Saturday, April 1, 2023

4/1/23 Beach Report

A rainy morning spent going up and down the road for errands turned into a mostly sunny afternoon, with strong SW winds (that barely touch the beach). The tide was high, and we had to wade to get past the rocks at between Calvert Beach and Matoaka.
We managed 14 sharks teeth, and a couple of Georgia's were decent; mine were mostly little.
One thing I notice right away was a plethora of Winter Jellyfish, aka the Lions Mane Jellyfish, common here in winter but absent in summer. I'm not the only one to notice a superabundance of them this year. Chesapeake Bay Mag, Why Are Jellyfish Appearing En Masse On The Bay? 

Lions Manes are potentially one of the largest species of jelly, with bell diameters up to 7 ft, but the ones we see in the bay in winter are rarely more than about 6 inches. They do sting, but not as badly as our summertime Sea Nettles, and being in cold water, not many people get stung.
The next line of Springtime storms approaching.

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