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Flotsam and Jetsam - Sleepy Joe, Talking Tucker

Yeah, we're still talking Tucker. At the Wombats, In The Mailbox: 04.28.23 Am Con's  Bradley Devlin describes A Last Supper with Tucker Carlson, "Did Fox News strike after Tucker Carlson spoke about God at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Gala?" It's long, but a good read IMHO.  Also from the Wombat, Da Fed's Auguste Meyrat says Tucker Carlson’s Fox Departure Signals The End For Corporate Media. If only. Also at Da Fed, Stella Morbata reports I Taped A Show With Tucker On Censorship Right Before He Was Fired

Ace hears a rumor from Matt Boyle: Fox Is Trying to Keep Tucker Carlson Off The Air Through the 2024 Election. "We've been hearing this, but Matt Boyle is excellent confirmation. Tucker Carlson hired him out of college to work at the Daily Caller (which Tucker used to own; I think he sold it because Fox forced him to)." PM hears from Newsmax's Carl Higbie that BlackRock played a role in Tucker Carlson's Fox ouster. At 1945, Tucker Carlson To 19FortyFive: I’m Still Employed By Fox “I’m still employed by Fox,” ,"Carlson said in a text message to 19FortyFive. Carlson, however, did not go into detail why he believes his show was cancelled." Hat Hair's Capt. Ed says "That’s likely going to be a very temporary situation. Fox may want to sit on Tucker for as long as possible to keep him from competing, but Tucker could then have a breach-of-contract claim against Fox. I’d guess that attorneys on both sides are crafting an exit agreement that will force Fox to pony up the rest of their contract or let him get on with his work elsewhere. Or a blend of both." PJM's Matt Margolis, The Fox News Feud With Tucker Carlson Is About to Get Ugly, with blackmail rumors. Amber Athey at Spec World cited at Hat Hair, Tucker guest: Plaintiff in lawsuit repeatedly talked about how she loved working for the show

Bob Spencer at Front Page thinks Fox Commits Suicide. "Why would a network fire its top-rated show host?" Larry O'Connor at Town Hall wonders Has Fox Finally Blown It?  Breitbart, claims an Exclusive — Disarray Consumes Fox News as Murdochs Attempt to Reassert Control with Carlson, Bongino Ousters. Virginia Kruta at Da Wire, Tucker Draws 18 Million – And Counting – With Video Statement. Sundance at CTH, Scale – Tucker Carlson 2 Minute Video Had More Viewers Than All Cable News Programming Combined in 24 Hour Period – 72.7M vs 53.1M. At the Wombats, In The Mailbox: 04.28.23 Louder With Crowder reports Joe Rogan thinks Tucker Carlson going to Rumble would be “f*cking huge” and these numbers back him up. At NewsMax, Newsmax Beating Down Tucker Carlson's Door, Wants Him to Run Entire Channel.

Capt. Ed reads Anxious: Part-time president -- and his handlers -- seek to avoid "age trap" "Some of us are morning people. Some of us are night people. And one of us, according to Axios, is more of a “between lunch and naptime” person." At Da Wire, Report: Biden Is Only Functional Six Hours A Day, Five Days A Week. PJM's VodkaPundit, White House Makes a Startling Admission About Biden. At Fox, Even Biden advisers admit president's age is a liability, ‘diminished his energy’: Axios report. "White House aides have described the president as 'an aging king,' protected by a 'tight-knit palace guard of longtime aides'" At the Wombats, In The Mailbox: 04.28.23  Power Line,  The Age Issue: Biden Vs. Reagan. Ace, The Sundowner Chronicles: Biden Has Revealed His Campaign Plans, And It's Basement Biden 2.0, Reports the NYT and Axios "NORMZZZ! Have the normzzz been restored to your most delicate of satisfactions, NeverTrump cvcks?

At the Wombats In The Mailbox: 04.28.23 Victory Girls: Democrats Have More Than Five Reasons To Worry About Biden and Weasel Zippers: Biden Struggles To Read His Teleprompter During Biden-Harris 2024 Kickoff Event. Breitbart has a Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Hits Record Low as He Launches Reelection Effort. I&I claims Joe Biden Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

At Da Caller, ‘Can You Wait Your Turn?’: Multiple Journalists Press KJP On LA Times Reporter’s Question Being Written On Cheat Sheet. Ace, Yesterday a Photograph Was Published Showing Biden's Cheat-Sheet for Calling on Reporters Who Had Pre-Screened Their Questions. Today, CNN Says Republicans are "Seizing" On This Blatant, Stage-Managed Fraud and The Washington Post's Media "Reporter:" AKSHUALLY We in the Media Have Been Telling Democrats Our Questions In Advance for Years and Years and There's No Problem With That, We've Decided. At the Wombats In The Mailbox: 04.28.23 Jon Tobin at Da Fed, How Far Will Corporate Media Go To Cover For And Re-Elect Joe Biden? How far do they need to?

