Friday, April 7, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - FEC Blows Up Bragg Case, WH Defends Afghan Withdrawal, a New Trans Wanna Be Shooter

Reactions to the Trump indictment and continue. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.06.23 (Morning Edition), Jordan Boyd at Da Fed finds 12 Anti-Trump Pundits And Lawmakers Who Think Bragg’s Case Is Terrible, 357 Magnum: Alvin Bragg Won’t Prosecute Criminals But Prosecutes The Law-Abiding Instead, Adam Mill at Am Great has Seven Things You Don’t Know About the Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case, Don Surber says Republicans Lay The Groundwork For 2025 Indictments,  The Geller Reports As Trump Goes to Court For Paying Off Stormy Daniels, Another Court Awards Him $121,962 From Stormy Daniels, Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI, thinks the  Political Prosecution of Trump “Tears at the Fabric of the Country” and is “a Master Manipulation by Democrats”, This Ain’t Hell: Let’s talk Trump and Mark Steyn is opposed to Arresting the Opposition Candidate. Mary Chastain at LI, ‘Underwhelming’: Reactions to Trump’s Arraignment Shows It’s a Nothingburger, "“There’s a curious omission in the Donald Trump indictment and statement of facts – The specific federal law Trump violated.”" Margot Cleveland at Da Fed, Alvin Bragg’s Trump Indictment Is Even More Pathetic And Partisan Than We Could Have Imagined. At HE, Alan Dershowitz tells Charlie Kirk he believes Trump will be convicted—but verdict will be overturned on appeal. Sundance at CTH, Alan Dershowitz Delivers a Solid Review About the Ridiculous Nature of the Trump Indictment, and the Remaining Cases as Constructed Ace, Law Professor: This Indictment Is a Legal Embarrassment. It's Trump's Fault for Making Alvin Bragg Turn Our Legal System Into a Joke. "Writing in the New York Times of all places, professor Jed Handelsman Shugerman writes an analysis titled, "The Trump Indictment Is a Legal Embarrassment." But he's pretty sure he knows who's responsible for the unhinged maniacs who fancy themselves as Stewards of Our Civilization turning into vicious, animalistic monsters: It's Trump's fault, obviously. Look what he made us do." Dan Flynn at Am Spec, 34 x 0 = 0, "Alvin Bragg cannot wish away math." 'Wolf Howling' at Am Think thinks Bragg’s Lawfare Tears Apart A Thousand Years of Anglo-American Jurisprudence.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.06.23 (Evening Edition), at LI, Mary Chastain notes FEC Commissioner Reminds Bragg That Officials Concluded Trump Case Isn’t ‘a Campaign Finance Violation’ and Stacy Matthews catches a CNN ‘Fact Checks’ Trump’s Claim of Soros/Bragg Connection, that Accidentally Admits A Connection. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, FEC commissioner to Bragg: We already concluded no crime took place, pal. Sundance at CTH, FEC Commissioner Undermines Entire Manhattan Prosecution, The Trump-Daniels NDA Is Not an Election Campaign Violation.

Breitbart, Donald Trump Calls on Republicans to Defund the DOJ and FBI. Sundance, President Trump Shares New 2024 Campaign Video Against Backdrop of Malicious Legal Persecution. Athena Thorne at PJM, Attorney Joe Tacopina: Trump's 'Knees Do Not Buckle'.

PJM's Bob Spencer notes a Conflict of Interest: Trump Judge Is Biden Donor, Daughter Worked on Biden-Harris Campaign. At Breitbart, Of Course Bragg’s Office Leaked Trump Indictment to Deep State Stooge Michael Isikoff. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Manhattan DA’s Office Nukes ‘Meet Our Team’ Page, Staff Scrub Online Profiles, because they're so proud of their work. Eddie Scarry at Da Fed thinks Alvin Bragg Needs A Friend. "You don’t have to immerse yourself in the dry legal details of the criminal charges against Donald Trump to determine whether the case is strong. Just measure the miles that Washington and New York elites are placing between them and the unfortunately named Alvin Bragg." The Divine Ms. Devine at NYPo sees Hunter Biden flashes cocky smile as DA goes after Trump in legal double standard. Insty has COMMENTARY FROM THE PRESIDENT OF EL SALVADOR: Nayib Bukele@nayibbukele, "Think what you want about former President Trump and the reasons he’s being indicted. But just imagine if this happened in any other country, where a government arrested the main opposition candidate. The United States ability to use “democracy” as foreign policy is gone." Kurt Schlichter at Town Hall claims The Only Way to Restore the Norms Is to Finish Them Off

Rick Moran at PJM notes Stormy Daniels Made Far More as Trump 'Victim' Than She Ever Did as a Porn Actress

