Thursday, April 13, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Delayed DIY Thursday

 It's one of those days. No, it's worse.

Trump Indictment and Arrest

Trump sues former attorney Michael Cohen for $500 million - Fox News
Trump Sues Michael Cohen for $500 Million for Allegedly Lying ‘With Malicious Intent’
Trump Sues Fmr Lawyer Cohen for More Than $500 Million -
EXCLUSIVE: Cassidy Hutchinson's Attorney Files J6 Complaint
With Trump Prosecution, Bragg Jumps the Line in New York Politics - The American Spectator
Political Prosecutors - The American Conservative
Bragg's effort to stop Congress from probing Trump case collides with Pentagon Papers precedent | Just The News
Jim Jordan Responds to Alvin Bragg Lawsuit as Manhattan DA Tries to Block Congressional Investigation and Review - The Last Refuge
Bragg's lawsuit against Jordan a farce on top of a farce – HotAir
Bodega clerk Jose Alba to testify at House Judiciary field hearing on violent crime under NYC DA Alvin Bragg - Fox News
Judge Hands Desperate Alvin Bragg a Massive Loss in His Effort to Avoid House Investigation – RedState
Trump at the Gates - American Thinker
Dear Trump Haters: Can You Contain This Fire? - Frontpage Mag
Trump Said Court Officials Apologized To Him, Had Tears ‘Pouring Down Their Eyes’: ‘A Beautiful Day’ - The Daily Wire
Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller testifies before grand jury on conversations with former president - Washington Examiner
Do Not Fall for the Normalcy Presumption - Nothing Is Normal Anymore

Jan 6 and the Weaponization of Government

At Least 50 Undercover Officers and Informants Monitored Proud Boys, Jan. 6 Crowds, New Court Filing Says
Greenwald: Nashville Shooting Has Been Erased From Memory Due To Inconvenient Narrative – Summit News
Ace of Spades HQ Oh Perfect: Eric Holder and Other Democrat Lawyers Team Up to Sue the Tennessee Legislature on Behalf of the Nashville Three
What will the Republicans controlling Tennessee’s statehouse do now that Nashville’s City Council has reinstated their expelled representative? – Behind The Black
Expel Them Again
Biden DOJ recommends no jail time for trans vandal of Catholic church: 'F--- Catholics' | Fox News
Biden's DOJ Goes Easy on Trans Lunatic Who Vandalized Church – PJ Media
Biden DoJ: No prison time for violent trans vandal of Catholic church -- after seeking 11 years for Houck? – HotAir
Weaponization Probe Subpoenas FBI Over Catholic Targeting
Did Garland Commit Perjury Over Targeting of Catholic Churches?
Daniel Perry’s Legal Team Files Motion For New Trial - The Daily Wire
Defending Yourself in Blue Cities Might Land You in Prison – PJ Media