From John Nantz at Front Page, IRS Whistleblower Playing it by the Book, "What protections do whistleblowers really have?" Hat Hair's Dave Strom digs into What really makes me angry about the Hunter Biden stories, "Everything, really. But I will boil it down to a minor rant." Bob Spencer again, Nothing to See Here: Blinken Used Private Email Address to Keep in Touch with Hunter Biden. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed warns The Russia Hoax Orbiting Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is So Much Bigger Than Blinken  and  8 Ways Government Shielded Joe Biden From The ‘Laptop From Hell’. John Solomon at Charlotte Hazard at JTN report James Comer pointedly warns against witness intimidation, too narrow DOJ focus in Hunter Biden probe. "We've got witnesses that are scared to death to come forward, "alleged the Kentucky Republican, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. "They fear for their lives." At PI, Wayne Dupree, GOP Senator Grassley Accuses FBI of Covering Up Biden Family ‘Potential Criminal Conduct. Breitbart has another Poll: Majority Believe Biden Family Received Millions from Chinese Government-Linked Sources. From the Free Bacon, ‘The China Way’: Biden Campaign Co-Chair Lavished Praise on China in Interview with CCP Propaganda Outlet. Joe Weber at JTN reports Biden again doesn't include son Hunter's out-of-wedlock child when talking about his grandchildren.

Breitbart, Biden Energy Secretary Wants U.S. Military to Adopt an All-Electric Vehicle Fleet in 7 Years, I'm looking forward to seeing her solutions with aircraft and tanks. Breitbart has another Poll: Majority Are Concerned About Price of Gas, Want Lawmakers to Focus on Oil and Gas Drilling. At the Free Bacon, The ‘Su Tax’: California Businesses Are Still Paying for Biden Nominee Julie Su’s $31B Mistake, failing upwards. At Fox, Biden’s mortgage redistribution plan may burden one minority group the most, "Asian Americans already face higher mortgage denial rates despite higher credit scores." Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw wonders Can the GOP repeal the war on good credit? Rick Moran at PJM notices GDP Numbers Point to a Recession Just in Time for the 2024 Presidential Election. Breitbart, Biden Adviser: We Won’t Negotiate on Debt Limit Because No One Can Say ‘It’s Either My Way’ or Default, it's his way or the highway. At WaEx, Five things to know about the debt ceiling bill passed by House Republicans "It has virtually no chance of raising the debt ceiling as it is currently written. Democrats hold a slight edge in the Senate, and the McCarthy legislation is essentially dead on arrival. Democrats oppose many of its provisions, such as increasing work requirement strictures for welfare." At the Peacock, First Republic most likely headed for FDIC receivership, sources say; shares drop 40%. Well, Cramer recommended it!

Ace, Noted Scientific Genius Kamala Harris Ponders the Mysteries of Time Itself, "Biden is attempting to rehabilitate Kamala Harris' credibility and approval for the tenth time. . . . I don't want to make any predictions about the future success of this venture, but I have a feeling that, once again, White Men Will Fail to Position Kamala Harris for success." At Am Great Nice Deb notes ABC News Airs ‘Hatchet Job’ RFK Jr. Interview, Cuts Out Comments on COVID Jabs and Other Vaccines. I don't want him for Preznit, but compared to Biden? A least his brain works. At NYPo, Fellow Democrats, recognize how dangerous is an ambitious AOC.

Wayne Dupree at PI, Florida GOP Introduces Bill to Allow DeSantis to Run for President as Governor, which pisses off Never-DeSantis sundance, Florida House Passes Bill Allowing DeSantis to Run in 2024 Without Resigning – Heads to Governor Desk for Signature, After He Returns from Overseas Tour. Star News reports Republican Presidential Hopeful Ramaswamy Lays Out ‘Path to Victory’ — America First 2.0. I saw him on Gutfeld the other night, and he was smart, but I don't see it happening. We'll probably do worse. At JTN, Trump drops new Biden nickname in New Hampshire speech  There are so many that could work. Sundance, Donald Trump Talks About “Letters to Trump” and Current Events With Steve Bannon Josiah Lippincott at Am Great fears Conservatives Lost the Culture War and the Trump Agenda Is the Only Path Forward.

Jonathan Turley, Bagging “Jim Eagle”: 11th Circuit Upholds Florida’s Voting Reforms. "Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit upheld critical provisions in Florida election law reforms, including provisions that Democratic politicians and pundits spent years misrepresenting as “a return to Jim Crow.”" Capt. Ed, "It’s also significant in another sense. Walker took the Disney lawsuit against DeSantis too even though Walker has made public criticisms of DeSantis’ policies. He’s widely expected to side with Disney on the Reedy Creek dispute, and just as widely expected to get overturned on it by the 11th Circuit. Assuming, of course, that the legislature doesn’t moot it entirely by passing statutes undoing the arguable basis for Disney’s last-minute deal." Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn claims NC reinstates RACISM...I mean Voter I.D. 'Bonchie' at Red State, Massive Supreme Court Rulings in North Carolina May Have Just Saved Republicans in 2024. At Da Blaze, North Carolina Supreme Court hands down ruling on gerrymandering that will have huge implications in 2024. At Twitchy, Democrats prevented from cheating to ‘ratify’ the Equal Rights Amendment

At Am Think, Stephen Baskerville thinks he knows How Conservatives Got the Trump Indictment Backwards. The Redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great warns the Outcome of Proud Boys Trial Could Decide Trump’s Fate; "Guilty verdicts in the most consequential January 6 trial will be the green light the Justice Department has been waiting for to go after the former president." ET notes how Manhattan DA Seeks to Prevent Trump From Publicizing Evidence in Criminal Case. He doesn't want us to see how weak the case is. 

