth Barron calls Biden The Mad Emperor of Ice Cream. 1945, Joe Biden Should Terrify You. "If Joe Biden cannot walk a straight line when reviewing troops as he showed in Poland, how is he going to lead troops? This is a fair question for the leader of the free world." Audrey Martin at Town Hall says Biden Nominees are Undermining Confidence in the Courts. I don't have much left. At NYPo, Judge shields Hunter Biden’s finances from public in child-support case. From Campus Reform, House subcommittee holds hearing on negative implications of Biden student loan policies. Da Caller, Biden Admin’s Sweeping New Rules Would Let Green Groups Lease Federal Land Away From Oil, Ranching. Mike Konrad at Am Think worries Will Economic Freedom End this July?

Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed observes the Left Smear Ron DeSantis For Pointing Out The Truth About George Soros. Meanwhile Town Hall's Sarah Arnold reports Florida Senate Quietly Files Bill Allowing DeSantis To Run For POTUS While Serving As Governor. He's running! So is Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Announces 2024 Presidential Run. KT at Hat Hair, Asa Hutchinson throws his hat into the GOP presidential primary ring. Sauron's Eye, Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he's running for president. Fuzzy Slippers at LI, Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Announces 2024 Presidential Run. So now there's someone with a smaller chance than Nikki Haley.

Althouse, "Democrats used a muscular defense of abortion rights to great success in the midterm elections last fall, and, if that strategy works again..."  "Stating an abstraction without more and expecting voters to be triggered into mindless voting? Does abortion work like that? It jolts both pro- and anti- voters. Who knows who reacts more — now that the Court has revoked the constitutional right?"Rick Moran at PJM finds the 'No Labels' Group Scares the Daylights Out of Democrats

"Bonchie" at Red State observes the Slobbering CBS News Interview With John Fetterman Ends With a Head-Scratching Suggestion. "Then Pauley made a head-scratching suggestion. Namely, she insinuated that Fetterman could run for president one day." Matt Margolis at PJM, John Fetterman Gives an Interview, and Well... he didn't look so good. At Althouse, "The question of how can a man not care about living, in a world where those children you clearly adore are living." "One can't help suspecting that the "very substantially degraded" thinking had to do with the stroke."

JTN's Natalia Mittelstadt reports Signature verification software used by Maricopa County says 10% is 'high-confidence' match "Maricopa County has contracts with Runbeck Election Services for Verus Pro signature verification software." I have pretty high confidence that the Arizona election was stolen fair and square.

Stacy McCain thinks he knows What Joe Biden Wants

Don’t know who deserves credit for that meme, but it is accurate in its description of the rhetoric of gun-control advocates, including President Joe Biden, who invoke “assault weapons” to incite an emotional reaction from ignorant people — which is no different, really, than Democrats’ rhetoric about “corporate greed” or “climate change” or “Russian interference in our elections.”

Insty, OLD AND BUSTED: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” The New Hotness? Washington Post Tells on Itself in Hit Piece on Conservatives Allegedly ‘Exploiting’ Nashville Mass Shooting.

Sooo… three days ago it was okay for the Washington Post to exploit the victims of the shooting by portraying the area’s Congressional representative as tacitly complicit in their deaths, but now it’s wrong for the right to allegedly be “exploiting” the trans identify of the Nashville shooter (even though it was the media who made the biggest fuss about Hale’s pronoun status early on while fretting over “misgendering” her)?

CNS News  reports the Biden Administration Releases Report Saying It Is 'Vital' to 'Affirm and Support' an LGBTQI+ Child’s (Preferred) Identity. Tim Meads at Da Wire wonders Has The White House Even Said The Word ‘Christian’ Since The Nashville School Shooting?. Probably not. At NYPo the divine Ms. Devine thinks The Biden White House is uninterested in honoring the Nashville shooting victims. At Breitbart, True dat: Maher notes anyone else planning "Day of Vengeance" would get a WHOLE DIFFERENT reaction. Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn snarks They sure wouldn’t get a slobbering love letter from the White House, either. They’d get the FBI at their door, if they hadn’t already used undercover infiltration because of the imminent danger of the 12 group participants already.  