The White House released its "independent" review of the Afghanistan withdrawal on a Friday before a major holiday, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, it exonerated the Biden administration, and blamed the botched military operation on none other than Donald Trump. Althouse, "A Biden  administration review of Afghanistan withdrawal blames Trump." NPR headline. "During the transition from the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration, the outgoing Administration provided no plans for how to conduct the final withdrawal or to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies," the assessment said. "Indeed, there were no such plans in place when President Biden came into office, even with the agreed upon full withdrawal just over three months away."  Insty, HAHA, OF COURSE:

Beege Wellborn at Hat Hair, Kirby on Kabul: Chaos? What chaos? Nick Arama at Red State, Doocy Wrecks Kirby Over Gaslighting on Afghanistan Report, Claim That Purpose 'Is Not Accountability'. Ben Bartee at PJM, WATCH: Pentagon Propagandist Admits Intelligence Agencies Are Essentially Useless in Afghanistan Withdrawal Report Briefing. Sundance, White House Releases 11-Page Review of Biden Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal, Blaming Trump for Biden’s Bad Decisions. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.06.23 (Evening Edition), Twitchy reports  John Kirby Says It’s “Ridiculous” That We Left Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Stuff In Afghanistan. It was billions, with a "b".

Beege Wellborn again, On the road: Biden classified documents scattered from CHINAtown to Delaware. "The documents were moved from the vice-presidency to at least three different locations in a personal vehicle. And why they were in three different locations we don’t know. They weren’t stored behind any lock. One of the locations was in Chinatown." Elle Purnell at Da Fed catches Joe Biden  Now Creepily Laughing At Inappropriate Times, Just Like Kamala. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.06.23 (Morning Edition), WUWT cites Da Caller, Biden EPA Chief Wants Funding to Hire Hundreds Of ‘Environmental Justice’ Bureaucrats. Patronage jobs. At Am Spec, Emmett Tyrrell, Inflation Your … Flation "Under Joe, the rate of inflation has averaged 6.2 percent for the last two years." At TNP, Trump’s Massive Mar-a-Lago Speech Prophesied Dollar Decline, and Worse Times For America Under Biden. Sundance, Tucker Carlson Outlines the Ramification of Trillions in U.S. Treasury Bonds No Longer Needed as Global Securities. Not good. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.06.23 (Evening Edition), This Ain’t Hell  Kamala Harris’s staff complains about food quality on Air Force Two. Make 'em eat bugs.

Capt. Ed, Proxies: DeSantis targets Fed chair as "total and complete disaster". Paul Kengor at Am Spec says DeSantis Unleashes the Truth About the Left in Pennsylvania Speech "Ron DeSantis clearly knows where the real threat is coming from." DeSantis' crazy nemesis, Rebekah Jones turned in her own son for murderous threats, then blamed DeSantis. Dave Strom at Hat Hair Rebekah Jones claims DeSantis kidnapped her son; UPDATE: video/warrant. Greg Price@greg_price11, "Rebekah Jones claimed that her son was kidnapped when in reality she turned him in because he threatened people. Anyone who continues to amplify her insane claims should be endlessly mocked as a brainless NPC." Insty, Unexpectedly! The Ultimate ‘Florida Woman?’ It’s Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day. 'Becca Downs at Town Hall sees Gavin Newsom Just Won't Quit His Weird Obsession With Florida

Ace, Hillary Clinton Whines That Douglass Mackey, aka Rickey Vaughan, Stole The Election From Her, "It remains enraging to watch The Regime encourage the left to claim that elections stolen from them, while the selfsame Regime prosecutes the right claiming elections were stolen from them. Douglass Mackey was corruptly convicted of posting an online meme. The meme -- obviously a joke -- said that people could just text their votes for Hillary Clinton." Kevin Downey at PJM reports Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies Obama Received Millions in Stolen CCP Cash From Fugees Founder 'Pras' Michel. At Points and Figures Jeff Carter wonders Is It Abortion? "Why Do Republicans Lose"

Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair says Don't defund the FBI. Clean it out. Nope, it's too far gone. Fire them all, and hire the good ones back as US Marshals. 

From Da Caller, DHS ‘Misinformation’ Panel Dismissed Concerns Over Speech Crackdown As ‘Bad Faith’. Matt Taibbi at Racket, Eat Me, MSNBC "Reviewing the last six years at the network that claims now to be concerned with integrity and accuracy." Hat Hair's Dave Strom covers a story about how The more you trust the media, the less accurate you are. Ben Bartee at PJM fears Techno-Hell: Bill Gates Rejects Elon Musk's Plea to Pause AI Development Over Potential Dangers.

