Sunday, April 30, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Some Random Pickings on Sunday Morning

Kind of a slow day, but we're still talking about Tucker. At Spiked, Brendan O'Neill attempts to explain Why they hate Tucker Carlson. It's easy enough. They hate anyone who opposes them, and the higher they rise, the more they hate them. At Da Mail, 'Fox News is going to regret the decision.' Tucker Carlson's shocked neighbors in his quaint Maine town rally round the firebrand known locally as a 'modest, pickup truck-driving good guy' who likes to fish and chop wood. Paul Bedard at WaEx, Outfoxed: Tucker Carlson ‘more popular’ than Fox. At SLAY, Tucker Carlson Had More Views Wednesday Than All Cable News Shows for Entire Day Combined, sure, but some of that is just news value. Bob Spencer at PJM, Okay, Hold Everything: Tucker Carlson WASN'T Fired, Says ‘I’m Still Employed by Fox’, still an evolving situation.

From Mediaite, Joe Rogan Says There’s No 2024 Solution for Democrats ‘Other Than Biden Dying — Like Very Soon’. He should avoid Arkansas during the campaign. At Western Journal, Pinko CNN Commentator Reveals Biden Is Actually Trojan Horse for Another Candidate in 2024. "Are you voting for Kamala Harris in 2024? The polls say no, but Van Jones says yes — you just don’t know it yet." At Fox, Kamala Harris could be most consequential running mate in modern history as Republicans see weakness. "Conservative columnist Kristin Tate told Fox News Digital 'Kamala Harris is one of the most unlikable and uninspiring public figures in modern political history'" Benny Johnson@bennyjohnson "Savage New Yorkers take turns ROASTING Joe Biden over 2024 re-election launch: "His slogan should be 'I QUIT!'" How a lot of people feel right now. From Da Caller, Disinformation ‘Experts’ Are Keeping Quiet After Latest Twist In Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal, well, they have been pretty thoroughly discredited. Jonathan Turley seems extra-pissed about this  "
Daddy Dearest: Hunter Forced to Appear in Arkansas in Fight Over His Child’s Name and Support  "If one were to combine all of Hunter’s influence peddling, drug abuse, orgies and prostitution controversies, they would not hold a candle to the utter depravity shown toward this little girl." Althouse, "President Biden, who has frustrated some reporters with his lack of press conferences, showed up with jokes (and some serious remarks) to the White House correspondents’ dinner." "The best joke isn't quoted in the WaPo article!"They say I'm over the hill. Don Lemon would say: That's a man in his prime."" The man is a tottering joke himself. 

Dave Winston at Roll Call opines Trillion-dollar deficits: Biden’s new normal, "It's time for the president to meet Republicans at the negotiating table." At SLAY, Biden Advances Plans for Americans to No Longer Own Money. You'll take their digital currency whether you want to or not, and they will use it to control how you spend it. At the PI, Regulators Knew Silicon Valley Bank Was in Trouble Since 2021, Did Not Step In. Neglect is a feature, not a bug. Charlie Gasparino at NYPo says Clueless Yellen fails to stave off bank crisis as First Republic sinks. WaEx, GOP seizes on debt ceiling vote to target vulnerable Democrats in new attack ads, "Seize!"

Hat Hair's KT, Pro-DeSantis PAC launches offensive against Nikki Haley. She needs to be careful, she might want to be his VP.

The Beeb, Pence testifies about Trump and the Capitol riot. At the Blaze, QAnon Shaman files motion to vacate conviction: 'Due process rights were clearly violated'  "The motion, filed in federal court on Thursday, argued that the Department of Justice violated its Brady obligation to provide potentially exculpatory evidence to Chansley before he pled and before his sentencing. Because the DOJ withheld the CCTV footage from inside the Capitol building, footage that indicated that Capitol police escorted Chansley throughout his time inside, Shipley claimed that the government had denied Chansley "due process."" Seems true to me.

Jazz Shaw at Hair is amused that the FBI is proud We're not spying on nearly as many Americans as we did last year. Trying to look good for the FISA renewal. 

Althouse reads the NYT, "To many women, Mr. Trump has come to represent male sexual entitlement. I heard this repeatedly as I researched my book about why accusers are often doubted." "Writes Deborah Tuerkheimer, lawprof and author of "Credible: Why We Doubt Accusers and Protect Abusers," in "The Importance of E. Jean Carroll’s Lawsuit Against Donald Trump" (NYT)." So Trump is stand in for all the fumbling males down through history.

Jazz Shaw wonders Will the FTC wade into the blue check apocalypse? I don't see where it's their business, but when has that stopped them? Ben Whedon at JTN reports Jim Jordan subpoenas three federal agencies for docs on censorship. "The Twitter Files and other public reporting have exposed how the federal government has pressured and colluded with Big Tech and other intermediaries to censor certain viewpoints in ways that undermine First Amendment principles." 

At City Journal, Kay Hymowitz discusses The Transgender Children’s Crusade. "With its vision of autonomous young people in touch with their innermost desires, gender identity negates all we know about growing up." Kathy Anderson at PI, Poll Shows a Whopping 20% of Gen Z is ‘LGBT.’ How Did This Happen? Social media, peer pressure, and groomers in education. From Twitchy, Anheuser-Busch assured that it’s ‘absolutely critical’ to stand in solidarity with Dylan Mulvaney. Might as well, they've already ruined the brand. Also, Colorado Dem argues against indecent exposure law that targets drag queens and the trans community.

Believe them when they speak.

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