According to MRC TV, FBI Used Database of ‘Incidental Collection’ Info about U.S. Citizens 3.4M Times – 30% in Error – Rep. Jordan Reveals. Sundance, Wait, WHAT? – DOJ Inspector General Reveals More than 10,000 Federal Employees Have Access to NSA Database for Surveillance Inquiries. At Breitbart, Internal Revenue Service Hiring Armed Agents for All 50 States. "Among the major duties of IRS special agents is to “be willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.”Another duty is to “carry a firearm.”" Brandon Drey at Da Wire reports a Catholic Group Sues DOJ, FBI In Leaked Anti-Catholic Memo Case

Matt Margolis has An Update on the Nashville Trans Shooter’s Manifesto "Frankly, I’ll believe the manifesto will be released only after it has actually happened. But the public has the right to know what’s in it, and it should be revealed." Mark Tapson at Front Page worries about Trans Days of Violence "Gender ideology + violence = terrorism." HE, Trans activist mob shuts down screening of film on women's rights at Edinburgh University. Bob Spencer at Front Page, Enough is Enough: Gender Madness at Wisconsin High School. "A man claiming to be a woman is allowed to shower with girls." At Da Wire, Tennessee Officials Sued By Biden Hit Back With Promise To Fight Child Sex-Change Push. Libs of TikTok, Rural Texas school promotes chatrooms for children to talk to strangers about gender, tells parents to affirm trans kids. Da Caller, Mayor Loses It At School Board After Discovering ‘Filth.  Dave Strom observes how Brave teachers refuse to be silenced in San Diego and Matt Walsh show free on Twitter

Liz Wheeler
At Fox, Virginia college students get heated protesting Liz Wheeler's 'Ideology of Transgenderism' speech, "Demonstrators lined up both inside and outside the venue to protest Wheeler's appearance at the event put on by YAF." At Blaze, Montana legislature formally gives trans Democrat the boot for 'encouraging an insurrection.' Ace catches the AP: "Zooey Zephyr," the Transgender Who Aided and Abetted an Insurrection in the State House, is a Hero For Our Age -- Nay, Any Age, "He's a credit to her gender -- the human gender. So weird how this gets a completely different style of coverage than the J6 disruptors." 

Chicks on the Right sees Dylan Mulvaney Is Out Of Control. KT at Hat Hair, Dylan Mulvaney: Misgendering should be illegal; Griner: banning men from women's sports should be a crime. At Da Wire, Brittney Griner: It’s A ‘Crime’ To Stop Biological Males From Competing Against Women. Send her back. Outkick, Trans Swimmer Argues Michael Phelps Had 'Biological Advantages', therefore you should let men compete against women. Zach Dean at OutKick says Hey, Bud Light, Stop Pandering To Us With 'Chicken Fried'. At the Mix Harry Potter Actor Jim Broadbent Declares He Would Support J.K. Rowling On Transgender Ideology Issues

WaPoo whines ‘DEI is dead’: At VMI, Youngkin’s diversity chief slams diversity, equity, inclusion

Lincoln Brown at PJM, Elon Musk Drops the Hammer on Twitter Account Debuting Pedo Flag. On Da Summit, Elon Musk Nukes Account That Tweeted Pedophilia ‘Pride Flag’ “Not tolerated on this platform” When will they make a necrophilia flag? Sundance catches Ukraine Intelligence Admitting to Using FBI to Remove Facebook Content They View as “Against Our Country.” At Front Page, YouTube Silencing Catholic Voices, "Latest victim: John-Henry Westen."

Leading Report@LeadingReport "BREAKING: Pfizer silently funded groups advocating for vaccine mandates and passports during the COVID pandemic." At PM, ABC censors RFK Jr over anti-Covid vax comments, "We should note that during our conversation, Kennedy made false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines."" Hat Hair's John Sexton highlights how an Epidemiologist takes issue with how Randi Weingarten and the CDC used her study of COVID transmission in schools and a Minnesota bill would create database of 'bias incidents' including certain opinions about the coronavirus. Liberty Unyielding calls it A Bad Couple of Weeks for the U.S. Press. More like a bad couple of years. 

Linked at Pirate's Cove in the weekly Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup and links. The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Late Night With Bri Teresi and FMJRA 2.0: Deep Holy Water up on time at The Other McCain.

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