At Breitbart, Maher: Any Other Group Planning a ‘Day of Vengeance’ Would Get a Much Stronger Media Reaction and Wyoming Democrat Minority Whip Posts Meme of Grandma Shooting AK-47 to Protect Transgender People.  Althouse whines "A rally in Washington DC billed as a 'transgender day of vengeance' has been cancelled after organisers said they had been alerted to a 'credible threat to life and safety.'" ""The Trans Radical Activist Network announced on its website that the march scheduled for the US capital on Saturday would no longer be going ahead following a 'flood of raw hatred directed toward the trans community." You mean, like people disagreeing with them and telling them to stay away from our kids? At Da Mail, Trans activists clash with masked Neo-Nazis in violent brawl outside Supreme Court - after 'Trans Day of Vengeance' was canceled due to 'credible threat to life' in the wake of Nashville massacre.

Breitbart reports Pennsylvania Schools to Exclude Parents from Child’s ‘Gender Transition Plan.’ At Da Caller, EXCLUSIVE: School District’s ‘Women’ Studies Course Instructs Students To Avoid Using ‘Gender-Biased’ Words in San Antonio, Texas! Experts tell ET, Children are being Groomed for Trans Lifestyle by Gender Ideology in Schools. Cited at Hat Hair, School superintendent loses job offer because of horrific "microaggression" "What he claims came under fire is his addressing Kwiecinski and Colby as “ladies” at the beginning of the email. According to Perrone, Kwiecinski said that using “ladies” was a microaggression and “the fact that he didn’t know that as an educator was a problem,” he said." Victory Girls observes the Cartoon Network Pushes Pronouns and Transgenderism to Your Kids.

From Da Caller, ‘Age Is A Number’: Gender Clinic Offered Puberty Blockers To Kids As Young As 8, Surgery Referrals At 14, Records Show, in Pennsylvania. At Da Wire, Reba McEntire Rips New Tennessee Law Protecting Children From Drag Shows. "God bless ’em to wear those high heels." KT at Hat Hair, DHS changes policy to allow applicants to select a gender of their choice without documentation

At Am Think, what Andrea Widburg thinks about The new face of Budweiser: A grown man who looks remarkably like the girls Biden adores. Twitchy, WOW: Twitter responds to Bud Light celebrating Dylan Mulvaney’s ‘365 days of girlhood’ Syzmon Thomas@ThomasSzymon, Replying to OliLondonTV "Congrats @budlight for appealing to 0.4% of the market! Your sales should be through the roof! I mean your other 99.6% demographic might boycott but at least you got that 0.4%!

Insty, FACE IT, MEN MAKE BETTER WOMEN (video). At the Babylon Bee, Doctors Report Startling Rise In Testicular Injuries Among Woman Athletes "This new wave of testicular injuries to female athletes has really come out of nowhere," said Dr. Ryan Kitchen of Boston College's Institute of Sports Medicine. "Years ago, there were absolutely no reported testicular injuries that occurred during women's sporting events. If only we could determine what led to this sudden rise. Such a puzzle!"

Deroy Murdock at Da Caller,  The Racist Left Screams The Quiet Part Out Loud "Standing before the Lincoln Memorial in August 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed that one day “little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.” Sixty years later, the Left has devolved into the racists whom Dr. King once opposed."

At Campus Reform, Federal judge progresses student lawsuit on viewpoint discrimination "A federal judge in Illinois last week decided to allow a former graduate student to sue officials at the Southern University of Illinois Edwardsville (SIUE) for violating her First Amendment rights." OPB, To help new students adapt, some colleges are eliminating grades. At the College Fix, University of Pennsylvania does away with dean’s list recognitions

Dan Chaitin, New York Times Loses Twitter Verification Badge. I guess they can't $8 a month. At Althouse, Elon Musk calls the NYT Twitter postings "diarrhea." At TNP, Political Memes, Illegal In America? Only for Republicans. 

The Wombat has  FMJRA 2.0: Crazy Nietsche – Der Freie Geist up on time and under budget at The Other McCain

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