William Whitworth, a 19-year-old male who claims to be female and goes by the name “Lilly,” has been arrested in Colorado Springs, Colo., after threatening various local schools. Whitworth has been charged with two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree, as well as criminal mischief, menacing, and more. His case, following so soon after Audrey Hale, a woman claiming to be male, murdered six people at a Christian school in Nashville, once again raises the question: wouldn’t we be better off treating this “transgender” business as mental illness rather than coddling and celebrating people who suffer from these delusions?

Ace, in red italics with the flaming skull, ANOTHER Transgender Arrested for Planning a Fresh School Shooting in Colorado. Matt Vespa at Town Hall on Why the Media Isn't Going to Touch This School Shooting Plot in Colorado. Stephen Kruiser at PJM notes A Lot of the Trans Folks Are Self-Identifying as Violent Now. Duane Patterson at Hat Hair VIP finds a North Dakota Lutheran "pastor" - who says that Nashville shooter was totally like Jesus. Insty, WYOMING DEM SAYS YOU SHOULD DIE: "If you oppose the transgender insanity, that is. State Rep. Karlee Provenza is right up front with her murderous advocacy, according to The Lid’s Warner Todd Huston, as the Wyoming Democrat posted this shortly after a 28-year-old woman killed three adults and three nine-year-old children in a Nashville school." Kylie Schidler at Am Great, examines Trans-Militants and Their Supporters "The tolerance for political violence from approved minority communities will only fuel more radicalism, and more left-wing extremism." At Da Caller, Dear Trans People, Radical Leftist Activists Aren’t The Allies You Think They Are. Althouse, "A symposium in support of Afghan and Iranian women has been postponed after organisers received threats from transgender activists for inviting a feminist who says sex is determined by biology." "The London Times reports."

At College Reform, Pitt students draft demands for trans 'medical leave,' no police, and mandatory gender class. Da Caller, Indiana Bans Sex Changes For Minors. But the Free Bacon reports Colorado Poised to Become Haven for Youth Gender Reassignment Surgeries, "Transgender Rep. Brianna Titone claims 'nobody would want' to be transgender voluntarily." Beege Wellborn, White House still cool with 5 yr olds whacking private parts, FL and IN are "NOPE". At Twitchy, Parent shut down for ‘personal attacks’ against school official’s transgender locker room policies. From Grabien, cited at Hat Hair, Whitlock: What common ground exists with people who think men can become women? BIC, Sony Pictures Promotes Child Mutilation In Latest Trailer For ‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’ With “Protect Trans Kids” Flag. Jazz Shaw, Parents report "declining mental health" in post-transition children

Mary Chastain at LI, Nike Women Picks Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney to Model New Activewear "Nike Women thinks having a biological male model sports bras will attract biological females." Twitchy, Nike throws some money at Dylan Mulvaney to dance around in a sports bra and leggings. SLAY, PR Expert: ‘Bud Light Lit Brand on Fire, People Pouring Beer Down Their Sink.’ At The Mix, Kid Rock Opens Fire On Cases Of Bud Light After Brand Names Transgender Influencer Dylan Mulvaney As Poster Girl. From the Babylon Bee, Scientists At Budweiser Attempt To Discover How Many Beers It Would Take For Dylan Mulvaney To Pass As A Woman

At the Free Bacon, Hola, Homosaurus: Biden Admin Shells Out Six Figures To Translate Gay Dictionary Into Spanish, "Project includes definitions for terms such as 'anal fisting' and 'jizz'" Matt Margolis at PJM, Canadian Politician Wants to Criminalize 'Offensive Remarks' Near Drag Queen Story Hours. A typical Canadian view of free speech. Mike LaChance at LI, NASA Embraces DEI Policies, Appoints ‘Diversity Ambassador’ "“Now more than ever, NASA is leading all of humanity on an unprecedented journey of discovery, exploration and innovation. To be successful in our missions, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility must continue to be at the forefront.”" More makework grift jobs for Democrats supporters. BIC, ‘Blue Beetle’ Director Deletes Tweet Wishing Assassination On President Donald Trump, Claims Puerto Rico Is A “Slave Colony.” Brandon Morse at Red State warns Dear Democrats, It's Only a Matter of Time Before the Machine Turns on You. Mark Tapscott at PJM, Conservative Baptist Network Chalks up Instructive Victory Versus LGBTQ Woke Forces. Money talks. 

The College Fix reports a survey Most college students won’t discuss controversial topics for fear of peer backlash. Life News sees a Pro-Life Group Threaten a University With Legal Action After It Let Violent Antifa Mob Hijack Their Event. Hollywood in Toto notes how This Australian Comic Predicted Academia’s Woke Insanity – 7 Years Ago "Neel Kolhatkar's 'Educayshun' clip goes to the heart of the illiberal, violent Left"

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