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Flotsam and Jetsam - Is Merrick Garland Obstructing the Hunter Investigation?

 Monday morning, and my cup, or at least digital bin runneth over.

Dan Chaitin at Da Wire notices Republicans Start Calling For Blinken To Resign Over Hunter Biden Laptop Story. How about Garland, too. Roger Kimball at Am Great agrees, The Garland, Blinken, and Morell Morass. "It is possible that both Garland and Blinken will have to answer for their alleged malfeasance. Both might easily be impeached and forced from office." Margot Cleveland at Da Fed thinks it's EXPLOSIVE: Whistleblower Points To Biden Admin Obstructing Hunter Biden Tax Probe. At PM, Merrick Garland revealed to be senior Biden official named by IRS whistleblower in Hunter Biden tax cover-up. Breitbart, Merrick Garland Identified as Official Misleading Congress in Hunter Biden Tax Probe. Victory Girls, IRS Whistleblower Implicates Merrick Garland.

Lunden Roberts with Navy Jones Biden
On the Summit, Feds Now Eyeing Multiple Felony Charges Against Hunter Biden; IRS Whistleblower Story Grows Legs. Dan Chaitin, again, reports Hunter Biden’s Lawyers To Meet With Federal Prosecutors.At News Busters, IT'S HAPPENING! CBS Questions Dem Senator Coons on Hunter Biden Investigation. James Lynch at Da Caller, Rep. Comer Suspects ‘At Least 12’ Biden Family Members Were Involved With Foreign Business Dealings. At Fox, The embarrassing thing Hunter Biden whistleblower reveals about the media. "This is a perfect storm for the press, which has done everything it can for years to protect Hunter Biden." Vicky Taft at PJM, Suddenly, the Media Discover Hunter Biden's Crimes. Why Now? Are they preparing to ditch Biden? PM, Hunter Biden's baby mama demands he face jail time after he fails to hand over financial records for child support "The two share daughter Navy Jones, 4, whose existence Hunter Biden has never publicly acknowledged." NYPo's divine Mrs. Devine thinks Hunter Biden may be living at the White House to evade legal papers from his baby mama. I wouldn't put it past him. It's hard to get past the Secret Service to serve a subpoena. 

Cheryl Hines
'Bonchie' at Red State sees a Last-Minute Attempt to Stop Biden From Running in 2024 Commences. At News Busters, Done With Biden? ABC Admits Most Uneasy With An 81 Year Old President. From the Peacock, Politico reporter: Biden's age prompts whispers from top Democrats ahead of 2024. Breitbart touts an NBC Poll: Biden Trails Generic Republican by Six Points Ahead of Expected 2024 Launch. At Front Page wonders Is Hillary Running? "She just dropped a big hint about 2024." Fat, tanned and ready! Breitbart catches RFK Jr. whining My Wife Cheryl Hines Has Lost Jobs in Hollywood for Supporting My Candidacy.

Dave Strom at Hat Hair wants to remind you of Joe's policy success, Shock revelation: Afghanistan is back as terrorist central! "Who could have predicted it? Certainly not me. I would never have guessed that handing over the country to a bunch of misogynistic thugs could have turned out badly for everybody involved." Brad Palumbo at WaEx, Horrifyingly incompetent Biden official looks poised to fail upwards (again). Julie Su. From the Free Bacon, Biden Set to Grade Military On Its 'Efforts to Advance Environmental Justice', "New 'Environmental Justice Scorecard' tracks DOD's work to fight climate change, address 'historically overburdened communities'"

On the Republican side of the nomination, Twitchy hears Scott Walker warn Republicans about assuming Biden losing is a ‘sure thing’: ‘Years of liberal indoctrination.’ NYPo's Karol Markowicz is tired of Trump’s insane lies on DeSantis that trash successful conservative policies. KT at Hat Hair thinks Trump jokes about DeSantis during Florida Lincoln-Reagan dinner fall flat. Never DeSantis sundance at CTH hosts Sunday Talks – Florida Congressman Steube Explains Why the Congressional Delegation Will Not Support DeSantis. At BPR, Chris Christie talks 2024 run, boasts that he has a ‘good chance’ to take down Trump. What color is the sky in New Jersey?

Kari Lake
In senatorial news, at Town Hall, John Fetterman Faces Heat After Posting Photo Holding a Controversial Flag, making brain damage the face of marijuana legalization. Breitbart notes Over 60 Liberal Groups Calling for Dianne Feinstein to Resign. Going out with her high heels on. Dan Chaitin again, reports West Virginia GOP Governor Set To Launch Senate Campaign For Joe Manchin’s Seat. Nick Givas at JTN, Kari Lake says she'll win 2024 Arizona GOP Senate nomination if she runs: 'No one can beat me'. Probably true.

From SLAY, 60% of Americans Believe ‘Cheating’ Impacted Recent Elections, Poll Shows. Michael Davis at Am Con wonders Are Hispanics really “natural conservatives”? "Melting Pot of Dross"

Contrary views on the debt ceiling. First, Dan Chaitin, Kevin McCarthy Projects Confidence Ahead Of Debt Ceiling Vote but the Bloomberg claims McCarthy Is Coming Up Short in Support for House Debt-Limit Bill.