Politics, as Usual

Biden Lives at His Workplace and Doesn't Know Where His Home Office is Located - National File
Half the country thinks Biden's policies are doing nothing for middle class
Hunter Biden joins father in state visit to Ireland - Just The News
Bank records show millions in transactions between Hunter Biden, China firms: Sen. Johnson - Just The News
Security Docs On Biden’s Ireland Trip Found On Belfast Street | The Daily Wire
Janet Yellen says the economy looks 'bright.' The IMF sees 'turbulence.' - POLITICO
So much for deficit reduction in the Biden-Schumer-Manchin IRA – HotAir
US Unveils Toughest-Ever Car Emissions Rule in Bid to Force Surge in EV Purchases
Biden’s 10-Year Plan for Fiscal Disaster - The American Spectator
The Biden 10-Step Plan for Global Chaos › American Greatness
Even Biden's Auto Union Allies Hate the Admin's Plan To Kill Gas-Powered Cars
Fed economists believe a mild recession is coming which would be bad news for Biden – HotAir
Biden takes the dollar down - Don Surber
We Can't Believe This Biden Transcript Is Real...but It Is
Transcript of Biden’s answer to kid’s question about key to success is real, and it’s something else –
Inflation Plateau Continues During March, Real Wages Shrink Again, Future Energy Costs Start to Rise Again with Oil - The Last Refuge
The Wonderfully Awful Empty Suit Named Kamala Harris - The American Spectator
Howie Carr: RFK Jr., the outcast Kennedy, has Dems reeling
Gavin Newsom: The Anti-Ron DeSantis - The American Spectator - USA News and Politics
Adam Carolla: Gavin Newsom Is a 'Sociopathic Buffoon'
The Most Important Question the Media Never Asks Gavin Newsom – OutKick
Manchin remains sole vulnerable Senate Democrat not to announce 2024 plans | Washington Examiner
Are the Dems Really Panicking? – PJ Media
The Trump Doctrine - President Trump Responds to Question About Nordstream Pipeline and Frames the Status of Current Global Threats - The Last Refuge
Althouse: "Melania Trump has always been a cipher. Is Donald Trump’s wife a reserved, apolitical woman who just wants us all to 'Be Best' and leave her alone?"
Ron DeSantis' 2024 Florida Media Outlet Conducts a Poll - DeSantis Floor Collapses, Donald Trump Promotes DeSantis Poll - The Last Refuge
DeSantis Is So Gonna Ride His Bicycle in Slow Circles at End of Republican Delegation Driveway if They Don't Stop Endorsing Trump - The Last Refuge
Trump triples lead over DeSantis, 'Biggest Lead Yet' - Washington Examiner
Sea Island Senator Tim Scott Announces 2024 Exploratory Committee - The Last Refuge
Tim Scott launches 2024 election presidential exploratory committee
Arizona House votes to expel state Rep. Liz Harris
An Administrative Note : The Other McCain

Social Media and Government Censorship

Govt Markets Censorship Tools To Big Tech To Gag Conservatives
Ace of Spades HQ Margot Cleveland: The State Department Pressured LinkedIn to Add Censorship "Tools" to The Site
MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan Gets Basic Facts Wrong on DHS Content Moderation Partnership
Elon Musk says BBC’s ‘government-funded media’ Twitter tag will be changed - The Guardian
Media and Politicians Keep Trying To Censor COVID Facts
Elon Musk owns BBC reporter – HotAir
The Surveillance State Is on the March
Instapundit - ROGER KIMBALL: The Surveillance State Is On The March. Siegel’s brilliant if melancholy overview
NPR quits Twitter after being labeled "state-affiliated media"
Tax-Payer Funded NPR Quits Twitter After Being Labeled ‘State-Affiliated Media’

The Culture War

Ace of Spades HQ Riley Gaines Blasts Megan Rapinoe for Supporting the Male Takeover of Women's Sports, Stating that Rapinoe Has Nothing to Lose Because She's at the End of Her Career, and Doesn't Have to Worry About Any Future Daughter Because She's a Lesbian
"I told my peers men cannot have babies. They've threatened to kill me because of it." – HotAir
Bud Light suffers bloodbath as longtime and loyal consumers revolt against transgender campaign - Fox Business
Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney Trans Stunt Cost the Company $4 BILLION... So Far.
'Burn Bra Challenge' on TikTok over Dylan Mulvaney Nike ads
Well, Well, Well... Bud Light's Marketing VP Turns Out to Be a Total Hypocrite – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ Transgender Man With Bison-Like Grace Graduates from Highly Prestigious Royal Ballet Academy, Despite Not Having Any Skill or Talent in Ballet
Twitter is blowing up with videos of this trans dancer who was admitted to the Royal Academy of Dance - Not the Bee
‘Hatred And Violence’: Transgender Professor Reportedly Cancels Debate With Conservative Commentator Michael Knowles - The Daily Caller
Survivors of the Trans Panic: Lesbians Threatened by Gender Ideology
Muslims are helping turn the tide in school culture wars
Missouri House Republicans Vote to Defund Public Libraries After School Libraries Sue Over ‘Sexually Explicit’ Book Ban › American Greatness
What Caused a Progressive Host to Turn on the Left-Wing Nutjobs in the Democratic Party
What Happens To A Country That Loses Its Mind? – Issues & Insights
Biden's America - A Society That Has Given Up on Itself
GOP wants answers over Walter Reed's Catholic priests order
Federal Judge Slams Plaintiffs With Massive Penalties Over CRT Suit – PJ Media
Your kids are for the state to teach – HotAir
Media Hoax: No, the Diary of Anne Frank Has Not Been Banned From Florida Schools

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