NYPo explains Why Alvin Bragg might be eyeing a Senate run with Trump prosecution. Nick Givan at JTN, Manhattan DA has no authority 'to enforce federal campaign finance crimes': ex-FEC commissioner. "What Trump prosecutor Alvin Bragg is "counting on," legal expert Hans von Spakovsky suspects, is that "he can get a liberal jury to convict Trump, no matter what the facts are and no matter what the law is." Sundance explains why he thinks President Trump Has Nothing to Fear from The Fraud Represented by Special Counsel Jack Smith

Jennifer O'Connell at Red State says 60 Minutes Basically Screams, 'Leave Ray Epps Alone!' No Pasaran! sums up The Central Absurd Inconsistency of the Ray Epps Conundrum in Two Sentences

EITHER the January 6 protests were so despicable and destructive of "(our) democracy" that anybody and everybody who participated in them should be thrown into jail and prosecuted (persecuted?) to the full extent of the law.

OR ELSE the average protester is no more than a "poor schmuck" — as, again, the man most visible in urging the masses to march on the capitol was described by one irate Democrat member of the Jan. 6 Committee — and then all (or at least the majority) of the protesters should be left alone, off the hook, exactly like Ray Epps, no more and no less. (Thanks for the Instalink, Ed…) 
Sarah Hoyt at Insty, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A HEART OF STONE NOT TO LAUGH LIKE AN HYENA: Twitter Blue Check Loss Causes Tantrums In Celebrity “Elites”. At Mashable, Dril and other Twitter power users begin campaign to 'Block the Blue' paid checkmarks.  "After Elon Musk removed legacy verified users' checkmarks, Twitter's biggest users are blocking everyone who pays." Pixie Misa at Ace's Daily Tech News 24 April 2023
Seriously, that's the kind of academic wizardry we're dealing with here. They got one tiny bit of unearned recognition and they'll burn down the planet before they allow anyone else to have what they did. Since none of them ever says anything worthwhile, all this achieves is making it slightly more involved to mock them the way they deserve. And there's a very simple solution to all this: Make the Block button a paid feature. Then everyone will be happy. Twitter took a slightly different tack: Handing out blue checks to leading proponents of the "Block the Blue" effort. That works too.

At Gateway, Oracle Will No Longer Collaborate with the GDI After the Company Is Identified in Lawsuit for Targeting Conservative Media Advertisers (Like TGP’s). The Babylon Bee snarks AOC: 'The Government Must Shut Down Unapproved News Agencies To Defeat Fascism'. "It's like, defeating fascism 101," said Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. "The government takes control of the nation's media, then silences all the bad people. Fascism solved!" They have a history of being ahead of their time.

Stacy McCain, Tranny Canned: Bud Light Marketing Executive Now on ‘Leave of Absence’ "Well, conservatives pounced and seized on this — whenever lefties do something offensive, the “backlash” becomes the story, which is a deflection, but never mind — and the damage to Anheuser-Busch’s profit picture was serious enough that the company had to take action. . . " Nick Arama at Red State reports Bud Light Puts Another Exec on 'Leave of Absence,' Takes More Action in Bid to Get Customers Back. At Da Wire, From Country Stars To Restaurant Chains, The Bud Light Backlash Isn’t Slowing Down

At Twitchy, Tucker Carlson pulls ZERO punches calling the trans movement OUT in EPIC speech (watch). Athena Thorne at PJM finds a Study that Shows Mothers of Boys With Gender Issues Are Mental. Am Great, Larry Sand reveals The Dangerous Fad of Transgenderism "The gender dysphoria fad shows no signs of abating." Should mothers of anorexic girls be forbidden from urging them to eat? At City Journal, The Transgender Children’s Crusade. "With its vision of autonomous young people in touch with their innermost desires, gender identity negates all we know about growing up." At Am Think, Clarice thinks they are Erasing Women and Brian Joondeph accuses ESPN and the Democrats of Throwing Women Athletes Under the Bus.

At ET, Nashville Official Says School Shooter’s Manifesto Is ‘Astronomically Dangerous’, how can that be? Also, Transgender Teacher Spoke About Wanting to Shoot Students, Parents Accuse District of ‘Cover-Up’. Da Caller reports Utah Lawmaker’s Home Apparently Vandalized Due To Support For Child Sex-Change Ban. PM, Utah state senator's home vandalized with violent pro-trans slogan after he sponsored bill banning child sex changes. I'm sure Merrick Garland will get right on that. At Da Caller, Pennsylvania Lawmakers Look To Investigate Gender Clinic’s Use Of Taxpayer Dollars On Trans Training

Althouse, "Biden once called 'transgender equality' the 'civil-rights issue of our time'... He’s also called Florida’s anti-trans policies 'close to sinful'..."  . . . Writes Sarah Jones, in "Will Democrats Fight for Trans People? The party can’t cede an important civil-rights issue to conservatives" (Intelligencer). At Based Politics, Nancy Mace’s ‘Riley Gaines Report’ amendment passes House. "‘I will stand with women and fight for their right to fair competition.’"  WKRG,  Florida pride parade canceled after anti-drag show law passes. No kids allowed. Althouse again,  "I have never spoken to [Dylan Mulvaney], nor will I. I try to be, for the LGBT community, the adult in the room. She is not." ""She is bouncing around all over the place. I have nothing in common with her. The fringe is the worst thing that can happen to the trans community and the media only wants to report on that because of the sensationalization of it and honestly that’s got to stop." Said Caitlyn Jenner, quoted in The NY Post."

At Alfa News  Legislature is planning an ‘antiracist’ revolution in Minnesota schools. "Ethnic studies of this kind will not prepare students for informed citizenship, but for mob action."

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Paige Spiranac and FMJRA 2.0: La Vie Secrete – Exercises Spirituelles up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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